Season 4 Episode 11

Chuck Versus the Balcony

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on NBC

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  • Chuck, Sarah, and Casey, go to France to retrieve an important chip which is missing due to the death of one of their own operatives. Reluctantly, Chuck runs a sub-mission with Morgan while in France, as he looks for perfect spot to pop the question.

    If you're a fan with a flair for romance and style, you'll find this adventure a very enjoyable one. Zach Levi as Chuck sports a very GQ image from the beginning to the end, with his coifed hairstyle, and slick suits, to his designer sports jacket. What makes this an enjoyable episode was the comedic moments with poor Chuck trying to pull of the proposal of the century to Sarah, and of course the mission keeps getting in the way. Morgan is running the sub-mission trying to get both of the lovers on the perfect balcony in France. The humor comes from chasing down the nano chip which is floating in someone glass of pinot to, attempting retrieval. Plus Casey groaning how much he hates France. If you're looking for those nerd moments when Chuck freaks out or messes something up, you won't find it in this episode. In fact he takes out the bad guys in a way that only Chuck can. Lots of tense moments, and even a real Casey moment where he tells Chuck something about love. This episode play out very dramatically with a few chuckles in between. It's more of a Chara story than a goofy all out camp episode.