Season 3 Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Beard

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on NBC
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When the Ring plans to turn a CIA agent, the team has to rely on the Intersect for information, but due to emotional interference, Chuck has problems flashing, so he is "grounded". Meanwhile, the Buy More employees are re-evaluated by potential buyers, while Morgan ends his friendship with Chuck.moreless

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  • What more could you posibly want?

    Well, lets start by saying that my english sucks, and I'm sorry.

    I really don't know why this episode is so low rated comparing to this season episodes. It's IMHO way better than some.

    It has EVERYTHING a fan could want.

    Chuck says out loud his feelings for Sarah. I know, we all knew them already, but this means that he'll go for it. He'd try to get Sarah back, maybe fight with Shaw and kicking his ass, who knows?, but the only thing sure He will go for it.

    The Jeffster is back with an awesome cover of Fortunate Son, pretty good, but Mt. Roboto is still my number 1, which is pretty weird because I LOVE CCR and Fortunate Son and I barely listen one or two times Mr. Roboto.

    Morgan know chuck's secret!. I tought it was going to be in one season finale, maybe this one, but it suprised me!. The writters knew something was off with Chuck and Morgan's relationship, and it was not the same than before, so now with Morgan knowing Chuck's secret could mean that their relationship will be back to normal, and that's awesome.

    And we have a nice cliffhanger, I hope we will know soon why Casey is acting so extrange lately.

    =( I Have a STRONG feeling that awesome will get killed in season's 3 finale. I don't want it, but I think it'll happen.

    I did't knew that Zachary Levi directed this episode. It was pretty good, with the exception of 2 shoots that I absolutely hate.

    The first one, I don't know if it's Levy's fault or the writters, but Jeff helping Casey with the bad guys while Jeffster was still playing fortunate son, was not awesome at all.

    The second: Jeff and Lester shot with the guns while Jeffster's Fortunate Son was still playing, I'm not a fan of this shoot neither.

    But it was pretty much a good start for Levy as a director, good work.

    So, that's it. Me english doesn't sucks as bad as I pointed out in the first sentense, but I'm still sorry if you cannot understand what I'm saying. I talk like an 5 years old, so if you have a child you will have no trouble understanding me :).

    Ahhhhh. Yeah, a Ring's phone attached to another phone...yeah...and you, super spys fell for it...come on, that was pretty stupid.

    Grettings from Argentina.moreless
  • Plenty of guy love in this week's Chuck ep.

    Directed by Agent Charmichael himself, Zach Levi does an excellent job on this ep, as the Buy More becomes the centre of the action and Chuck and Morgan become besties again. After Chuck is sidelined when he can't flash, the agents are taken away on a mission, only to find out later that its a diversion. Ring agents infiltrate the Buy More under the pretence of buying the franchise, and when Morgan discovers the CIA base under the store, Chuck finally has to spill his secrets. This ep was good. Really good. Not so much nasty Sarah/Shaw lovin (I get it, they're both pretty but come on.) and Chuck admits his love for Sarah (again). The Buy Morians go revolutionary as they barricade the store, deciding to 'stick it to the man' and it looks like Awesome's finally caved under the pressure of being mistaken for a spy.

    Chuck versus the beard outlined the direction for the rest of the season, with old issues revisited - Chuck in love again, Sarah unwavering in her support of Chuck (again) and some new ones thrown in - Casey gets a call from the Ring, Shaw questions why he wasn't targeted and Awesome tries to convince Ellie to get away, like really far away, from all the spy drama. Should see some renewed bromance in up coming eps as Morgan and Chuck finally reconnect, but I predict the tension between Chuck and Sarah will resurface soon.moreless
  • I wish all Chuck epsiodes could be like this one

    A truly fantastic episode. One of high quality jinx, intrigue and action. Also a pivtol episode where Morgan finally finds out Chuck's big secret.

    The basic premise of the plot is great. Being one of those that twists early on it also seemlessly links each scene perfectly. Although the biggest twist is kept for the end when Morgan gets to find out Chuck's big secret. This essentials is what this episode is about. The Ring's evil plan is just the perfect setting for it to unravel.

    The overall pace of the teleplay is great too, not being slow during the characterisation and setup scenes - something that this show unfortunately has had too many of in the past. What really makes this epsiode stand-out is the dialogue. For the most part, though the show relies on a bank of obvious and all too familiar lines of chatter, in this episode every character's timing is spot on and really helps develop the semi-serious comic ambience that Chuck relies upon.

    Perhaps though the Henchman in this episode are just the perfect foil for this story. Seriously bad as they are (at being spies), they are great at providing another level of humour to proceedings. Bader and Yarbrough together just emit that aura of hopelessnes that you know they will fail. Whats more even though the early plot twist of the fake attempt to turn an agent is fairly benign, at least it used Awesome and Ellie. Sometimes I wonder where on earth the writers can take these minor characters that are just crying to be used in an entertaining and unpredictable way. At least we know that with Morgan now in the know, only the best shenanigans and comic storylines are yet to come. I wish all Chuck epsiodes could be like this one.moreless
  • Is for episodes like this that I am glad this show wasn't cancelled.

    Awesome episode ! This was one of Chuck's finest. How can you possible cancel a show with such potential ? This episodes shows everything that Chucks has to give to it's audience. First of all I am glad that they stick with the whole Morgan knows the truth storyline , I thought that they were going to give him some kind of syringe to cause amnesia , that would have sucked with catastrophic proportions. I think that the Buy More lockdown was funny as well as Lester signing The Who. And to finish the episode an awesome cliffhanger that leaves us wanting more and more Chuck , if you ask me ; long live Chuck for many seasons to come !moreless
  • Morgan finds out.

    I gotta say, this has to be one of my favorites of the season. The episode begins with Chuck being "grounded" since he hasn't flashed in over a week. Morgan ends his friendship with Chuck. Shaw & Sarah go to where Ellie & Awesome are having their vacation, they suspect that the Ring is after Awesome, only to find out it was a set up. Turns out that it was a distraction since the Ring is actually at the BuyMore. Trying to find info on Shaw. Their undercover as BuyMore Corporation people. The workers think they're all going to be fired so they barricade the doors, which is the opposite of what they should be doing. Morgan finds out that the BuyMore Corporation people are actually the Ring. He tells Chuck, and in the process, he finds out that Chuck is a spy. Chuck & Morgan are both tied down, once they become friends again, Chuck finally flashes and saves the day. A lot of friendship development definitely between Morgan & Chuck. We also learn a bit of a ground breaker: Chuck loves Sarah. Definitely kept me excited to watch the next episode. An amazing episode.moreless
Zachary Levi

Zachary Levi

Charles "Chuck" Irving Bartowski

Yvonne Strahovski

Yvonne Strahovski

Sarah Walker

Joshua Gomez

Joshua Gomez

Morgan Grimes

Ryan McPartlin

Ryan McPartlin

Devon "Captain Awesome" Christian Woodcomb

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Mark Christopher Lawrence

Big Mike

Scott Krinsky

Scott Krinsky

Jefferson Barnes

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In this episode Morgan finally learns the truth about Chuck.

    • As nice as the scene was between Morgan and Chuck, there is a goof. Chuck is playing Duck Hunt and shows off his super skills to kill all the ducks. However, it actually could not have happened. The Nintendo zapper only works on CRT TVs (ie: tube tvs) and will not work on the LCD/LED TV Chuck seems to be aiming at. Also, the dog in Duck Hunt only giggles when you miss, not when you kill them all.

    • According to Casey's text, this episode took place Feb. 22, 2009, and 9:35 PM is day time at a place within driving distance from Burbank.

    • Featured Music:
      "Bululu" by Jesus Alejandro El Nino (Ellie and Devon on vacation)
      "On Sale Now" by Daniel May (Chuck is paged)
      "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol (Chuck tries to flash)
      "Arroz Con Pollo" by The Latin Mambo Orchestra feat. Martin Padilla (Chuck's communicator)
      "Fortunate Son" originally by Credence Clearwater Revival (Jeffster! performs)
      "Bedside Manner" by Dawes (Closing scenes)

    • Morgan is trying to emulate Big Mike. Instead of a marlin, Morgan has a Billy Bass on the wall.

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Chuck: (with Morgan down in Castle) ... and that's how it happened. (...) Anything more you want to know before we die?
      Morgan: Uh, yeah, yeah ... just one more. So if Sarah is your handler, does that make her your beard? In other words, like - is your whole relationship a fake? Because, ah buddy, that's just awful. (...) It's awful that you have to be in a relationship with somebody you clearly love.
      Chuck: Sarah and I are over.
      Morgan: No, you're not. (smiling mildly) You're a good liar, Chuck, but you're not that good, alright? You lied to me for three years but I always knew - you loved that girl. I mean, I saw the way you looked at her. We all did. It's okay, you don't have to deny it. You tell me you don't love Sarah?
      Chuck: You know what, you're right, buddy. I do love Sarah. I kept telling me myself that I didn't. That I wouldn't, that I couldn't, but I do. - Morgan, you've no idea how badly I needed to get all this off my chest. (Ring agents entering the room)
      Ring agent: Get rid of them. Kill them, dump the bodies. (Chuck has a k'ung-fu-flash)

    • Chuck: Look, locking down the store is a very bad idea.
      Big Mike: You two wanna turn tail and run? Fine. I'm staying and fighting for my job.
      Chuck: Mike, gentlemen, assorted ladies. Taking over the Buy More is not only illegal, but it's also dangerous, trust me.
      Jeff: The only thing dangerous is if they try to fire us. They'll have to do it over our dead bodies.
      Big Mike: These corporate fat cats think they can take what ever they want. They can take our dignity. They can all the hot women, but they will not (loudly) take our jobs and (more loudly) they will never (with emphasis) take our store!
      (employees cheering applause, staging the Buy More flag)

    • Morgan: So, Sarah is your handler? Does that make her your beard? In other words, like, uh, is your whole relationship fake, cause, uh, buddy, that's... That's just awful.
      Chuck: Why? Because we never had sex?
      Morgan: No, I just feel like you know having a bea- You never had sex with that girl? That's not. No. It's... It's awful that you had to pretend to be in the relationship with somebody you clearly love.

    • Jeff: We're staging a revolution here. To take down the Man!
      Casey: I want in!
      Lester: How do we know we can trust you, son? That you're not some kind of spy for the Man?
      Casey: Because the only thing I hate more than hippie and neo-liberal fascist anarchists are the hypocrite fat cat suits they eventually grow up to become.
      Lester: Yeah, that works for me. Good point.

    • Big Mike: No, they want to interview everyone. Reevaluate the entire staff. Gonna fire everyone who's nonessential... We're in big trouble boys.

    • Shaw: We just have to put Grimes in witness protection, move him out of Burbank tonight after dark.
      Chuck: Wait--no, no--hang on a second. Morgan is not going anywhere, okay?
      Shaw: Chuck, he knows your secret.
      Chuck: Yeah, well, so do a lot of people. Awesome knows and we didn't put him on the ground.
      Casey: Yeah, because Awesome is awesome, Grimes is a moron.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Episode Titles:
      Czech Republic - Chuck a zástěrka (Chuck and the Cloak)

    • This is Zach Levi's debut as director of Chuck.

    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 8, 2010 on Citytv
      United Kingdom: July 26, 2010 on Virgin 1
      Australia: September 23, 2010 on FOX8
      Czech Republic: December 4, 2010 on Prima COOL
      Sweden: December 13, 2010 on TV6
      Finland: July 2, 2012 on Sub


    • Two famous WWII photos are parodied by the episode:

      The photo Skip Johnson takes of the Buy Morons raising the Buy-Moria flag is staged to resemble Joe Rosenthal's famous photo, "Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima."

      At the end of the episode, a Nerd Herder and Green Shirt share a kiss in a pose reminiscent of the anonymous sailor and nurse from "V-J Day in Times Square" by Alfred Eisenstaedt.