Season 3 Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Beard

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on NBC

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  • I wish all Chuck epsiodes could be like this one

    A truly fantastic episode. One of high quality jinx, intrigue and action. Also a pivtol episode where Morgan finally finds out Chuck's big secret.

    The basic premise of the plot is great. Being one of those that twists early on it also seemlessly links each scene perfectly. Although the biggest twist is kept for the end when Morgan gets to find out Chuck's big secret. This essentials is what this episode is about. The Ring's evil plan is just the perfect setting for it to unravel.

    The overall pace of the teleplay is great too, not being slow during the characterisation and setup scenes - something that this show unfortunately has had too many of in the past. What really makes this epsiode stand-out is the dialogue. For the most part, though the show relies on a bank of obvious and all too familiar lines of chatter, in this episode every character's timing is spot on and really helps develop the semi-serious comic ambience that Chuck relies upon.

    Perhaps though the Henchman in this episode are just the perfect foil for this story. Seriously bad as they are (at being spies), they are great at providing another level of humour to proceedings. Bader and Yarbrough together just emit that aura of hopelessnes that you know they will fail. Whats more even though the early plot twist of the fake attempt to turn an agent is fairly benign, at least it used Awesome and Ellie. Sometimes I wonder where on earth the writers can take these minor characters that are just crying to be used in an entertaining and unpredictable way. At least we know that with Morgan now in the know, only the best shenanigans and comic storylines are yet to come. I wish all Chuck epsiodes could be like this one.
  • Morgan finds out.

    I gotta say, this has to be one of my favorites of the season. The episode begins with Chuck being "grounded" since he hasn't flashed in over a week. Morgan ends his friendship with Chuck. Shaw & Sarah go to where Ellie & Awesome are having their vacation, they suspect that the Ring is after Awesome, only to find out it was a set up. Turns out that it was a distraction since the Ring is actually at the BuyMore. Trying to find info on Shaw. Their undercover as BuyMore Corporation people. The workers think they're all going to be fired so they barricade the doors, which is the opposite of what they should be doing. Morgan finds out that the BuyMore Corporation people are actually the Ring. He tells Chuck, and in the process, he finds out that Chuck is a spy. Chuck & Morgan are both tied down, once they become friends again, Chuck finally flashes and saves the day. A lot of friendship development definitely between Morgan & Chuck. We also learn a bit of a ground breaker: Chuck loves Sarah. Definitely kept me excited to watch the next episode. An amazing episode.
  • Plenty of guy love in this week's Chuck ep.

    Directed by Agent Charmichael himself, Zach Levi does an excellent job on this ep, as the Buy More becomes the centre of the action and Chuck and Morgan become besties again. After Chuck is sidelined when he can't flash, the agents are taken away on a mission, only to find out later that its a diversion. Ring agents infiltrate the Buy More under the pretence of buying the franchise, and when Morgan discovers the CIA base under the store, Chuck finally has to spill his secrets. This ep was good. Really good. Not so much nasty Sarah/Shaw lovin (I get it, they're both pretty but come on.) and Chuck admits his love for Sarah (again). The Buy Morians go revolutionary as they barricade the store, deciding to 'stick it to the man' and it looks like Awesome's finally caved under the pressure of being mistaken for a spy.

    Chuck versus the beard outlined the direction for the rest of the season, with old issues revisited - Chuck in love again, Sarah unwavering in her support of Chuck (again) and some new ones thrown in - Casey gets a call from the Ring, Shaw questions why he wasn't targeted and Awesome tries to convince Ellie to get away, like really far away, from all the spy drama. Should see some renewed bromance in up coming eps as Morgan and Chuck finally reconnect, but I predict the tension between Chuck and Sarah will resurface soon.
  • What more could you posibly want?

    Well, lets start by saying that my english sucks, and I'm sorry.

    I really don't know why this episode is so low rated comparing to this season episodes. It's IMHO way better than some.

    It has EVERYTHING a fan could want.

    Chuck says out loud his feelings for Sarah. I know, we all knew them already, but this means that he'll go for it. He'd try to get Sarah back, maybe fight with Shaw and kicking his ass, who knows?, but the only thing sure He will go for it.

    The Jeffster is back with an awesome cover of Fortunate Son, pretty good, but Mt. Roboto is still my number 1, which is pretty weird because I LOVE CCR and Fortunate Son and I barely listen one or two times Mr. Roboto.

    Morgan know chuck's secret!. I tought it was going to be in one season finale, maybe this one, but it suprised me!. The writters knew something was off with Chuck and Morgan's relationship, and it was not the same than before, so now with Morgan knowing Chuck's secret could mean that their relationship will be back to normal, and that's awesome.

    And we have a nice cliffhanger, I hope we will know soon why Casey is acting so extrange lately.

    =( I Have a STRONG feeling that awesome will get killed in season's 3 finale. I don't want it, but I think it'll happen.

    I did't knew that Zachary Levi directed this episode. It was pretty good, with the exception of 2 shoots that I absolutely hate.
    The first one, I don't know if it's Levy's fault or the writters, but Jeff helping Casey with the bad guys while Jeffster was still playing fortunate son, was not awesome at all.
    The second: Jeff and Lester shot with the guns while Jeffster's Fortunate Son was still playing, I'm not a fan of this shoot neither.
    But it was pretty much a good start for Levy as a director, good work.

    So, that's it. Me english doesn't sucks as bad as I pointed out in the first sentense, but I'm still sorry if you cannot understand what I'm saying. I talk like an 5 years old, so if you have a child you will have no trouble understanding me :).

    Ahhhhh. Yeah, a Ring's phone attached to another phone...yeah...and you, super spys fell for it...come on, that was pretty stupid.

    Grettings from Argentina.
  • Is for episodes like this that I am glad this show wasn't cancelled.

    Awesome episode ! This was one of Chuck's finest. How can you possible cancel a show with such potential ? This episodes shows everything that Chucks has to give to it's audience. First of all I am glad that they stick with the whole Morgan knows the truth storyline , I thought that they were going to give him some kind of syringe to cause amnesia , that would have sucked with catastrophic proportions. I think that the Buy More lockdown was funny as well as Lester signing The Who. And to finish the episode an awesome cliffhanger that leaves us wanting more and more Chuck , if you ask me ; long live Chuck for many seasons to come !
  • this episode was awesome, brilliant, amazing. this is why i love chuck so much!!!!! there could be some spoilers in the review

    this episode literally had everything it was funny it was action packed and so much more. the epsidoe was alot about the buymore and this episode also focused on everyone not just mainly one person but it focuses on the buymore and the people at buymore it focused on chuck and morgans relationship and it also had some sarah casey and shaw in it to. now that morgan knows about chucks secrets i wonder if morgans gonna have any bigger roles coming up soon that involes chucks spy life i guess we will just have to wait and see.
  • Chuck takes things a step further when the Castle is stormed by Ring Agents trying to steal the teams secrets. Chuck and Morgan must hold them off as Chuck's big secret is revealed to him. The rest of the Buy More crew stand their ground for their jobs.

    Somehow it is therapeutic as each one of Chuck's family and friends has the big secret revealed to them. Last weeks episode ended in such a downer way. This weeks was really what we all needed. Morgan! What can we say. Best friends since kindergarten. Bosom buddies. Somehow it seemed it was always going to come down to this. At first I really thought they were going to go the route of Morgan not believing him, but with the way Morgan has been suspicious and all the recent stuff that has happened it is about time. Now they live together and him knowing can be very cathartic. Especially the piece about Sarah now that Hannah is out of the picture it seems. What will happen? We'll certainly see.

    I won't deal with the big surprise of the episode, but I feel like this is going to be a very interesting side step in the plot. Also what will happen with Elle and Awesome. I have enjoyed the two being there so much. I'm hoping they really don't leave.

    The Buy More stuff was great as always. Big Mike, Jeffster, and the crew actually came through in a big way and they really were oblivious the whole time. Very funny.

    In the end this was a very enjoyable episode of Chuck and a fine follow up to the downer of last weeks ending and episode. The new episodes going forward look like they are going to be something. The ratings slipped again a little this week. Hopefully they will rebound and we'll be good for next year. Thanks for reading...
  • best episode in season 3 so far!what's not to like?


    okay,this episode had it all!finally,someone is now know about chuck's secret, the buy more storyline is just GREAT, casey (and with jeff's help) is saved the day,like usual,and finally,the jeffster performing again!

    i like that morgan is now part of the chuck's team.he's no longer the minor in the series. i love the heart to heart talk between chuck and was deep and just like a two best friend should do.
    the morgan reactions about the secret, and when chuck is doing kung-fu,just AWESOME!

    but the ending is kinda cliffhanger,though.what about ellie and awesome?are the writers will write them off from the show?i hope not because i like them in the show.
    and casey's finally getting a storyline too,and i do hope this is a good one!
    (oh,and the last thing,please,just killed off shaw!hate everything about him in the show so far!)
  • Wow!

    Wow! Perfect episode. Really can't think of anything wrong with it. the chemistry and story arc is back! This is a classic style of chuck. Congrats Zachary Levi, on a outstanding directing debut! I hope they let him direct more. Definitely why I watch the show. great cliffhanger with what is definitely going to be a sweet episode next week. The only thing I am worried about is are they going to get rid of John Casey? The previews for next week kind of scared me in that regard. Same with awesome and ellie. I hope they keep all the characters intact. this episode had everything :-) well done! Enough said :-)
  • Chuck vs Zachary Levi

    This episode basically had everything. I can't really think of what could have been added to make 'Vs. the Beard' any better, looking at what it needed to do for the plot, how it used it's characters, and where it fits in the overall storyline of the season right now. Zachary Levi directs this episode, and to my amazement, hands us arguably Chuck's best episode since 'Vs. the Santa Claus'. They really fired on all cylinders here.

    Last week The Ring targeted Shaw, so it was a nice twist to see that targeting Devon and Ellie was only a diversion to get the agents away from the Buy More. The Buy More material was some of my favorite yet, with Ring agents in disguise as potential buyers, and all the employees up in arms over loosing their jobs. Getting both Chuck and Big Mike a lot of playtime with the Buy More shenanigans was very welcome (Iwo Jima!)- even 'Jeffster' rocked out in their glorious return (Fortunate son!)

    But the meat of the episode lied in Morgan finally discovering Chuck's secret, and I pretty much enjoyed this every step of the way. Morgan has become a sweet character to me, and everything from Chuck insisting he was the best man for the assistant manager job, to Morgan consoling one of the deeper parts of Chuck's secret (his very real love for Sarah), I think the relationship between these best friends hit all the right notes. I'm pleased that Morgan is thrilled his best friend is a spy, juxtaposed with Devon continuing to spiral out of control- it's a great look at two different effects this secret is baring on Chuck's friends.

    Sprinkle in some great Casey moments, (The only thing I hate more than hippie, neo-liberal fascists and anarchists are the hypocrite fat cat suits they eventually grow up to become), limited use of Brandon Routh, and an intriguing cliffhanger, and what more does a chuck fan need? Well, done Levi.
  • Wonderful, wonderful episode which had me giggling, gasping and squealing throughout - entertainment at its best! *spoilers*

    Finally the moment (or ONE of the moments, at least) we've all been waiting for: Morgan figures out Chuck's secret. And in the best way possible, I think. Not through overhearing something he shouldn't, not through a guiltridden confession which Morgan would not be able to believe - but because Chuck chose to save his friend over maintaining his cover, and with a handful of competent badguys to corroborate his story there was no "Dude, get serious"-moment either. And Morgan did what we all hoped he would - he thought it was awesome. :D

    From Buy More employees on the barricades to Morgan's bravery in the face of danger, this episode had its fair share of crowning moments of Awesome, and I can't wait to see where the show will take us next. Will Captain Awesome continue to crumble under the pressure?
    Will Ellie agree to join Awesome on a trip to "No-spy-land"?
    Will Chuck's newfound insight about Sarah lead anywhere?

    And who is that mysterious voice from Casey's past? :D
  • THIS is why i watch T.V!


    The Chuck of old is all OVER this episode!

    Wow, what a superbly excecuted show this week! It most definately felt like throwback to the previous seasons, and it was a good thing! The story line was very engaging, and it was also something that the fans maybe needed to restore their somewhat bruised faith in the show, espeicially since the outcry over The Mask (s03e07, whether it was deserved or not).

    The Buy More staff and their rebellion was hilarious and most, if not all of the supporting cast members were there, which greatly added to the overall epicness of The Beard. Its a shame that budget cuts mean less of the supporting cast and the variety of storylines that accompany them. But JEFFSTER! made an apperance and it was wicked! And Jeff getting wasted and helping Casey in his fight was funny as!

    Morgan OWNED this week, and it is SO good to see his relationship with Chuck beginning to repair itself, as it was sorely missed. And the lack of Shaw airtime was also a plus, cos still not feeling that character.

    The gamerish feel to this episode was a new perspective and added to storyline of Morgan preparing for his 'mission' to save the CIA base, which was highly entertaining, and his bravado at standing up to Chuck and his strange behaviour was also unexpectedly awesome.

    The Dojo scene in Castle when they were sitting there just talking out Chucks huge secret was one of the best Morgan/Chuck moments of season 3, and possibly the show. Very well acted, which makes a huge difference to the overall effectiveness of the tone. And When Morgan told Chuck that he was a good lier, but not good enought to lie to him about Sarah was a very clever way to make the character act as an audeince surrogate to reassure the fans that Chuck/Sarah are hopefully still in the running.

    The fight sequence in the base and Morgans reaction to it made me laugh, but Morgan whacking that dude over the head with the bow and making that "Waaah chaaa" noise, then prodding him to make sure he was out, actaully made me crack up. It felt about the right time that someone else found out about Chucks secret, and Morgan was a fitting person, especially since the show is possibly at its funniest when those two charachters are together, as well as his presence always seems to make an episode that much funnier.

    All in all, this was one of the most impressive episodes of season three, and one of me favouries!

    Also i think i saw a Klingon Bat'Leth on top of the shelf in the dojo!

    Next week looks mint, and a Casey episode at that! LOVE Casey, hes so BADASS!

    Reviewed by iamApollo, aka Andrea :)