Season 3 Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Beard

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on NBC

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  • THIS is why i watch T.V!


    The Chuck of old is all OVER this episode!

    Wow, what a superbly excecuted show this week! It most definately felt like throwback to the previous seasons, and it was a good thing! The story line was very engaging, and it was also something that the fans maybe needed to restore their somewhat bruised faith in the show, espeicially since the outcry over The Mask (s03e07, whether it was deserved or not).

    The Buy More staff and their rebellion was hilarious and most, if not all of the supporting cast members were there, which greatly added to the overall epicness of The Beard. Its a shame that budget cuts mean less of the supporting cast and the variety of storylines that accompany them. But JEFFSTER! made an apperance and it was wicked! And Jeff getting wasted and helping Casey in his fight was funny as!

    Morgan OWNED this week, and it is SO good to see his relationship with Chuck beginning to repair itself, as it was sorely missed. And the lack of Shaw airtime was also a plus, cos still not feeling that character.

    The gamerish feel to this episode was a new perspective and added to storyline of Morgan preparing for his 'mission' to save the CIA base, which was highly entertaining, and his bravado at standing up to Chuck and his strange behaviour was also unexpectedly awesome.

    The Dojo scene in Castle when they were sitting there just talking out Chucks huge secret was one of the best Morgan/Chuck moments of season 3, and possibly the show. Very well acted, which makes a huge difference to the overall effectiveness of the tone. And When Morgan told Chuck that he was a good lier, but not good enought to lie to him about Sarah was a very clever way to make the character act as an audeince surrogate to reassure the fans that Chuck/Sarah are hopefully still in the running.

    The fight sequence in the base and Morgans reaction to it made me laugh, but Morgan whacking that dude over the head with the bow and making that "Waaah chaaa" noise, then prodding him to make sure he was out, actaully made me crack up. It felt about the right time that someone else found out about Chucks secret, and Morgan was a fitting person, especially since the show is possibly at its funniest when those two charachters are together, as well as his presence always seems to make an episode that much funnier.

    All in all, this was one of the most impressive episodes of season three, and one of me favouries!

    Also i think i saw a Klingon Bat'Leth on top of the shelf in the dojo!

    Next week looks mint, and a Casey episode at that! LOVE Casey, hes so BADASS!

    Reviewed by iamApollo, aka Andrea :)