Season 3 Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Beard

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on NBC

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  • What more could you posibly want?

    Well, lets start by saying that my english sucks, and I'm sorry.

    I really don't know why this episode is so low rated comparing to this season episodes. It's IMHO way better than some.

    It has EVERYTHING a fan could want.

    Chuck says out loud his feelings for Sarah. I know, we all knew them already, but this means that he'll go for it. He'd try to get Sarah back, maybe fight with Shaw and kicking his ass, who knows?, but the only thing sure He will go for it.

    The Jeffster is back with an awesome cover of Fortunate Son, pretty good, but Mt. Roboto is still my number 1, which is pretty weird because I LOVE CCR and Fortunate Son and I barely listen one or two times Mr. Roboto.

    Morgan know chuck's secret!. I tought it was going to be in one season finale, maybe this one, but it suprised me!. The writters knew something was off with Chuck and Morgan's relationship, and it was not the same than before, so now with Morgan knowing Chuck's secret could mean that their relationship will be back to normal, and that's awesome.

    And we have a nice cliffhanger, I hope we will know soon why Casey is acting so extrange lately.

    =( I Have a STRONG feeling that awesome will get killed in season's 3 finale. I don't want it, but I think it'll happen.

    I did't knew that Zachary Levi directed this episode. It was pretty good, with the exception of 2 shoots that I absolutely hate.
    The first one, I don't know if it's Levy's fault or the writters, but Jeff helping Casey with the bad guys while Jeffster was still playing fortunate son, was not awesome at all.
    The second: Jeff and Lester shot with the guns while Jeffster's Fortunate Son was still playing, I'm not a fan of this shoot neither.
    But it was pretty much a good start for Levy as a director, good work.

    So, that's it. Me english doesn't sucks as bad as I pointed out in the first sentense, but I'm still sorry if you cannot understand what I'm saying. I talk like an 5 years old, so if you have a child you will have no trouble understanding me :).

    Ahhhhh. Yeah, a Ring's phone attached to another phone...yeah...and you, super spys fell for it...come on, that was pretty stupid.

    Grettings from Argentina.
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