Season 3 Episode 9

Chuck Versus the Beard

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 08, 2010 on NBC

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  • I wish all Chuck epsiodes could be like this one

    A truly fantastic episode. One of high quality jinx, intrigue and action. Also a pivtol episode where Morgan finally finds out Chuck's big secret.

    The basic premise of the plot is great. Being one of those that twists early on it also seemlessly links each scene perfectly. Although the biggest twist is kept for the end when Morgan gets to find out Chuck's big secret. This essentials is what this episode is about. The Ring's evil plan is just the perfect setting for it to unravel.

    The overall pace of the teleplay is great too, not being slow during the characterisation and setup scenes - something that this show unfortunately has had too many of in the past. What really makes this epsiode stand-out is the dialogue. For the most part, though the show relies on a bank of obvious and all too familiar lines of chatter, in this episode every character's timing is spot on and really helps develop the semi-serious comic ambience that Chuck relies upon.

    Perhaps though the Henchman in this episode are just the perfect foil for this story. Seriously bad as they are (at being spies), they are great at providing another level of humour to proceedings. Bader and Yarbrough together just emit that aura of hopelessnes that you know they will fail. Whats more even though the early plot twist of the fake attempt to turn an agent is fairly benign, at least it used Awesome and Ellie. Sometimes I wonder where on earth the writers can take these minor characters that are just crying to be used in an entertaining and unpredictable way. At least we know that with Morgan now in the know, only the best shenanigans and comic storylines are yet to come. I wish all Chuck epsiodes could be like this one.