Season 5 Episode 2

Chuck Versus the Bearded Bandit

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Nov 04, 2011 on NBC

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  • Jumped the shark in its last season.

    This was a show that i have absolutely loved for the most part, with characters i cherished. I loved pretty much everything about it even though some aspects of it were stretched out too long.

    In my personal opinion, this show was awesome right up to episode "Chuck vs. Phase Three" (episode 9 in season 4). But ever since then the show started going down hill. Being invested in the relationship between Chuck and Sarah i first noticed the show holding back when Chuck proposed to Sarah in a wide angle shot with the sound drowned out, when before the show was never shy about showing their emotions. To be honest, the main story lines in season four never interested me anyway. I never found either of the Volkoffs to be remotely as threatening or sinister as Shaw was in season three. And the part played by Linda Hamilton left me entirely cold. But Casey was still funny, and i liked the addition of Alex. I also like that Sarah got more funny moments after she got engaged.

    The wedding in the season finale was massively disappointing. It was supposed to be the crown jewel of four seasons of romantic tension between Chuck and Sarah and all we got was about 5 minutes of Chuck making his vows and the couple getting out of the church and into the car and that was it?

    But now to this season so far (episode two). I know this is the last season but it also seems that the writers know it because they are completely botching the job of letting the show go out on a high. It has been just horrible so far. I'm going to mention the things that have definitely made the show jump the shark some 13 episodes before the finish line.

    - Is this show called "Chuck" or "Morgan"? Seriously, Morgan was always best when he was used sparingly. His quirks can be funny but only in moderated doses. He is just not funny nor interesting enough to dominate scenes like the show is having him do and his act is tiresome. Putting the intersect in his head is a massive mistake.

    - There is virtually no dynamic whatsoever left between Chuck and Sarah. The show basically revolved around these two interacting, yet now all we see is a married couple working on a 4-person team and calling each other "honey" now and then. They are pretty much making the Sarah character on the show redundant. She is not there for comic relief; there is no more romantic tension because Chuck and Sarah are settled and cozy and her action scenes are few and far between so what's the point left of her being on the show? I'm not saying that because i'd like to see her downplayed even more, but because the writers seem to have stopped caring about her.

    - Casey has become more human; but unfortunately also a lot less entertaining and funny.

    - Elle and Devon are now glorified extra's. Have they even had a relationship moment lately?

    - Jeffster have ceased being funny some time ago. Big Mike can still occasionally be funny, when he's on.

    - The new antagonist is lame.

    - The setting is used a lot less interestingly. What's with Buy More looking like it's saving money on lighting? It used to look like an actual department store with customers; now it just looks like a TV-show set.

    - What happened to the memorable and cool songs on the soundtrack? This lack of great songs started in midway season four already but its even worse now.

    - There is no funny stuff. No tension. No intensity. No real drama. There's just nothing left here. Just bland stuff.

    They should have just capped season 4 off with a much, much better season finale and ended it.