Season 2 Episode 15

Chuck Versus the Beefcake

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Brad White was grave robbed for a secret in his belt buckle and the mission is to intercept the agent who took it. Chuck comes to the realization that he and Sarah will never be a couple so he breaks up with her. Sarah has to use her female charm to get it back which makes Chuck uncomfortable.

Chuck and Casey are at a hotel waiting fro the Fulcrum agent to get there. Sarah meets up with the agent and take it to his suite. As Casey and Chuck listen through an earpiece. Things are getting hot when two other Fulcrum agents are flashed to meet up. Casey goes and exchanges gunfire with the agents while Chuck, disgusted, listens in for a secret code for help from Sarah, but does not hear it.

A waiter comes to the bar where Chuck is wallowing in his sorrows and asks for Crystale, which is the secret code for help. Chuck dashes to go save Sarah and finds her in her lingerie, in a sexy posture, subduing the Fulcrum agent. They take him to the rooftop and a helicopter shoots at them.

The Fulcrum agent tells Chuck that he is MI-6 undercover and that if he is not released by them, Sarah will be killed. Chuck believes what the man says and the agent grabs guns and shoots at a gas tank, which takes out the helicopter that is shooting at them. Casey comes, not knowing what is taking place and knocks out the agent.

At the Castle, the General offers a lockdown for the MI-6 agent until things are confirmed. Chuck offers his apartment for the agent, Cole, since he thinks something could potentially happen between the Cole and Sarah, but Sarah tells him that they will both stay in the office. Cole tells Chuck that he is going to butter Sarah's muffin.

The belt buckle has a large microchip in it. They need a playback device in order to get the info. This was what Cole's mission was. Chuck says that they can get the information from the chip at Buy More but everyone instead agrees to meet with more Fulcrum agents to get the device. Chuck takes it back to Buy More and decodes it. Yet at the same time, he sets off a homing device.

As Sarah, Cole, and Casey meet with the agents, the homing device goes off and fulcrum sees it as a setup. They detain Sarah and Cole and go to get Chuck. The agents go to buy More and they get to him but he is hiding the evidence.

They tie chuck up by his arms with chains. Chuck tells Sarah and Cole that he was on the chip. That is what the Fulcrum agents wanted to hear. They wanted to know who the intersect was. The Fulrum agents try to get info by torturing Cole and the female leader whips Cole until he is bloody. Chuck finally confesses that he is the intersect and Sarah tells them that Chuck can't be the intersect because he is just a computer technician. She is trying to keep him out of harm's way. Then Cole confesses that he is the intersect. Chuck says that he will submit to torture to prove that he is it.

The leader brings a syringe filled with poison very close to Chuck. Chuck, tied to a wheelchair, tries to move away but leans too far and hits his head and passes out. Casey and the team break in to where Chuck is being tortured and corner the Fulcrum agents. Casey demands the leader to tell them about Fulcrum, but she injects herself with the poison in the syringe, committing suicide.

At the castle, sarah tells Chuck that he is brave and that he can take the torture of withstanding their fake relationship. Cole, tries to persuade sarah to leave with him to Fiji and vacation with him. She denies the offer and tells him that she has to work. Cole leaves, but not before kissing her passionately. Chuck sees this on the surveillance camera.

This upsets Chuck and he decides to move out of his apartment with Morgan. Meanwhile, Cole is being driven away in a limo when a person dressed like a highway patrol drives up, shoots the driver, and takes Cole. Sarah goes to Chuck who is with Morgan, Ellie, and Captain Awesome and she pulls him aside. Since Cole knows that Chuck is the Intersect, Chuck has to go into 24-hr protection. They have to get back together and move-in together. Sarah hugs him in order to sell their relationship to the Ellie, Morgan, and Captain Awesome, who are looking at them through the window.