Season 2 Episode 15

Chuck Versus the Beefcake

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • hilarious

    It's hard to keep track that this episode is after Chuck vs. the Suburbs but Chuck vs. the Best Friend aired next week but it was supposed to air before Chuck vs. the Suburbs, ugh! Maddening. This episode is mostly about romance and oddly, plenty of gags involving sex. Whatever, it's Chuck, which spells hilarious. Chuck is still crushed over Sarah's truth that they'll never be anything more than coverdates. Ellie convinces Chuck that the time is right to "break up" with Sarah. Chuck panders around the subject to Sarah, to Casey's ugly digust, and finally Chuck lets it out. Sarah is more than okay with it, it's just a cover. Chuck's "break-up" as with all things Chuck, couldn't have come at a worst time. After flashing on the "Dark" Intersect (oooh!) on a man's belt and finding the man to be Fulcrum, and earning a gay joke from Casey, Sarah is tasked with retrieving the belt by seducing the agent. Back at Buy More, Morgan is more than disturbed that his mom is sleeping with his boss. He feels it's time to move out but he has no place to go. Chuck offers that Morgan can crash at his place for a few days. Lester and Jeff take over hiring new employees from a distraught Morgan on the horny pretense of hiring models for them. I'm glad they're on more but man, are they morons. On what any sort of level did they think it would work out? Chuck and crew meet up Fulcrum agent and Chuck is 'forced' to listen to Sarah flirt with Agent and take him all the way up to the suite. As Bryce's return proved this season, Chuck's jealousy is very nasty when on a mission. Hope he doesn't blow it. Chuck finds two more Fulcrum and Casey takes charge. Two turns into three with a female pretending to have a baby (really?) and Casey fights his way around. Chuck takes off his microphone and drinks his woes away and belatedly hears Sarah's calls for help when Agent finds her out. Chuck stumbles into the room where Sarah is almost-naked. Funny. The two take Agent but then Fulcrum shoots at them from a helicopter. Sarah shoots back and gets into trouble. During this, Agent reveals that he can help, that he's really MI:6. Okay. Chuck releases him and MI:6 blows the helicopter away. Not to mention winning some respect from Sarah. At home, Morgan proves an adequate houseguest to Ellie and Awesome. He fixes them a nice supper and tells Ellie she made a mistake in telling Chuck to break up with Sarah. Morgan knows they're soulmates. Awww. Ellie feels bad. Then, Morgan blows it by walking around in the nude. Goodbye Morgan. MI:6 returns with Chuck and crew to headquarters to explain that he planted himself with Fulcrum to find out what they're doing and the Belt has something to do with that plan. He'll have to go undercover again to find out what. He feels free to hit on Sarah since he felt Sarah and him shared something in the fake make-out. Sarah rejects his smarmy flirts. Meanwhile, Lester and Jeff's plan obviously backfires but they place the blame on Chuck. Chuck earns a slap from a passing by model and Chuck realizes Lester and Jeff's involvement. He's more than pissed but what can he do? He's got enough to worry about. Chuck asks to be taken along for the current mission but everyone refuses? When will they understand that Chuck doesn't respond well to be treated like a child. Chuck decides to take matters into his own hands by hacking into the belt-chip. However, by hacking into the chip, he stupidly foils the mission since Fulcrum tracked the chip and knew MI:6 was lying. They capture him and Sarah tries to help him, only to get captured. Casey flees to Buy More to rip Chuck. Meanwhile, Fulcrum's tracked Chuck. Chuck discovers that the chip has images of him being blasted by the "Dark" Intersect. If they find the chip, they'll know about Chuck. Chuck flashes on the girl agent, and she is a torture-fiend. Didn't need to know that. Chuck smashes the chip but it does nothing but get Lady Fulcrum pissed. She snags Chuck and hangs Chuck with Sarah and MI:6. Lester and Jeff observe Chuck getting captured but believe they were the cops involved with arresting Chuck for what they did. Casey storms in and hilariously slams Lester and Jeff to the backroom fence to get answers. It's not like they didn't deserve it. Chuck feels being chained to the ceiling is torture but Sarah is quick to point out the torture hasn't even started. He tells MI:6 and Sarah what was on the chip. Lady Fulcrum reveals that the chip of course revealed the identity of the "Dark" Intersect and to find out, she's willing to utilize a few torture device. She whips MI:6, Chuck hates it more than him (funny), but MI:6 refuses to reveal that Chuck is the Intersect. Chuck finally reveals that he's the Intersect but then MI:6 lies that he's the Intersect and there's some hot-potato of Chuck-MI:6 claiming they're the Intersect. MI:6 insults Chuck's dignity by calling him a wimp and Chuck stupidly points out he can take any torture. Lady Fulcrum is more than willing to pull out a foot-long syringe. Chuck faints. Fulcrum splashes him and demands he tell them the truth or else Lady Fulcrum will inject Sarah with lethal poison. Luckily, Casey arrives with a brigade and Fulcrum is defeated. Casey taunts Lady Fulcrum that they'll make her reveal what secrets they have. Lady Fulcrum injects the poison in herself rather than talk, taunting Casey with her last breathe, Fulcrum Lives. Yeah, okay. MI:6 leaves, not before inviting Sarah to go to London with him. Sarah refuses, she has to protect Chuck. Chuck spies on them and hears MI:6 tell Sarah that it's time to look after herself and have someone to love. Poor Chuck. While Sarah hasn't fallen for MI:6, he's earned her respect by suffering torture and saving her life. Chuck didn't look good by fainting. MI:6 at least promises that he won't reveal Chuck. At Buy More, Chuck helps a distraught Morgan by making a crucial decision: they should move in together!!! The speech alone was hilarious. Chuck and Morgan tell Ellie and Awesome the good news but Sarah pulls Chuck aside. Fulcrum captured MI:6 and they're torturing him. Sarah knows it won't be long, no matter how strong he is, until MI:6 spills. Chuck's life is in immediate danger and Sarah's going to have to protect him 24/7 by "making up" with Chuck and moving in together. Okay, but just what about poor Morgan! Another sad, it was so painful to watch Chuck see Sarah fall in love with MI:6 but funny episode (Awesome got the best one-liners and then the week headline of "Everybody talks.") Next week, Fulcrum will come after Chuck and MI:6 will return. Uh-oh.