Season 2 Episode 15

Chuck Versus the Beefcake

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 02, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck finally gets caught doing something stupid and almost pays for it. Jeffster are left to their own devices at the Buy More. Finally Morgan reveals himself and makes an important decision that will change his life forever.

    I actually laughed a lot during this episode. The laughs came from very funny situations as well as really stupid character moves on the part of certain secondary characters and the main character himself.

    Let's talk about Chuck first. Removing his earpiece during the hotel case? The first time he finally does something smart and it could have got Sarah killed. Luckily the Fulcrum agent ends up being James Bond and on their side. Checking out the chip while his own covert agents were meeting in relation with said chip? Another bad move. (I was actually surprised that Casey and Sarah haven't realized by now that if it has to do with computers Chuck is the "one" person who could crack the devices defenses in the US.) Again he almost gets Sarah along with himself and the British agent killed. Finally agreeing to move in with Morgan. Strike Three! Of course it looks like that one will be derailed by the necessity of national security concerns.

    Oh, by the way, was I the only one who knew the Mom with the baby on the elevator was a Fulcrum agent before they showed the doll and Casey realized it?

    Now on to Jeff and Lester. The casting couch? Really? Jeff naked under the robe doing the legs crossing bit? How do these guys not get arrested? Basically a pretty inane episode for the most part, but I have to say it is exactly why I watch this show. I have to say I laughed and was pulled in for the whole forty or so minutes of the episode.

    A few last rhetorical questions. When are they going to realize Chuck is not a real spy and is in love with Sarah so having him spy on her doing her covert spy seductions will not work? Will Morgan ever realize you don't go commando on a friends sisters couch? Will Jeff and Lester really ever get their true comeuppance? Finally will Sarah ever really tell Chuck how she feels and have some pity on the guy?

    Stay tuned for those answers and more...

    Thanks for reading...