Season 2 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on NBC

Episode Recap

Young Morgan is been bullied by a girl that just threw him to the ground, she claims he was spying on her while in the gym. Just when he is going to be beaten up by her, young Chuck saves him from the girl.

Back in the present, Morgan is showing his friends at the Buy More a picture of his ex-girlfriend, Anna. Morgan suspects that Anna is seeing another man, and he wants his friends, including Chuck to spy on her, so they can learn more about the new guy. They all accept the mission.

Chuck's sister and her boyfriend Devon "Awesome" are discussing their wedding plans, she asks him for her with the "To-Do" list and he agrees on helping her with the flowers, the music and the cake.

Chuck and the "spy crew" follow Anna to a restaurant in which she will wait for someone. Meanwhile, Casey and Sarah follow Chuck to learn what is he doing. A guy shows up at the restaurant and greet Anna with a long kiss that Chuck and his friends can see perfectly from the van. Chuck flashes on the guy and learns that he is actually a triad member.

The General debrief Chuck, Casey and Sarah about Jason Wang, Anna Wu's new boyfriend. Since he has no record, Chuck will have to be friends with Anna's boyfriend to learn and frustrate the plans he has to smuggle guns, drugs and other weapons. Chuck doesn't like the idea of betraying his old pal.

Chuck wakes up in his bedroom, but his soon to be brother in law is watching him right by his bedside. He wants Chuck to help him with one item on the list; the band.

Chuck discusses the plan with Sarah and Casey, but he is not totally convinced of doing it since this will mean betraying his best friend. He finally decides to cooperate just because is an order.

Lester and Jeff learn that Chuck is looking for a band to hire for his sister's wedding. They tell Chuck about "Jeffster" their music band, and they will love to play at the wedding, but Chuck says a plain "NO".

Morgan tries to get an answer from Anna at the By More. He wants to know were she was last night, but she just avoids him. Finally she talks to him about her new boyfriend, just when Morgan starts to ask too many questions about him Chuck enters the scene to save Morgan from embarrassment. Morgan leaves his friend with Anna and Chuck takes the opportunity to ask her for a double date with Sarah and her new boyfriend. She is so happy to invite them to a party her boyfriend is throwing this very evening.

Chuck discuss the plan with the crew, Sarah and Chuck will infiltrate the party as a couple while he tries to flash on anything useful, she will plant a bug to monitor their movements. Chuck has an alternate idea, on top of the principal mission, he wants his friends to help him convince Anna of what she is missing without Morgan.

Chuck and Sarah enters the party that happens to be a car auction. They meet Anna right away and while Sarah is on her mission, Chuck starts his own one trying to convince Anna. Her new boyfriend just arrives and he is introduced to Sarah and Chuck. Meanwhile, Morgan is outside the building spying on Anna just to discover that his best friend was invited at the party and is shaking hands with his ex's boyfriend.

Back at the Buy More the Nerd Herd receives an urgent call from Chuck's sister, Ellie. She has a computer emergency and wants her brother at home to fix it but he is not available. Lucky for her, Jeff and Lester want an opportunity for their band to play at Ellie's wedding so they take the call and go to fix the computer just to have an audition.

Chuck is at the party flashing everywhere, he discovers that there is a lot of triad members at the auction so they start the mission but Sarah gets involved with Anna in a conversation so Chuck has to take the lead.

Jeff and Lester just finished working in Ellie's computer and everything seems up and running. They start moving things around to set up their audition but at the last moment, Lester leaves the house without singing.

Chuck follows the triad members to a garage nearby and hears them talking about a shipment. Sarah is still talking with Anna about Morgan, she isn't sure about her new boyfriend so Sarah takes advantage of it and talks her into Morgan. Security receives an intruder code so Sarah and Casey think Chuck was being caught. They discover that it wasn't Chuck the spy caught by the triads but Morgan. Chuck runs to save his best friend's life, but doing son, he has to humiliate him in front of his ex and the new boyfriend since he has to convince everybody that he is just a stalker not a spy. Morgan saves his life for the moment but the triad discovers the bug Chuck planted at the garage so they reconsider the stalker story and put a price to his head.

Chuck is at the Buy More trying to convince Morgan that he was just saving his life buy, since he cannot explain himself without blowing his cover, Morgan doesn't believe him. Jeff stops Chuck and asks him about the impression they made at his sister's house, but he doesn't know what is he talking about.

Chuck explains to Sarah his friendship with Morgan, he tells her that Morgan is more than a friend, is part of the family.

Jeff goes to Ellie's apartment to get another audition for the wedding. Awesome promises him another chance.

Chuck tries to get Morgan back at the Buy More but he just wants to fight his own battles. Meanwhile, triad enters the Buy More looking for Morgan, because they think he planted the bug they found, so he is really a spy. Chuck has no other choice but knock out his best friend with a special CIA spray to save him from being killed and he puts him in a big Home Theater box to take him out unnoticed. Anna stops Chuck on his way out with some interview they are showing on TV with her boyfriend, Chuck flashes on a Rolls Royce the ambassador of China is going to buy and alerts Casey and Sarah; the ambassador is going to be killed. Meanwhile the triad manage to take the box from Chuck and Morgan ends on a van on his way to die.

Sarah and Casey take Chuck to the embassy so they can alert the ambassador about the plot to kill him. Even when Chuck was told to stay in the car, he doesn't trust his fellow CIA agents to save Morgan too so he gets out of the car and follow the triad members that kidnapped his friend. He sees them put Morgan on the Ambassador's car's truck so he alerts Casey and Sarah to get to the car. The CIA crew starts a pursuit but the ambassador thinks they are triad so they try to avoid them. The police department stops Casey and Chuck but Sarah arrives and identifies herself as CIA so they get released. Chuck gets the bomb from the ambassador's car and put it on the Buy More mobile, while the car goes away with the bomb on it explodes. Sarah and Casey cannot believe their eyes as they think Chuck just drove away with the bomb and died but he was just using a remote control device to drive it away.

Chuck takes his friend, still KO form the spray, back to the Buy More and explains to him that he just fainted. Morgan apologize to Chuck for his attitude and they make peace.

Sarah, Casey and Chuck learn from the General that the whole band was put on custody, included Anna's boyfriend. Chuck asks the general for her evening plans and she tells him that she will meet Condoleeza for Cosmos.

Back at the Buy More, Ellie and Devon arrive to enjoy an audition with "Jeffster". The band starts playing and while the music invades the whole store, Morgan talks to Anna about his feelings, Anna takes him back with a kiss.