Season 2 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck and Morgan's friendship episode

    This was supposed to air before Chuck vs. the Suburbs but due to an emergency White House conference, it airs after that episode. As such, to those of you who are confused as to why there is no mention of the "Dark" Intersect or Big Mike dating Morgan's mother, there's a reason for it. The episode opens back in 1992, where a young Morgan is harrassing a girl who is the saved by best friend Chuck, who is weirdly kept in the shadows. Flash to present day, give or take some maturity levels and Morgan isn't with his break-up with Anna. His solution: have Chuck and crew help him spy on her. Sarah notes that Morgan is actually good at it. Hope the CIA and FBI don't want to recruit Morgan. One, Casey can't even handle Chuck, how would he live with Morgan? And how would Morgan adapt to being a spy when he's such a slacker? Morgan spots Anna's new boy toy and as Chuck's "luck" would have it, that same boyfriend is also affiliated with an Asian terrorist gang. In order to figure out what the mob is up to, Chuck is tasked to get close to Anna and boyfriend. Chuck is adament on not going behind his buddy's back. Sarah is the one who informs him that he has to do it. Casey is all for friendship bonds. Weird. Meanwhile, Ellie is extremely stressed over work and can't work on her marriage arrangements so she asks Awesome to do his part. Awesome diverts and asks Chuck for help finding a band because he has no clue who to pick and because he's lazy. This leads to the discovery that Lester and Jeff have a secret band called Jeffster! (How original.) Despite Chuck shooting them down, both think they have a shot at getting the gig. Chuck befriends Anna, awkwardly, since they haven't talked to each other much, and Chuck manuevers his way into a carshow, where the mob will be meeting. Sarah and Casey tag along, Sarah and Chuck posing as dates. Anna and Sarah interact more than they have before and Sarah admits she feels Anna is her friend. Anna is of course astonished. There is some Sarah and Anna talk where Anna discovers she still has feelings for Morgan and Sarah feels they were a perfect couple since Chuck and her are definitely not and she hasn't exactly seen any other stable relationship. Chuck fumbles his way through discovering the mob's plans but is saved by the clueless spyings of Morgan. However, the mob assumes Morgan was the one spying on them and go to kill him but Chuck saves Morgan by berating and insulting him in front of the mob and Anna and pretty much the whole car crowd. Ouch. However, Morgan isn't out of the clear as Mob finds Chuck's gadget and assumes it was Morgan's. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester worm their way into auditioning for Ellie and Awesome but Lester chickens out and flees. I think Ellie will live. However, she chews Awesome out for skipping his duties. Chuck explains to Sarah the importance of Morgan's friendship. Turns out, even though Morgan is crazy, lazy, and childish, he has always been there for Chuck when he needed it. He was there when Chuck's mom left. He was there when Chuck's father went AWOL (although I have a heavily good feeling we will be seeing him this season.) Chuck tries to soothe things over with Morgan and it turnsout, Morgan was mostly upset over the fact Chuck had to bail him out again. He wants to fight his own battles. Not now, for the mob has found Morgan and Chuck forces him to the storage room. Morgan just thinks that they're security looking for payback (Morgan is too naive to think otherwise) an wants to fight them but Chuck manages to cleverly sneak some knockout spray in Morgan's mouth. Breathspray. Hilarious. Chuck pings Casey and Sarah and tries to sneak Morgan out but he flashes on the agents, where it's revealed they're planning on assassinating the Chinese minister with a bomb at a boat show. The mob finds and kidnaps Morgan. Chuck works to save his best friend and the minister. A hilarious car chase ensues, with Casey holding on the Nerd Herd car for dear life. He lets Chuck try to save Morgan too. Big of him. Meanwhile, Sarah gets in a good butt-kicking with Mob woman. That was long overdue. Chuck manages to save both Minister and Morgan. Problem solved. He takes Morgan back to Buy More and Morgan believes he fainted. Poor Morgan. Commander congratulates the team on a good job. Chuck asks her what she plans on doing now. Curiousity. She's going to meet Condelezza for some drinks. Hey, Condelezza needs to be doing something without Bush. And at least Commander isn't completely antisocial. Even Casey has friends. Awesome does his duties, Ellie happy, and they stop at Buy More so Lester and Jeff can hold another "audition". In comes a hilarious take on Toto's Africa. Classic. They're not playing at the wedding although given the admiring looks of some people, Lester and Jeff might be getting a few small gigs. Morgan forgives Chuck. Morgan fesses to his feelings for Anna and Anna takes him back. Sarah revealed why she didn't understand Chuck's Morgan devotion: in her life, she doesn't have a lot of close friends. Chuck informs her she has one with him. Aww. They hold hands at the end of the song. An excellent hilarious episode. It made me want Morgan to find out about Chuck but no luck. Maybe later. Or not. It would be cool either way. Meanwhile, Chuck's life is about to get more complicated in the coming weeks due to "Dark" Intersect.
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