Season 2 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Anna moves on from Morgan. Morgan is jealous and spies on her. And Chuck is in the middle as he flashes on the Triad.

    First of all let me state that Chuck is one of the best shows on television. And almost every episode is a 10. There was a flaw in this episode though.

    It started off kind of unusually slow for a Chuck episode. Normally I am sucked in right away all of the time, and I guess this show has me kind of spoiled. But as the episode went along, and I thought this might not even merit an 8 rating something happened. The episode kept getting better and better and better. Almost as if they knew they had some catching up to do to win a race or something.

    There was a simply amazing cat fight between Sarah and a Triad member.

    Chuck just sold the friendship between himself and Morgan and you really feel the friendship, love and brotherhood between them.

    And than you see how Sarah has been desensitized to the act of friendship and love but she is slowly being pulled into Chuck's world more and more. There was a great pay off moment between her and Chuck at the end of this episode.

    And even though at first I kind of didn't like the debut act of Jester. Just like this episode it kept growing on me. Until the final conclusion. Where just like Awesome said. They might not be good enough to make the team. But that doesn't mean you should kill the dream!

    This episode if it had started off quicker would have been a perfect 10! But boy did they try to bring it home as it went along. By the end of it I almost didn't remember it starting off slow. Almost! But that is the curse of this fine show. The quality is so good that if it is even a smidgen off you notice. If this was another show it would have been a 10! I can't wait for the next one, just like always!