Season 2 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • A touching episode.

    I don't feel that this episode was a good as some previous episodes yet, there were some moments in that really made me catch a lump in my throat.
    When Chuck ran off with the bomb from the Chinese ambassador's car and got in the Herder I think it was pretty obvious to the audience that Chuck would use the cars radio control device. But Sarah did not know this. She saw that Herder drive off and explode and assumed Chuck was in there, she burst into tears thinking he was dead and this was a pretty emotional scene yet it only lasted a few seconds because Chuck popped out from no where and you could see the relief on her face and Chuck's surprise to her display, she is deeply in love with Chuck and this scene was just amazing. Yvonne Strahovski is a very good actress.
    The other scene I really liked was at the end when Sarah said that she had no one to care about the way Chuck and Morgan cared about each other, and of course Chuck said he cared about her.
    The action in this episode was top notch. Sarah fighting with the Triad leader and Casey jumping on top of the Herder whilst Chuck sped off were my highlights :D
    I think the reason I down rated this episode from others was because I didn't feel the side story of Jeff and Lester from the Buy More cemented with the main story as much a usual. Also where was Big Mike? This is surely becuase the network shifted around the original episode order :x