Season 2 Episode 14

Chuck Versus the Best Friend

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 23, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck is forced to befriend Anna's new boyfriend in order to stop an assasination of the chinese ambassador by the Triads, putting his friendship with Morgan in jeopardy. Jeff and Lester also try to get their first gig as "Jeffster" from Devon and Ellie.

    One of the greats. We finally learn the origins of Chuck and Morgan's deep friendship. It's revealed that after Chuck's mom left, Morgan was there to help him through it, and again when Chuck's father left. Throughout the episode we see Chuck struggling between staying on mission, which means betraying Morgan, and his intense feelings of loyalty to his friend. A difficult moment in the episode was when Chuck was forced to humiliate Morgan in order to save his life. On the up side, there are some amazing action sequences in which Sarah has an all-out brawl with "Smooth" Lau in a car. Also, not to be forgotten is the scene where Casey jumps on the roof of a nerd herder car in pursuit of Chuck. Possably the best moment in the entire episode happens when the nerd herder blows up and everyone believes Chuck with it. Yvonne Strahovski did a simply amazing reaction shot, revealing Sarah's deeply hidden emotions towards Chuck. In more of a lighter and hilarious note, "Jeffster" closes out the show with a redition of "Africa". The final shot is another touching moment between Chuck and Sarah where she confesses the she doesn't have any friendships like Chuck's and Morgan's. Chuck looks at her intently and responds "Ya, you do" and its revealed they're holding hands. All in all this spisode contained everything you could possaby want in a Chuck episode. Jokes, Action, Friendship, Creepy Jeff, Self-Deprecating Lester, and of course the latest chapter in the ongoing romantic saga that is Chuck and Sarah.