Season 2 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Break-Up

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • Knew title was trouble. Wasn't worried about Bryce, Sarah made clear both during and before this episode that she loves Chuck even if she hasn't put it that bluntly. He did cause trouble though. But he wasn't the one who really caused the trouble.

    I hate to admit it but because of her feelings for Chuck, how much she cares about him, she made some calls that she maybe wouldn't have other wise made. When she was with Bryce she did what she had to do. She took the risks, she knew he could die but she did what she had to. She still did what she had to with Chuck, but this time it wasn't for the greater good or the mission. Now I'm not picking sides on this one, I think Sarah of course did the right thing in both saving Chuck and not taking a risk that might have killed him but both times it almost cost them the mission. Now again not taking sides, I think she made the right call both times but if you look at it from a certain way it did almost cost them the mission. Casey was pretty silent about it all, in fact Bryce was the one who was pointing things out to Chuck left and right but Casey didn't say much of anything. But that look at the end spoke volumes. Sarah's feelings for Chuck almost cost them the mission twice and landed her in the hospital, I get why Bryce and Casey would not be so happy with that but Sarah...they aren't together now and Sarah is making these calls, taking these risks? So what's standing in their way, really?

    Chuck, great guy that he is did the right thing as usual and I almost hate him for it. He broke up with Sarah. He's a normal guy who wants a normal life and he might get that some day and he might not but either way Sarah will never be normal, she can never give him the future or life that he wants. She'll always be a spy, she'll always be a mystery, she can never just be. I was in tears those last scenes, though I knew the Chuck/Sarah thing wouldn't be that easy it was just so hard to watch. They were so close, Sarah was finally admitting feelings for Chuck to herself and to Chuck and of course that's when Chuck finally gets that Sarah can't give him the normal life he so wants. He deserves that but I wonder what Sarah had to say before Chuck beat her to the punch. But she might not have been planning on punching.

    I don't blame Chuck for wanting a normal life, he deserves it. But did it ever occur to him to maybe ask Sarah if she wants one too? Could save them a lot of future heart ache and drama. It's not totally out of the realm of possibilities is it?

    So good episode, very sad. Very, very sad and....oh wait, one more thing. That whole not overly worried about Bryce thing I maybe should take that back. Nothing he did really interfered with Chuck/Sarah though he certainly tried for awhile there. But he did give Chuck another little gift, something for a real spy. A shiny new upgrade for the intersect. Zapped it into his brain just like before, though this time he cleverly tricked him into it with a pair of sunglasses. I'd love to say I hate Bryce Larkin but damn that was clever.

    Sidenote, when Chuck flashed earlier in the episode we saw that there was info about Casey and Sarah in the new upgrade. What that info is who knows but give I'm thinking Chuck will possibly flash on some stuff about Sarah. Personal stuff, non-Bryce related personal stuff. But that's another episode. ;)
  • Bryce comes back! Putting a wrench!

    Well just when things were going really great for our favorite couple. Bryce has to come on back and ruin things. And that when national security is one the line. He and Sarah are forced to play a married couple. That really makes Chuck really jealous. As you felt sorry for him. And that you really wanted Sarah and Chuck to get together for real. But not yet. Meanwhile, Casey wants to recruit Anna as a spy. Anna is funny and does have a lot of humor. Hope that she can come on back. Morgan, on the other hand, stands up to the jock bullies. At least, they are giving Morgan time to develop as a character.
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Chuck is overcome with jealousy when his nemesis Bryce Larkin, Sarah's ex-lover and partner, makes an unexpected return. Chuck and Sarah's growing feelings for each other are tested when their latest mission requires Sarah and Bryce to pose as an extremely affectionate couple. Meanwhile, Morgan faces his own challenge at Buy More when he must deal with a gang of bullies, the Mighty Jocks. Led by Mitt, these bullies are the employees of a neighboring sporting goods store, and they love to take over Buy More's home theater room to play sports video games. I love the start of the episode, in Sarah and Bryce flashback - was cool I actualyl really enjoy Bryce as a character his part in the storyline is always interesting. Yeah I wanted Sarah and Chuck together there and then, but all in good time. i love the way Chuck feels about the whole Bryce and Sarah relationship, I love the scenes where Chuck and Bryce see Sarah in her dress and the scene in the mission where Chuck is jealous, and Lesters storyline "Drunk with power" and the storyline where Morgan and Lester are scared to leave the Buy More, and the scene with Awesome and Bryce, and the way Bryce isn't happy with Sarah due to the fact that she is making mistakes because of her feelings for Chuck. Oh and where Chuck has the money and he wants the man to come to him and it takes ages for the swap - hilarious. Awesome ending too.
  • The Bryce is right!...

    When Bryce pays a visit, you just know things won't work out smoothly. The studly agent really puts a wrench in Chuck's future endeavors with Sarah. His warnings may have some truth to them, but I have a feeling he said those things more so out of jealousy than anything else. The sexual Chemistry between Sarah and Bryce is off the chart and it's apparent from the get-go, a really Alias-y flashback, that there's not just sparks, but 4th of July fireworks between them. Their dance sequence was incredibly sexy and Sarah looked absolutely stunning. I was wondering when the writers would knock us off our feet with a sexy Sarah costume.

    Sarah's feelings for Chuck compromised two missions this time around and their break-up scenes were admittedly powerful for such a hammy series. Chuck's realization that he just wants a normal life and that Sarah will never be normal really hit her like a ton of bricks, although she did her best to shield her emotions. I love these will they/won't they moments.

    As for the ending, well, it seems Bryce is working for a 3rd party, one that wants Intersect-Chuck to keep updated on all of the evil doings of the world. But why? Bryce has changed his life forever and not exactly for the better. Is Bryce a fulcrum agent? It's doubtful, so what's his end game?

    Overall, a very good episode! Action, humour, drama and Anna kicking ass! HILARIOUS. A new possible agent on our hands? Oooh, the possibilities!
  • Review.

    Former New York Giants star Michael Strahan guest-stars as the intimidating bully Mitt. Chuck is overcome with jealousy when his nemesis Bryce Larkin, Sarah's ex-lover and partner, makes an unexpected return. Chuck and Sarah's growing feelings for each other are tested when their latest mission requires Sarah and Bryce to pose as an extremely affectionate couple. Meanwhile, Morgan faces his own challenge at Buy More when he must deal with a gang of bullies, the Mighty Jocks. Led by Mitt, these bullies are the employees of a neighboring sporting goods store, and they love to take over Buy More's home theater room to play sports video games. Whay does Chuck always get caught haha oh well. This episode was fantastic, although the love triangle is now getting boring. Morgan and Lester at the Buy More was so funny it was one of the best things I have seen at the Buy More in ages it was awesome.
  • Bryce comes back and throws a monkey wrench into Chuck's plans for him and Sarah

    Just when it looks like our favorite couple are about to get together, who else would show up but Bryce Larkin, the spy we love to hate.
    Once again an intersect piece shows up for the team to retrieve, but there's a catch; Fulcrum is directly involved bringing Bryce back to help and to come between Chuck and Sarah just when they're on the verge of truly admitting their feelings for each other. On one hand I did growl in frustration when I saw Bryce in Sarah's doorway, but on the other hand I did think that things were going a little too quickly for them this season and their working relationship was bound to be affected by their romance. It was pretty funny when they were at the party and being really "affectionate" to keep up their cover and Chuck couldn't keep his eyes off of them, at the same time I couldn't help but feel for Chuck. And I know that Bryce was speaking a cold truth when he told Chuck that Sarah having feelings for him was a bad thing and would put her in danger even though Bryce and Sarah seemed to be in a pretty serious relationship before he supposedly went rogue. Even though what Bryce said made sense I kinda hated him for it knowing that he went to Chuck to manipulate him into breaking things off with Sarah because if Bryce went to her she probably would deny anythings going on and not listen. She on the other hand, in a really funny scene with her and Casey tried to convince herself that she her feelings for Chuck wasn't getting in the way of her job. Rather than confront her or convince her that the opposite was true, Casey ignored her and when he thought she was done grunted his answer. For him that was enough.
    The side story was funny too. Morgan and the mall bullies had me giggling. I loved it when he finally stood up to them and they went to the cage to settle things. Nearly busted a gut when it was Anna who kicked butt and Casey had a background check on her and considered recruiting her. She'd make hilarious spy, but how would that work out with Morgan's best friend and his girlfriend being spies?
    Oh, had to love the upgrade and Chuck's comment at the end.
    Good episode, can't wait til next week.
  • Bryce is back..........

    Oh dear Chuck's 'nemesis' Bryce Larkin is back to help out on the teams newest mission, however Chuck is worried he's back for more than just action.

    The plot was a standard love triangle with no one winning at the end, lots of great action and funny moments, especially with the buy more team and Morgan trying to throw out a load of football jocks out of the games room then having Anna saving him at the end.

    What the episode showed was that though Chuck want's to get the intersect out of his head and go back to a normal life he knows no matter how much he wants Sarah to be part of that Sarah cannot and has to be honest to both himself and Sarah.
  • Bryce is back...

    Yes, once again Bryce was there to cause tension between Chuck and Sarah. The threat wasn't that Sarah might be smitten by her ex and run off with him. Instead, by the end of the hour, Bryce, Sarah and Chuck all realized pretty conclusively that Sarah had strong feelings for Chuck and only Chuck, and that was not necessarily a good thing.

    Sarah's feelings for Chuck caused her to pause when she shouldn't at her job. Meanwhile at the Buy More Mitt and his crew are trashing the demo room and Lester asks Morgan to step in to no avail, Morgan cannot stand up to him so in steps Anna showing off her showing martial arts skills in which Casey inquiring about the possibly off recruiting her.
  • Almost speechless as to how good this episode was.

    The subplot involving the Buy More verses Micheal Strahan was downright hilarious and a surprisingly good acting performance by Strahan. Him picking up Morgan and lifting Morgan over his head was gut bustingly funny. When Anna beat Strahan down and Casey was calling in for a background check, I almost had tears. This was a good counter balance to the move serious side with the Love Triangle.

    Bryce has always been a love him or hate him factor of this show. It wasn't until last season that we learned he saved Chuck from being made a real spy that he was forgiven in most people's hearts. So to see him making out with Sarah in the very beginning was a little perturbing but when they revealed it being a flashback I was ok. Including Ellie and Captain Awesome into the Love Triangle fixing was a great idea and worked really well.

    As for the case of the week, the chip decoder Von Hayes was also pretty funny, including Chuck's freak out over the "forbidden dance" and subsequent lost of his "job". The final part with the hold offs and Chuck making the deal with all the money was great, including Casey going single-handedly after them.

    A sad ending by the way, and I am not particularly happy with the choice made by Chuck, but his reasoning is sound. But the look of hurt on Sarah's face made me want to reach out and punch Chuck.

    And the new intersect upload? I saw Bryce take the chip, so it had to come up somewhere. I kinda wondered if Chuck's data might be out of date, and that's not a worry anymore.

    Stellar episode.
  • Love triangle, Bryce and Sarah dance, Chuck gets jealous, Sarah hospitalized, Bryce tries to help, Chuck gets in over his head, Sarah can't finish mission, Chuck wants normal life.

    Loved the episode all the way up until the ending. Why can't Chuck be a man instead of as Bryce put it "do the right thing." Granted everyone knows how Chuck feels about Sarah but why did he have to kill the romance. Or why couldn't he have asked Sarah how she felt or asked how he could train to become a CIA agent so that he could be with Sarah. I want Sarah and Chuck to be happy but why can't they be together. Although, the whole jealous boyfriend thing is getting old. I know in the end it all works out but shouldn't a computer genius learn that every time they're on a mission he finds some way to screw it up, so he should just do what he's told so he doesn't have to put Sarah in situations where she has to save him so much. I'm ranting I know, don't get me wrong I love Chuck and all but come on dude. On another note I loved how Casey did the entire job on his own and he did it so nonchalantly. I just wish he could have helped out at the Buy More, it would have been interesting to see how that could've gone down. Casey's cool. Everyone watch Chuck next week!
  • Bryce, you devil you!

    I really did love this episode, it was 'chucked' full of everything I've come to love in this series to this point. The Bryce storyline never gets old and it didn't disappoint this go round either. You could almost feel the tension between the love triangle and the building emotions between Sarah and Chuck. Was a bit disappointed that Chuck went the whole episode whining about Sarah/Bryce yet in the end it was all business as usual and push it to the side.

    Not a big fan of Michael Strahan but that was a funny guest spot I must admit. Too bad Casey couldn't get in on that kick ass action. BONUS though had to be the end with Mr. Larken updated the Intersec in Chucks brain. "I hate you Bryce", that was damn classic let me tell you.

    Ratings low??? My eye! This show is going to get better and better!
  • Every show, worth watching(which I know is a matter of opinion) has moments that fans of the particular show will talk about a lot

    Every show, worth watching(which I know is a matter of opinion) has moments that fans of the particular show will talk about a lot, even after the show has gone off the air. This episode of Chuck has one of those moments. The scene at the end with Sarah and Chuck talking outside of his place is the most honest and emotional scene so far in the series.

    This show is so great at showing instead of telling. This episode showed us just how much Sarah's feelings for Chuck have affected her. Chuck has not only affected Sarah, but we have seen that he has had an impact of Casey as well. And it doesn't stop at that, he has affected us as well. Zachary Levi has created such a likable character that he has won over audiences.

    I am a fan of Adam Baldwin as an actor. He was perfect on Firefly and wonderful on his small role on Angel. I've been thinking that he has been a little underused on this show. Not so with this episode. I thought he was used to great effect. His scene when he shows up and shoots the Fulcrum agent, saving Chuck, with the money on his shoulder and Von Hayes in tow was just awesome. I hope he gets more great moments like this.

    I want to mention one more thing. While sometimes humorous, the Buy More employee subplots are getting old. It's like, "well we've got these other characters at the Buy More, we've gotta find something for them to be doing. I know lets create crazy antics they keep getting themselves into". I like I said, sometimes humorous, but most of the time I find myself willing the show back to what Chuck is doing.
  • Another good episode ...

    Chuck never disappoints. There is not a single episode I have sat feeling bored. I mean I can even watch the same episode again the next day and laugh all over again! Thats good tv.

    I dont want to give much away, you should really see it for yourselves. But, the love triangle is prominent in this episode since Bryce is back. But it is less childish and more mature. Captain Awesome was funny in one scene. He says that because he's a heart doctor he knows the dealings of the heart and love. He was the one taking advice from the bearded man the week before hahaha. He's talking to Bryce at this point.

    This wasn't as awesome as the previous two, but still very good. I gave it a ten because I heard Chuck is not getting good ratings? Thats because Gossip Girl and Dancing with the Stars are at the same time. Anyways, its a good show. I hope you try it out!

    Watch out for the last scene in tonight's episode. It was surprising and a good ending.