Season 2 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Break-Up

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • Knew title was trouble. Wasn't worried about Bryce, Sarah made clear both during and before this episode that she loves Chuck even if she hasn't put it that bluntly. He did cause trouble though. But he wasn't the one who really caused the trouble.

    I hate to admit it but because of her feelings for Chuck, how much she cares about him, she made some calls that she maybe wouldn't have other wise made. When she was with Bryce she did what she had to do. She took the risks, she knew he could die but she did what she had to. She still did what she had to with Chuck, but this time it wasn't for the greater good or the mission. Now I'm not picking sides on this one, I think Sarah of course did the right thing in both saving Chuck and not taking a risk that might have killed him but both times it almost cost them the mission. Now again not taking sides, I think she made the right call both times but if you look at it from a certain way it did almost cost them the mission. Casey was pretty silent about it all, in fact Bryce was the one who was pointing things out to Chuck left and right but Casey didn't say much of anything. But that look at the end spoke volumes. Sarah's feelings for Chuck almost cost them the mission twice and landed her in the hospital, I get why Bryce and Casey would not be so happy with that but Sarah...they aren't together now and Sarah is making these calls, taking these risks? So what's standing in their way, really?

    Chuck, great guy that he is did the right thing as usual and I almost hate him for it. He broke up with Sarah. He's a normal guy who wants a normal life and he might get that some day and he might not but either way Sarah will never be normal, she can never give him the future or life that he wants. She'll always be a spy, she'll always be a mystery, she can never just be. I was in tears those last scenes, though I knew the Chuck/Sarah thing wouldn't be that easy it was just so hard to watch. They were so close, Sarah was finally admitting feelings for Chuck to herself and to Chuck and of course that's when Chuck finally gets that Sarah can't give him the normal life he so wants. He deserves that but I wonder what Sarah had to say before Chuck beat her to the punch. But she might not have been planning on punching.

    I don't blame Chuck for wanting a normal life, he deserves it. But did it ever occur to him to maybe ask Sarah if she wants one too? Could save them a lot of future heart ache and drama. It's not totally out of the realm of possibilities is it?

    So good episode, very sad. Very, very sad and....oh wait, one more thing. That whole not overly worried about Bryce thing I maybe should take that back. Nothing he did really interfered with Chuck/Sarah though he certainly tried for awhile there. But he did give Chuck another little gift, something for a real spy. A shiny new upgrade for the intersect. Zapped it into his brain just like before, though this time he cleverly tricked him into it with a pair of sunglasses. I'd love to say I hate Bryce Larkin but damn that was clever.

    Sidenote, when Chuck flashed earlier in the episode we saw that there was info about Casey and Sarah in the new upgrade. What that info is who knows but give I'm thinking Chuck will possibly flash on some stuff about Sarah. Personal stuff, non-Bryce related personal stuff. But that's another episode. ;)
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