Season 2 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Break-Up

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 13, 2008 on NBC

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  • The Bryce is right!...

    When Bryce pays a visit, you just know things won't work out smoothly. The studly agent really puts a wrench in Chuck's future endeavors with Sarah. His warnings may have some truth to them, but I have a feeling he said those things more so out of jealousy than anything else. The sexual Chemistry between Sarah and Bryce is off the chart and it's apparent from the get-go, a really Alias-y flashback, that there's not just sparks, but 4th of July fireworks between them. Their dance sequence was incredibly sexy and Sarah looked absolutely stunning. I was wondering when the writers would knock us off our feet with a sexy Sarah costume.

    Sarah's feelings for Chuck compromised two missions this time around and their break-up scenes were admittedly powerful for such a hammy series. Chuck's realization that he just wants a normal life and that Sarah will never be normal really hit her like a ton of bricks, although she did her best to shield her emotions. I love these will they/won't they moments.

    As for the ending, well, it seems Bryce is working for a 3rd party, one that wants Intersect-Chuck to keep updated on all of the evil doings of the world. But why? Bryce has changed his life forever and not exactly for the better. Is Bryce a fulcrum agent? It's doubtful, so what's his end game?

    Overall, a very good episode! Action, humour, drama and Anna kicking ass! HILARIOUS. A new possible agent on our hands? Oooh, the possibilities!