Season 2 Episode 18

Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck gets a new handler at the expense of his relationship to Sarah, with Awesome's Bachelor party in the mix.

    Well first of all another fantastic episode. It did slip in quality a little bit, but it was still very good nonetheless.

    Anybody notice the Young Frankenstein stuff? I thought it was very interesting this exploration into how someone else might actually treat an asset like it's actually an asset. Not, a person, but an actual asset.

    Another thing to throw out there. It's not just whether Sarah cares about Chuck but in actuality when you work with someone for a long period of time you develop teamwork and cooperation that a new person out of the shoot will not be able to match regardless of her skill set.

    You can see how Casey and Sarah have a modicum of respect for Chuck's domain. But your starting to see some of the walls starting to crumble. Chuck's spyworld is colliding with his Buy More world a little bit more and more each week.

    I also wanted to point out that lap dance scenes usually don't work on free television. But it was done brilliantly in this episode. You see what happens is you put the ugly hard to look at ones first and then you follow with a total knockout and it's like drinking water in the desert. All of the sudden a 5 looks like a 10 and a 10 looks like a 20. This was brilliant.

    I also like when they do stuff with the Awesome one. He is a very underutilized character and I just believe they could do so much more with him than even this episode. But to me there were a couple of things that made this episode just a little bit less than awesome. The ending wasn't really that good. I didn't buy the General accepting Chuck and Sarah's explanation just like that. It was just a little too quick and without any real logic backing it up. My explanation above in this blog made more sense than their explanation, not that I was against it, but it was still a little weak. And I also think the laughing gas stuff is a little bit too cliche for my tastes. I thought there was a funny moment or too, but it was just a litte too unoriginal for me to mark out too much, but still this is a great show. I only criticize it because I love it so much and as great as it is, I still think it can be even better. And now that would be awesome!
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