Season 2 Episode 18

Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck versus another awesome episode

    Of all my favorite shows on TV, (The Office, Lost, Terminator) Chuck is surely the most consistent. Always fun, never disappointed, this is a show that leaves me satisfied and content 99% of the time a watch. And this episode might have been my favorite of all.

    Here, Sara is evaluated and basically fired (Genreal Beckman's kind of turning into a b**ch) and Chuck gets a new handler- Agent Forrest, played by cable superhottie, Tricia Helfer. Now, I don't watch Battlestar Glactica, and probably never will, so her much hyped guest appearance meant virtually nothing to me. But I really did like what she brought to the show, being basically a female Casey, and watching him getting slightly turned on by this agent is something no one should miss!

    But Walker's relieved of duty, and I know realize how invested and connected I am with her. Yvonne as can play sad so well, that it really does break the heart to ever see Sarah sad. I'm with Chuck, "Please don't go!" Not because you're hot, but because I care about you! Rare to be that connected with any character on TV these days. And I appreciated Casey sticking up for her in his own way, as well.

    But what really puts "vs. The Broken Heart" over for me as a favorite was the ultimate example of Chuck's govt life interfering with his personal life. Devon and Ellie get their biggest fight so far, after a bachelor party disaster. They've always seemed like such a perfect couple, and they're so likable, it would just be a shame for them to break up. Chuck has established it's characters so well, that I really care about everything that happens to any of them. A rare feat.
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