Season 2 Episode 18

Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on NBC

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  • Sarah is replaced by another handler because Gen. Beckman decides its time for a 49B. Alex the new female handler is a Casey clone without the heart and she and the team have to implant a bug in the heart of a terrorist. Awesome has his bachelor party.

    It seems that Chuck has come to the point of feeling he must confide in his sister. Based on his life story his sister is the only person he has been able to rely on and it may be time for him to let her in on what is going on just to shake things up even more. Maybe this will be the angst that replaces the Sarah/Chuck piece going forward?

    The secondary plot about the bachelor's party at the Buy More (How does this store survive everything that goes on there?) was pretty lame. As if Chuck doesn't have enough in his life screwing things up Jeffster takes pictures even after they are told not to and gets Awesome in trouble with Ellie. You could see that whole plot coming from a mile away by the way. Pretty predictable. I actually found myself feeling sorry for "Captain Awesome" by the time they were done.

    The major plot had trouble written all over it even more than usual. With Alex calling the shots the chances are everything they built up over the last year or so would be torn down in a few weeks. Her shoot first ask questions later attitude just does not fit in the plot of Chuck episodes. With Casey it is cute as he is tempered by Sarah and Chuck at this point. There is also a synergy with the team that really does not work without one of them. Chuck from the spy side of things is Chuck, Sarah, and Casey and would not work without one of them in the chemistry. As they decided in the end, it is because they care about each other that their situation works. It is truly amazing how much Casey's character really plays an important role. He is a man of a few words but things would not work without him at all. Sort of like the base bedrock where everything stands.

    I was disappointed with the first half of this episode but the second half made a major comeback. The first half did not seem like an episode of Chuck for some reason. I guess General Beckman and the NSA has taken over. We never see Sarah's boss from the CIA anymore.

    Next week with Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase looks great. Thanks for reading...