Season 2 Episode 18

Chuck Versus the Broken Heart

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Mar 30, 2009 on NBC

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  • Agent Alex Forrest is sent in to take of Chuck

    Beckman fears that Sarah's personally affection for our boy Chuck is getting in the way of their work, so she pulls a 49-B. Special Agent Alex Forest (Guess Star Tricia Helfer) is sent to evaluate Sarah's performance as Chuck's handler. Wow we now have 2 HOT blondes on the show; Okay Tricia is only in this episode anyway Beckman sends Chuck, Casey and Alex to the hospital to check out a patient who may be a terrorist leader's right-hand man. If he is, they'll slip a bug in his pacemaker and use him as a human listening device. The Doctor, Doctor Scene was freaking hilarious, now all they need is a surgeon's key card cue Devon, Alex is up for tranqing him but Chuck has other Ideas. Chuck decides that getting Awesome drunk at his very own bachelor party and pinching the card beats Alex is Idea. When Casey's pick-pocketing skills don't help that's when Alex, wait for it comes in as a stripper. Officer Naughty gets to work on Awesome but he doesn't budge which leaves Forrest to tranq him instead. Chuck didn't like that one bit and wants Sarah back in, the trouble is Alex is evaluation of her got her terminated from Team B. But before she left she did all so naughty thing in breaking government rules and searching for Chuck's dad, how sweet. Jeff seems to always get the best one liners during the striptease "I broke eight and half commandments on my way to work today" Oh God couldn't stop after that. The bug is placed, and all seems well until the Doc does a bug scan on the patient. He sends his men over to Awesome's apartment to get him to take out the bug, and Chuck takes his place. Sarah couldn't stay away from the Chuckster so she popped back to give him a letter but realized that Chuck was missing and stormed into the O.O and figured out where he could be, Kudos for Casey standing up to Alex saying she is the best partner he's ever worked with. But the doc shuts himself, Chuck and the patient in vault. He tries to kill Chuck, and Chuck sprays nitrous oxide in his face, which gives them both the giggles. They bond, Chuck gets the location of the Big Bad Terrorist out of him, and Sarah rescues Chuck. Back at the Castle Chuck makes his plea with the General about his relationship with Sarah who has one incy Winnie little surprise for him; Sarah has tracked down Chuck's father and head-off to the middle of no where, where they see a trailer and when Chuck knocks a door opens, Chuck: "Dad"