Season 5 Episode 11

Chuck Versus The Bullet Train

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2012 on NBC

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  • soulless writing

    Why do you make one of the fans' favorite characters completely forget everything? This was brutal and cruel. I couldn't believe what I saw.
  • Outgunned, Outmanned, and out....side.

    Wow what an intense episode. Can't believe there's just two more episodes left in the series!

    Jeff and Lester are finally made aware of the spy action that's been going on underneath the Buy More for years now. That standoff moment was classic as ever, but I'm still not liking the new Jeff. Lester has kept the comedy going, but Jeff is just boring now.

    Sarah starts experiencing the negative side effects to the intersect while Chuck and the team struggle to find her.

    The end was the most intense and one of the biggest surprises I've seen in the series (at least for the past two seasons). Almost like it's all coming full circle. Hang in there until next week when I'll be reviewing Chuck for the last time. :(
  • WOW just w0w....

    The episode started off great,

    Chuck hearing the worst news about sarah and casey being dead and their caskets are on the way, yet he still tries to escape with his wedding ring (nice touch) promptly gets rescued then a whole lot of ass kicking and quinn survives a window exit ? (impossible on the bullet train for a few reasons), to come back and kidnap sarah.....

    Meanwhile at the buymore

    A flu jab bus turns up which is actually quinns hired goons miserably failing at getting leverage on chuck and sarah... jeffster finally grew a pair and did good and now know of chucks team (wow! The writers forced us to watch them discover it for a whole episode last week to have them suddenly turn around and decide to look in to it all AGAIN for the THIRD time ?! ) Ben browder was soo undersused it was criminal ! Alex morgan and the awesomes are saved...

    Then omg did the writers screw up here.... sarah who has the intersect ( a broken version ? not previously mentioned trojan horse version ?) capture and tortured ##predictably## till she forgets EVERYTHING she has done with beckman chuck kill / stop chuck stopping him from getting the intersect??

    Which was the least surprising twist ever.......

    So now the finalle will consist of an hour and 20 mins of chuck saving sarah and his life with her and beating the bad guy with 10 mins or so or the much needed happy ending......

    (2 hours = 1h30m of actual chuck 30mins of ads)

  • An episode to the level of the season

    Fan of Chuck I have been disapointed by this episode as much as the entire season. Except a few smiling moments of Jeff and Lester and the escape with the wedding ring Drama was bad, the acting not so good, and the story well no comments. Now they have 1h20 to make a blasting send off, hopefully with an happy ending but such will be unbelievable in such a short time. They have been granted half a season to redeem from last season and they made it worst.

  • A clever title goes here!

    the ending was sad

    but the question is does sarah get her memory back

    i think the directors and producers kind of did a bad job in making the ending

    it kind of left me confused at the end of the show
  • This 99% of this episode was a travesty.

    Quinn: the overweight and "broken" former CIA agent -can survive falling out of a BULLET train by climbing around on the outside of it and to top it off he can only be defeated in hand to hand by the intersect? which means he is better than anyone shown on the show from Casey and Sarah to normal Shaw and Larkin -which is lol hilarious.

    Why didn't Sarah carry around suppression glasses with her? -there was enough concern that Ellie started running tests on Morgan and it seems Beckman would have or was already cooperating.

    Why did Sarah chase after Quinn when he was trying to escape; knowing the precarious situation she was in?

    How did Quinn know where Chuck rather than Morgan lived?

    How did Quinn know Alex was Casey's daughter?

    Why even send people to the Buymore if Casey and Sarah were already dead as he believed?

    Where the hell did Quinn get a tranq gun from? he went from having a knife to having a tranq gun in like a minute or so.

    There are a ton of these stretching back into previous episodes as well.

    Jeffster FTW in this episode.

    "your country needs you!"