Season 5 Episode 11

Chuck Versus The Bullet Train

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Jan 20, 2012 on NBC

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  • WOW just w0w....

    The episode started off great,

    Chuck hearing the worst news about sarah and casey being dead and their caskets are on the way, yet he still tries to escape with his wedding ring (nice touch) promptly gets rescued then a whole lot of ass kicking and quinn survives a window exit ? (impossible on the bullet train for a few reasons), to come back and kidnap sarah.....

    Meanwhile at the buymore

    A flu jab bus turns up which is actually quinns hired goons miserably failing at getting leverage on chuck and sarah... jeffster finally grew a pair and did good and now know of chucks team (wow! The writers forced us to watch them discover it for a whole episode last week to have them suddenly turn around and decide to look in to it all AGAIN for the THIRD time ?! ) Ben browder was soo undersused it was criminal ! Alex morgan and the awesomes are saved...

    Then omg did the writers screw up here.... sarah who has the intersect ( a broken version ? not previously mentioned trojan horse version ?) capture and tortured ##predictably## till she forgets EVERYTHING she has done with beckman chuck kill / stop chuck stopping him from getting the intersect??

    Which was the least surprising twist ever.......

    So now the finalle will consist of an hour and 20 mins of chuck saving sarah and his life with her and beating the bad guy with 10 mins or so or the much needed happy ending......

    (2 hours = 1h30m of actual chuck 30mins of ads)