Season 4 Episode 15

Chuck Versus the Cat Squad

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Feb 14, 2011 on NBC

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  • Decent Episode... Exploring more into Sarah's past!

    I liked how the focus was more on Sarahs past, as for most of the season it has been on Chucks.. That has been great, now i am hoping it can be in relation of Sarah's past.
    Carina, Zonda and Amy show up.. Its a very different side to the show and Sarah... It was good fun and interesting to explore.
    I liked how they became her bridesmaids. I also enjoyed seeing the developing relationship betwenn Sarah and Normal life, and, Sarah and Ellie - with her becoming her maid of honour.
    Hopefully later in the season we will see the reappearance of Sarah's dad and maybe the intro of her mother..
    Overall pretty decent episode..
    Good to see more intersect usage too :)
  • Chuck tries to surprise Sarah by calling up her old team. However, when things start to go wrong they end up in Rio looking for deadly criminal Alejandro Gaez.

    While I liked the idea of the CATs and I enjoyed Carina's role in this episode, there were some things that were major flaws in this episode. First, I feel obliged to comment on Sarah and Zondra's "sparring session" - it was unrealistic, sloppy, and looked more like two five-year-olds fighting than two professional spies.

    However, the greatest problem with this episode was the scenes in "Rio." Firstly, Lou Diamond Phillips's accent doesn't go anywhere near what a Brazilian accent sounds like. Secondly, the so-called party looked nothing at all like a party in Rio, and looked more like a "Brazilian Culture Appreciation Dance" than a legitimate Brazilian party. Even the background music was off: it sounded more like an American attempt at Spanish or Italian than Portuguese.

    In spite of these flaws, I enjoyed this episode. I think Alex was brought in nicely and created a contrast with Carina's imposing, seductive personality. Morgan and Alex's relationship took a step forward (finally), while Chuck and Sarah resolved some of their issues. The "villain" of the episode was quite obvious, but it was entartaining to see Chuck guess which CAT was the bad one the first time, when he thought it was Amy because "no one's that perky." All in all, a good episode, but Chuck has seen better days.
  • Going through the motions.

    Enjoyed it, but it could have been so much more.
    I hate to point this out, but what did this episode do that hasn't been done before?

    While the opening sequence was fun, that all it was and if it was a figment of Morgan's imagination (like the Hart to Hart dream in Role Models) like they implied, than why was he surprised by Chuck saying Carina was one of them?

    I like concept of the C.A.T squad and it was actually a fun idea, the overall plot points and twist of this episode seem done before. One thing that I did like about this episode was the fact the Alex got a decent -even if it was the B plot- story to work with, instead of a one or two throw away scenes. But while I liked the attention she got, the plot wasn't really anything worth showing, trust issues with an Ex...sigh

    Along with betrayal amongst the C.A.Ts (I figured out who it was after about 5 mins) and walking into the bad guy's club and it turn out it's a trap, plus the drama between Chuck and Sarah was a little on the BTDT side as well.

    Last there was the "climactic" show down at the Buy More, which was a fault of the direction and writing, not the one party in particular.

    In the end it was an average episode, that really needed some work in almost all facets.
  • Better than recent episodes

    I think I enjoyed this episode because for the first time in a long time, Chuck wasn't obsessing about his mother. I like Linda Hamilton but I just haven't bonded with her portrayal of Mary Bartowski. This episode features the reunion of the C.A.T. Squad, Sarah's former CIA team which includes the return of Carina, the one-time Morgan fling. As it turns out the team is long on hot looks but not so stout in the friendship department as one of their members is believed to be a double agent.

    The episode also featured the advancement of some relationships as Morgan and Alex almost break up due to Carina's interference but wind up escalating their connection in parallel with Chuck and Sarah advancing their wedding train with their engagement party and Sarah coming to terms with some past issues and asking Ellie to be her made of honor.

    Lastly we have a fairly lame attempt at sweeps week hype with the guest casting of Lou Diamond Phillips. Not sure if he was miscast or misused but it just didn't work.
  • Had its moments, but fell to a bad premise and poor execution.

    After the recent top-notch episodes we've been given, I was disappointed with Chuck this week, ranging from that bland plot, pitiful guest cast, and an overall below average episode. Now I didn't HATE everything. I do like how the show is keeping with more of an easy-going feeling, and there were some funny and sweet moments, specifically Morgan and Alex, Ellie and Sarah, etc. And Carina is one smoking hot woman. But the rest was pretty much downhill.

    Most of the problem was the CAT Squad. First off, that pedophile narrator? I have no clue where they were going with that, but it came off as awkward and unfunny. Second, I know this show will border along the lines of acceptable cliche, but how obvious was the traitor? Seriously? We're not complete idiots, and pretty much half the episode was waiting for someone to get it out and over with. Third, those two new CAT spies, all one-dimensional and plain, were just irritating, and they better not be a big deal in the future. Then there's Lou Diamond Philips. This show made a bigger deal of him than TIMOTHY DALTON in the preview, and for the most part, he pranced around a little bit on camera, got captured, and I spent the rest of the episode thanking God I don't have to deal with that again. Like Sarah, I can safely say I would've been better off without the CAT Squad in my life.

    Other than that CAT rant, the plot was the usual been-there-done-that overseas adventure, which wasn't as tacky before it was way overused. And the easy-going episodes are great, but there needs to be moderation, and a little suspense thrown in there will keep me excited and wanting more. Overall, a passable episode and not much more than a prelude to Sarah reuniting her family and the wedding.