Season 4 Episode 24

Chuck Versus the Cliffhanger

Aired Friday 8:00 PM May 16, 2011 on NBC

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  • Freelance Spies Coming our way to end it all

    The second half of season 4 was not that great especially compared to the first half. This Finale was not as good as the original finale in episode 13 but non the less it workede. The show mad a mess of it by first showing Sarah at the wedding in a promo meaning she wasnt going to die thus the entire episode i could not empathies with chuck as much as I knew things would always work out.


    The final moments of the episode were a bit strange and I have long felt that the weakness of the writters of this show is that, while they write great individual episodes. They tend to step on thier toes when looking at the big picture.

    To start with, Buymore is not nearly as good a cover as chuck has said. Fulcrum, Volkoff and the Ring including other bad guys, have all noticed the strangeness of buy more and they have actually attacked it on multiple bases, making it a bad cover. I ubderstand the need ti keep it in the show but truthfully its not a good cover.

    The next problem is Morgan as the intersect. Dont you find it strange That Fulcrum and the Ring actively sort for intersect candidates including the CIA and they had a hard time finding one but hear is morgan all ready and capable of handling the download process. The show had established morgan as a good guy of average intelligence and handling such levels of intel would just be too much for a guy whose been developed in a light that shows him as an averagely intelligent guy. There is also the matter of poor foresight here; well at least that is how I see it. Overall Chuck not being an intersect is not as good an idea as they say. I know the creators said something about chuck being a good enough spy without the intersect but I got say, there are maybe one or two moments chuck didnt need the intersect. In the field he needs the intersect as he can not fight, shoot or do anything physical as he is not trained. he has continually used the intersect in physical situations, and the only way they can not give him the intersect is by saying eventually he trained and got good and the mustle memory from using the intersect helped improve him quickly.

    I thought for season 5: Morgan would have been better served working in castle providing tech support maybe with Alex while the original three are in the field. Ellie and Mary might do some Forensic computing, data mining and occasional field work (Mary not Ellie) and maybe develop tech for the team to use. I think Season 5 will have the CIA in a massive conspiracy that has them having a desire for world domination or something. General Beckman might secretly work with the Team to put an end to the involved people, and she will feed them info covertly.
  • First to review the Chuck season finale two years in a row now! (SPOILERS)

    Well, I can't say have as much to say about this finale as I did last year. It certainly doesn't measure up to its predecessor. It had a few memorable moments and a few unexpected events. It was thick once again with the romance and touchy-feely stuff but I am pretty sure they threw that in there in the event of cancellation.. So I forgive them for that. While it didn't quite live up to my expectations, it was still a great finale! Morgan has the intersect! Does this mean that those glasses are used up and Chuck won't be able to get it too? If season 5 will indeed be Chuck's last, then who knows what will happen next fall! Chuck and Sarah finally got hitched too. Corny but sweet. It was a short wedding but I did enjoy it!

    What about getting fired? Shouldn't they have gotten arrested according to CIA rules and all that? I thought they were supposed to go on the run.. I get the whole blackmail maneuver that Chuck pulled on that agent with the USB thumb drive, I just didn't expect that to really shut him up!

    See for yourself, though. You may have similar questions but I think you'll enjoy the episode quite thoroughly.
  • They always pull it out the bag for the finale

    Brilliant episode. I felt at times that they were wrapping up the show because some things I expected to result in something final. But actually Morgan being the new Intersect was a pleasant plot twist(even if I saw it coming when I saw the sunglasses). Seeing the gang being freelance agents looks very interesting although I hope General Beckman stays on - somehow. And that evil CIA guylooks very interesting. Really liked the actor in Desperate Housewives - well loved to hate him but I'm sure he will be very good in Chuck. And of course, the happy couple are now married! Nice set up for the remaining 13 episodes of one of my favourite TV shows. I wanna see a bit of struggling between work and marriage but obviously not too much. Keep it comical too
  • Chuck strives to find the antidote for Vivian's poison

    This was the best season finale yet. It kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Morgan getting the intersect was by-far the best aspect of the episode.
    I am just wondering if Chuck will get the intersect back also!!!!!!!!
    I am looking forward to next season of chuck.
    Next season is going to be the best season ever!!!!!!
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  • Wow... What an end to the season and great intro to the next season of Chuck..

    Think it was wrapped up nicely but still included the action, drama, adventure and comedy Chuck delivers soo well.
    So Morgan is the new intersect - Crazy stuff.
    Is this good tho, will Chuck be an intersect too.. loads of questions for the new season..
    Will we see more of Becker - Assuming we will do..
    But also will Mary and the C.A.T squad be on the Chuck/Sarah team too ??
    Hope we see more from zondra and carina, loved their inclusion in this episode..
    Also what will Beckmans role be???
    Plus will Ellie be more included in the spy side of it?
    Well great episode, the best season finale from Chuck, well done, looking forward to the final season now.. :)