Season 2 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on NBC

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  • This episode wasn't good, it wasn't great, IT WAS JUST PLAIN 100% AWESOME!!!

    From the very begining of the episode to the last second I was completely glued to my seat. It had everything from suspense, surprise, humor, action, and most importantly tear-jerking moments with Morgan... MORGAN for goodness sakes...

    I was completely taken by surprise to see Chuck reveal to Awesome that he's a CIA asset. I was even more surprised to see Awesome vs. Casey. Whenever, I saw Awesome strategize an attack during the Buy More seize (few episodes back) I thought to myself; man Awesome could be a serious threat to Fulcrum. Then to see it realized by him taken on Casey without even batting an eye, WOW just WOW. I like how there was no real winner in that fight cause both those two guys are extremely beloved by fans. :)

    And can i compliment the scenes with Morgan stepping up to the plate and realizing his goals in life, and truly showing his deep love for his friends - absolutely brilliant. It was such a well thought out evolution for his character. The sex scene between Sarah & Chuck was completely done right in my book, while i've been dying to see them two hook up. It was done and shown with Class that these two have feelings for each other. Even though they didn't really get to "be" together it was perceived in an enduring Chuck style way. Thank you writers for giving us such great memorable moments. This is truly my favorite of all seasons....
  • That couldn't have been more Awesome!

    Ever wondered what would happen if someone in the family found out about Chuck's secret? Captain Awesome gets the chance to have the secret blasted into his face by Chuck himself. The scene was overly hilarious and exactly what I had expected from a character like Awesome. The reason for how he got into the sticky situation that forced Chuck to reveal the secret was even funnier.

    Sarah and Chuck really get to finally show each other their true feelings, and their attempts at a certain act end up hilariously being stopped. It has been a long time in the coming and it's great to see Chuck and Sarah actually joke this time.

    John Casey has always had a soft spot for orders, and he's no slouch for the majority of this superb episode. He's funny as a menacing brute, no matter what side he seems to be on. Colonel Casey just has a ring.

    A huge, huge, twist came in this episode, which totally changes the dynamic of the show...since were can it go from here, not that (SPOILERS) the intersect has been erased from Chuck's brain, thanks to his father, who had been working on that the whole time he was captured by Rourke.

    A majority of Fulcrum agents were killed by the airstrike, but only Rourke survived, off to attend Ellie's wedding.

    The Human Intersect Project is over, Chuck is free to be with Sarah, and Ellie is going to get married. I am afraid of what can go wrong in the season finale. Can't wait for season 3! Where can they go from here?
  • Heart racing, heart warming, pivotal, fun, and just a little kinky...Captain Awesome would approve.

    Chris Fedak promised that the show would only get progressively more amazing as the season comes to a close, and boy did he ever deliver with "Colonel." From the previews we knew there would be betrayal, explosions, more Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase, and at least a little of Chuck and Sarah going at it like teenagers. That set the bar pretty high, but by the end that bar was about as visible as people are from an airplane.

    To recap, Gen. Beckman offers Casey a new rank and a choice assignment. One tiny condition: first he has to track down and return Chuck and Sarah, dead or alive. Meanwhile, our star-crossed lovers arrive at the FULCRUM lair where Stephen is being held, but expecting a building and not a lair, leave feeling defeated. They retire to an all-too-tiny motel bed, and when they wake up the next morning having spooned and caressed each other throughout the night, they dropped the pretense and just had at each other. Things rapidly heat up, but consummation is not meant to be, seeing as Chuck's emergency condom has been replaced with an IOU from the little bearded man.

    I'd have expected a condom three years expired, but that's why I'm just a critic and they're the writers.

    Anyhoo, the resulting power plays read like a WWE match: Casey captures them, FULCRUM captures everybody, they all take down FULCRUM, Casey locks them up, Casey captures Awesome, they escape and capture Casey, Casey escapes and captures them back, they form a team and FULCRUM captures them, only for Beckman's F-15s to blow up the compound killing everybody except our intrepid team plus a certain intersect creator.

    Oh, and Awesome find's out that Chuck is a spy, and proves he's not invincible and more than a little funny...

    Oh, and the intersect was removed from Chuck's head...

    Oh, and Sarah still seemed pretty gaga for Chuck after it was clear they're work together was over...

    Oh, and Ted Roark made it out alive...

    Are you pumped yet? Do you feel the awesome coursing through your veins?

    Amidst all of this wonderful insanity, Morgan has agreed to become Emmett's "Ass Man" (this joke was more than a little overused, but whatever) in return for some slack for his colleagues. When ordered to continue degrading Big Mike and to fire Jeffster, he quits to pursue his dream job: moving to Hawaii to train as a Benihana's Hibachi chef.

    To this I say: Meh. It was quite funny, but like a few other things in the episode (i.e. Chuck no longer being the intersect; or the a few dozen Fulcrum recruits being the whole shebang.) Plus, Morgan can't afford Hawaii, especially since it has nothing to do with the Japanese art of Hibachi cooking. But that's why I'm the critic and they're just the writers.

    With this and the others, I expect the norm will promptly be restored in the season finale. Roark should make one last power play, Chuck should embrace his destiny, this time of his own volition, and his trusted best friend should remain by his side. In the meantime, double-check your wallets, folks, and enjoy the ride.
  • In a word...Awesome...

    This episode marks a very important turning point for this series and it's been a long time coming. Not that Chuck is in need of a change, but it's moments like the reveal of who Chuck is, to his friends and family, that I've been looking forward to for quite some time. So while Chuck and Sarah try to rescue Chuck's father and run from Colonel Casey(or receive help from him?), the Buy More is slowly breaking down one employee at a time. I'm not sure what will happen to Morgan now, but it could be an interesting turn if season three were to ever happen. And whether or not Chuck's secret explodes out beyond just Captain Awesome knowing, also remains to be seen. Just about every major character in the show has some big leaps in development, switching up our opinions on a few and even increasing our excitement to see others. All this leads up to the finale where Chuck finally gets the intersect out of his head and everything seems to finally be back to normal...we'll have to see where the season finale goes from here, but I for one can't wait for April 27th.
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