Season 2 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on NBC

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  • This show always leaves me wanting more.

    I was looking forward to this episode all week and when I went to turn it on there was some special on NBC about Ohio & it was moved to 3:00 in the morning.
    But that did not stop me from watching it.

    This episode was great, Chuck & Sarah were so close I would have had to have some words with Morgan. I was glad somebody else found out about Chuck's secret, which I thought was handled perfectly. Casey finally came to help, which you new he would. While he does take his orders seriously his word & loyalty mean more to him. And Chuck finally gets the intersect out of his head, which I think he his relieved, but at least a little disappointed. While it may seem like they are wrapping up I am not going to worry yet, Clark loses his powers once a season on Smallville.
    I just can't wait to this weeks episode, I am interested in knowing how he is going to get the intersect back in his head. This show needs to be on 5 nights a week, forget Leno.
  • That couldn't have been more Awesome!

    Ever wondered what would happen if someone in the family found out about Chuck's secret? Captain Awesome gets the chance to have the secret blasted into his face by Chuck himself. The scene was overly hilarious and exactly what I had expected from a character like Awesome. The reason for how he got into the sticky situation that forced Chuck to reveal the secret was even funnier.

    Sarah and Chuck really get to finally show each other their true feelings, and their attempts at a certain act end up hilariously being stopped. It has been a long time in the coming and it's great to see Chuck and Sarah actually joke this time.

    John Casey has always had a soft spot for orders, and he's no slouch for the majority of this superb episode. He's funny as a menacing brute, no matter what side he seems to be on. Colonel Casey just has a ring.

    A huge, huge, twist came in this episode, which totally changes the dynamic of the show...since were can it go from here, not that (SPOILERS) the intersect has been erased from Chuck's brain, thanks to his father, who had been working on that the whole time he was captured by Rourke.

    A majority of Fulcrum agents were killed by the airstrike, but only Rourke survived, off to attend Ellie's wedding.

    The Human Intersect Project is over, Chuck is free to be with Sarah, and Ellie is going to get married. I am afraid of what can go wrong in the season finale. Can't wait for season 3! Where can they go from here?
  • Heart racing, heart warming, pivotal, fun, and just a little kinky...Captain Awesome would approve.

    Chris Fedak promised that the show would only get progressively more amazing as the season comes to a close, and boy did he ever deliver with "Colonel." From the previews we knew there would be betrayal, explosions, more Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase, and at least a little of Chuck and Sarah going at it like teenagers. That set the bar pretty high, but by the end that bar was about as visible as people are from an airplane.

    To recap, Gen. Beckman offers Casey a new rank and a choice assignment. One tiny condition: first he has to track down and return Chuck and Sarah, dead or alive. Meanwhile, our star-crossed lovers arrive at the FULCRUM lair where Stephen is being held, but expecting a building and not a lair, leave feeling defeated. They retire to an all-too-tiny motel bed, and when they wake up the next morning having spooned and caressed each other throughout the night, they dropped the pretense and just had at each other. Things rapidly heat up, but consummation is not meant to be, seeing as Chuck's emergency condom has been replaced with an IOU from the little bearded man.

    I'd have expected a condom three years expired, but that's why I'm just a critic and they're the writers.

    Anyhoo, the resulting power plays read like a WWE match: Casey captures them, FULCRUM captures everybody, they all take down FULCRUM, Casey locks them up, Casey captures Awesome, they escape and capture Casey, Casey escapes and captures them back, they form a team and FULCRUM captures them, only for Beckman's F-15s to blow up the compound killing everybody except our intrepid team plus a certain intersect creator.

    Oh, and Awesome find's out that Chuck is a spy, and proves he's not invincible and more than a little funny...

    Oh, and the intersect was removed from Chuck's head...

    Oh, and Sarah still seemed pretty gaga for Chuck after it was clear they're work together was over...

    Oh, and Ted Roark made it out alive...

    Are you pumped yet? Do you feel the awesome coursing through your veins?

    Amidst all of this wonderful insanity, Morgan has agreed to become Emmett's "Ass Man" (this joke was more than a little overused, but whatever) in return for some slack for his colleagues. When ordered to continue degrading Big Mike and to fire Jeffster, he quits to pursue his dream job: moving to Hawaii to train as a Benihana's Hibachi chef.

    To this I say: Meh. It was quite funny, but like a few other things in the episode (i.e. Chuck no longer being the intersect; or the a few dozen Fulcrum recruits being the whole shebang.) Plus, Morgan can't afford Hawaii, especially since it has nothing to do with the Japanese art of Hibachi cooking. But that's why I'm the critic and they're just the writers.

    With this and the others, I expect the norm will promptly be restored in the season finale. Roark should make one last power play, Chuck should embrace his destiny, this time of his own volition, and his trusted best friend should remain by his side. In the meantime, double-check your wallets, folks, and enjoy the ride.
  • The secret is out!

    What an episode! First and foremost, and although I love the guy, this is the only entertaining appearance of Chevy Chase since Christmas Vacation. Perhaps he can reinvent himself as an occasional villian from now on? Perhaps we're looking at a future James Bond baddie? Probably not, but you've got to admit the idea has merit.

    Although it's a Chuck cliche to say this: Awesome. I have no other words for it; It was just awesome. From Scott Bakula to Chevy Chase from Captain Awesome vs. Casey to Morgan and his big decison, not to mention the "gift" that Chuck's dad gives his son -- it all had be convinced that this was a series finale which made me sad, but then I realized there was one more to go.

    Only trouble is, how much more awesome can this show get than this?
  • Chuck is on the run with Sarah as he searches for his father and Colonel Casey is in hot pursuit.

    What can I say in an episode where Awesome was less than awesome this episode really was awesome. And another thing. Even Devon showing his moment of weakness was just so perfect. And the Devon vs Casey battle, I mean my God this episode was fully loaded!

    I'm not saying this was my all time favorite episode, but if it wasn't it was definitely in the top 2. I mean what didn't this episode have? The biggest fault with this episode was it was only 40 some minutes long. And if it was 60 minutes long the problem would have still been that it was too short. This episode was that good! I was completely left wanting more.

    Once again there was the Superman the movie references with music and the crystal in the form of the intersect. You had Jor-el and of course Kal-El played by Steve and Chuck Bartowski. And just like in Superman 2 Chuck loses his powers too. And you can kind of see where there going with that one. Just watch the end of Superman 2 to find out.

    One thing I didn't pick up on right away, but I just realized, was that the reason they were having the Godfather sub-plot was because Marlon Brando was in both the Godfather and Superman movies. This show runs deep sometimes.

    And as great as this episode was between the Ellie happy moment at the end, to everything Captain Awesome did, to Sarah and Chuck's relationship, to Agent Casey, to Chuck becoming normal again and even to this slow disintegration of the walls between Chuck's spy world and his friends. That might not have been the best thing about this absolutely perfect episode. Anyone catch what they said after all was said and done. Stay tuned next week for the Chuck season finale. Let me repeat that. The season finale. God, I hope that's a sign of more good things to come next season!
  • This episode wasn't good, it wasn't great, IT WAS JUST PLAIN 100% AWESOME!!!

    From the very begining of the episode to the last second I was completely glued to my seat. It had everything from suspense, surprise, humor, action, and most importantly tear-jerking moments with Morgan... MORGAN for goodness sakes...

    I was completely taken by surprise to see Chuck reveal to Awesome that he's a CIA asset. I was even more surprised to see Awesome vs. Casey. Whenever, I saw Awesome strategize an attack during the Buy More seize (few episodes back) I thought to myself; man Awesome could be a serious threat to Fulcrum. Then to see it realized by him taken on Casey without even batting an eye, WOW just WOW. I like how there was no real winner in that fight cause both those two guys are extremely beloved by fans. :)

    And can i compliment the scenes with Morgan stepping up to the plate and realizing his goals in life, and truly showing his deep love for his friends - absolutely brilliant. It was such a well thought out evolution for his character. The sex scene between Sarah & Chuck was completely done right in my book, while i've been dying to see them two hook up. It was done and shown with Class that these two have feelings for each other. Even though they didn't really get to "be" together it was perceived in an enduring Chuck style way. Thank you writers for giving us such great memorable moments. This is truly my favorite of all seasons....
  • In a word...Awesome...

    This episode marks a very important turning point for this series and it's been a long time coming. Not that Chuck is in need of a change, but it's moments like the reveal of who Chuck is, to his friends and family, that I've been looking forward to for quite some time. So while Chuck and Sarah try to rescue Chuck's father and run from Colonel Casey(or receive help from him?), the Buy More is slowly breaking down one employee at a time. I'm not sure what will happen to Morgan now, but it could be an interesting turn if season three were to ever happen. And whether or not Chuck's secret explodes out beyond just Captain Awesome knowing, also remains to be seen. Just about every major character in the show has some big leaps in development, switching up our opinions on a few and even increasing our excitement to see others. All this leads up to the finale where Chuck finally gets the intersect out of his head and everything seems to finally be back to normal...we'll have to see where the season finale goes from here, but I for one can't wait for April 27th.
  • Chuck and Sarah are on the run to save Orion with Casey in hot pursuit.

    What else can be said besides this episode was incredible. If the quality of writing continues like this I really hope that this show stays around for a while.

    I would have to say that this is probably my new favorite episode. There is romance, action, comedy, and everything else that you can think of. At one point you feel like you can breath a sigh of relief and be happy for Chuck but then, "Wham", guess what, here's a little something to bring you back next week. Well I'm no fool. I will be watching because I want this show to survive.
  • Chuck and Sarah are on the run to Barstow to save Chuck's Dad Orion from Fulcrum. Casey is promoted to Colonel and told to bring in Chuck and Sarah dead or alive. Morgan is in a pickle at the Buy More as everyone is angry with him.

    In one word... "Awesome". This was a dream episode. Chuck reveals to Awesome that he is CIA, Morgan with Anna escapes the Buy More, Chuck and Sarah get together sort of but in a totally acceptable way, and Colonel Casey comes in and saves the day all the way around in the end.

    Now that the Intersect is out of Chuck's head we will have to see next week what causes Chuck to stay in the program. Will there be a glitch? Who knows but it will be fun to watch the results.

    With one episode left you almost think that maybe the writers know the show might be canceled so they are trying to give it a good wrap up. One of the main things about this show is with the large cast it has to be expensive. Maybe they are going to lose some cast members to reduce the overall cost to make it more attractive for NBC to keep for next season. All speculation on my part.

    The Buy More bits were much better this week. The scenes with Chuck and Sarah were not contrived and very believable. You knew Casey was not going to rat out his team in the end. So we have everyone together for the wedding and Ted Roark (Chevy Chase) on his way to Burbank to ruin everything.

    Chuck, Sarah, and Casey were very successful in there overall mission for this year in that they seem to have virtually crippled Fulcrum all by themselves.

    One things for sure this show survives on the team of Chuck, Sarah, and Casey with the addendum of Elle and Awesome. You have to wonder if they continue the program whether Chuck advances past the Buy More cover to something else. This may have been set up with Morgan possibly leaving.

    Great episode, great ending, totally enjoyable.

    Thanks for reading...
  • THe best Chuck episode so far, fingers crossed for season 3

    Once again the writers of Chuck have outdone themselves. Casey is still freakin awesome, sarah is still gorgeous and chuck is still, well chuck. At the buy more morgan's finding it hard but then finds love. Big Mike rocks get rid of emmit. Yvonne Strahovski who plays Sarah Walker has been in both seasons the sexiest thing on camera at NBC. Adam Baldwin who plays Agent Casey is still that comic/cool character that make chuck the best show on television at the moment. Finaly, Scott Bakula is back to play Stephen J. Bartowski and is still great. Lets hope he's a regular if season 3 happens.
  • I need you to be ... AWESOME. Can you be AWESOME?

    I've been reading a lot of online chatter that Chuck has next-to-no chance of renewal for a 3rd season. After watching this episode, I can't imagine why. Simply put this episode had exactly what you'd ask for from a spy comedy: a spy element and a comedy element.

    You would have thought seeing Yvonne Strahovski in her knickers could not be topped, but what I found more memorable was the fight between Casey and Awesome and Chuck's ensuing admission of his real job to his soon-to-be brother-in-law. The shock on Awesome's face, followed by euphoria, was exactly the kind of reaction you would anticipate from someone like him. And it's about time someone caught on to all the weirdness surrounding Chuck's life. I'm glad it was someone like Awesome. If only there was a 3rd season, we could have plenty of comedy as Devon helps Chuck cover with his sister.

    As for the spy element - so many awesome guest stars in this episode, and all had roles to play. Scott Bakula returns as Chuck's dad who fulfills his mission of getting the Intersect out of his son's head. Arnold Vosloo as the Fulcrum agent chasing Chuck. And Chevy Chase as the evil Ted Roark, who wants all Fulcrum agents to have the Intersect in his head. All culminating in the final destruction of the secret organisation that's plagued the CIA/FBI for two years.

    All this will have interesting ramifications for next week's season finale, in which (supposedly) Bryce Larkin returns and Ellie and Awesome get married. Oh, and what will happen with Morgan now he's moving to Hawaii? A bit out of left-field, but at least he's got Anna's support.

    Final note: loved Big Mike's homage to the Godfather.
  • Chuck are Sarah are on the run

    Sarah and Chuck are on the run, searching for Papa Bartowski, and the flash in Chuck's head leads them to a derelict drive in. No evidence of spies here! Well, except maybe that hidden camera in a discarded cigarette pack. They get themselves a room at a cheap hotel to think things through, and end up snuggling. And then 18 months of sexual tension gets released! Yes Chuck and Sarah FINALLY get it on. But before things get all naked, Chuck finds out that Morgan has left an IOU in place of his wallet condom (Morgan you idiot) and Casey is there to ruin the mood. Casey and General Beckman are NOT happy that Chuck and Sarah disobeyed orders. She tells Casey to bring them back, dead or alive, and promotes him to colonel for his troubles. Casey snags the fugitives but not before Fulcrum intervenes, Casey and Sarah take them out. He's unmoved by Chuck's pleas, even when Chuck sees a message "Tron, 12 a.m." that must be from his dad. Chuck and Sarah don't stay in custody long. Lester knock out power to the castle and they make their escape, only to Find Devon at Casey's place they rush to his place before Sarah knocks Casey out cold, got he's not having a good day.
    But now Awesome KNOWS something is up, so Chuck tells him Devon, I'm a spy. Now: I need you to be Awesome and wrangle Ellie for me. Can you do it? Can you be awesome? "Awesome!" Awesome replies. So Casey goes after Chuck and Sarah again not to catch them, but to help them. They rescue Orion, but Chuck sees dozens of new agents appear at the drive-in for Intersect implantation. Roark will project the new Intersect code on the drive in screen, and he'll have an army of Chucks. Chuck can't let that happen, so he goes to the projection booth, where he's captured by Roark's goons. Sarah, Casey also get caught. Roark starts the show, and Orion tells Chuck to watch. He didn't build an Intersect he built an anti Intersect that sucks all the secrets out of Chuck's brain, Chuck is free, no more Intersect or is that so? We still have the season finale to come. The air strike soon arrives and the gang flee. Back at The Castle, Casey tells the General that Sarah went undercover and used Chuck as bait to draw Fulcrum out. She's in the clear! And Chuck now is a free

    At the Buy more Morgan decided he needed a change so instead of listening to Emmett he quit Buy Moria and now wants to become a Benihana chef in Hawaii.
  • This is the beginning of the end of Chuck as we know it

    I hope there is a season 3, and looks like the writers are leading us to the game changers and new direction they promise if (when) the new season begins...I really look at this episode as the series final and next week will be a look at what the new Chuck has to offer...This episode has Chuck and Sarah breaking out of their shell, expressing their feelings. Casey getting promoted. and Morgan growing up, and perhaps the end of Buy More. This episode has it all, drama, comedy (IOU condom note) and of course the romance we all wanted to see... This show is so well written, the characters are so good, its a combination you dont see to much on TV anymore. NBC needs to keep this show...
  • Its so great it almost make me sad :-)

    The story for this episodes seems to draw a lot of subplots and the main plot into full circle. Like the writers are already saying goodbye. From Chuck and Sarah's relationship to Morgan's future.

    With a lot of news going around that the show might be cancelled. It makes me sad that this episode seems to be wrapping up everything, giving credence to that possibility.

    Here's me hoping for a turn around, from one of the best non-reality shows that Hollywood has to offer and give me more Chuck and Sarah stories.

    There still 1 episode left and I know the producers will give this show all they've got to get a 3rd season.
  • Great pre-finale episode!

    Loved that Sarah stuck by her man! Knew she would. Okay not technically her man but we all know that she and Chuck both want that very much as witness by that super hot scene in the motel. Wow! If only they'd realize that the show can remain just as interesting if not more interesting if they actually put Chuck/Sarah together. It's been drawn out enough take the great chemistry between Zach and Yvonne and do something with it, it'll work! Just look at that one scene in this episode and you can see it'll work out very well for the show.

    Really enjoyed what they did with Casey in this episode as well. In the season 2 premiere we got a small taste of the problems he faced in this episode. Divided loyalties between his code of conduct and the government vs his loytalties to Sarah and Chuck. I liked how they played it as well, he actually chose Chuck and Sarah in the end and I think it's great that they're not afraid to have Casey sort of bend the rules for them. They are after all a team and despite Casey's best efforts he's gotten close to both of them. That all came to a nice boil in this episode.

    Another good surprise ending, intersect gone! Poor, bang boom whatever you wanna say no more flahses, no more danger, no more governement encroaching on every aspect of Chuck's daily life. Free at last....right?
  • what a great episode!

    this episode was among the best so far. it had it all: some very intelligent humour, incredibly romantic moments and a lot of great action and excitement. what worries me though is, that a lot of these moments seemed very much like the ultimate makingendsmeet and since i'm worried a lot that they might not give us a third season, that didn't really help a lot with that. chuck and sarah were finally kissing for real and sarah gave in to her feelings for chuck. omg, that was such a beautiful and romantic scene, maybe the most romantic scene i've ever seen in a show (maybe only beaten by the second scene when sarah asked chuck if he really wanted two beds in their cell). for a moment there i thought that casey might not only betray his team but also my feeling that he would finally join chuck and sarah in their quest to save chuck's father. i'm so happy i had been right about him and it was nice to see how hurt he had been after chuck and sarah had gone AWOL. when he told chuck that he had made three mistakes, one of them not asking him if he wanted to join the rescue party was amazing. i loved how he would shut the door into chuck's face like he had done so many times before in his grumpy way after having been invited to ellie's rehearsal dinner and after chuck had told him that he was asked as a friend only to open it again after fetching his jacket. i loved the scenes at the "buy more" with big mike like out of a "godfather" movie. i loved how morgan would leave the "buy more" to follow his dreams.

    which brings me to the "i'm a bit worried" part. we've had the very romantic moments between chuck and sarah we've all been waiting for. casey has shown some feelings of friendship towards chuck. he even gave away the credits for saving chuck's dad in order to save sarah and showed her some great friendship as well. chuck's got the intersect out of his head. morgan is determined to go to hawaii ... . so what is left to do a third season with? i guess without intersect and morgan and the "buy more" around it wouldn't be as much fun as the first two seasons have been ... but on the other hand ... there are some incredibly talented people responsible for this shows who haven't failed us so far and i'm positive they won't fail us if "chuck" really should come back which is what i hope for with all my heart.

    sorry for this long review but i'm afraid there were quite a few things to be said about this wonderful and amazing episode.
  • No show combines gleeful comedy and heart pounding action in one show as well as Chuck does

    This episode was pure delight. The scenes with Awesome in Casey's place when he finds everything out, and then later with Ellie were so funny i could not stop laughing. The scene with chuck and sarah in the motel was a relationship changer for Chuck and Sarah. The fight scenes were great per usual, and Casey somehow seemed bigger and more intimidating than ever as he took out fulcrom operatives despite having a radiator handcuffed to his wrist. What is this though - is this the end? I did read somewhere that the season would be ending with big episodes that would either dramatically wrap up the series or send in a new direction. like they've prepared it for either scenario. it seems like it could be the end. :-( if so i will miss this show SO much! It has given me many hours of really truly lighthearted and fun tv viewing.
  • Will go down as one of Chuck's 10 best.

    Man, when this show is good, it's really good! Everyone brought their A-game for Chuck v the Colonel, the colonel referring to the newly promoted John Casey, aka Mr. Serious, aka Captain commando, and resident grump. In an episode that saw most if not all of the series regulars shine, everything came to a head in a great payoff for the buildup of the past month. There were great little moments sprinkled throughout:
    Lester's stalker remark about Casey's locker, Devon almost losing it when faced with keeping Chuck's secret from Ellie, and the Godfather parody with Big Mike and Morgan. There's just so much to discuss, and I have no time!

    But of particular note is Chuck and Sarah's emotion explosion! Wow- did they go at it, And you know what? it felt great! All the pent up sexual tension between these two over the course of both seasons was begging to be let out, and the audience was given a great treat. The kiss was a great moment that didn't feel rushed or contrived, but earned and cathartic.

    The thing I liked most about Chuck v the colonel was that with so much at stake with the intersect and Chuck's dad and he and Sarah on the run, with orders and duty and honor, they didn't betray any of the characters. We like Casey, but he's not going to get soft on us, nor is he going to completely turn into a jerk. This was handled extremely well. The intersect is gone, Awesome knows Chuck is a spy, Morgan quit the Buy More, and it's time for a wedding! If Chuck is getting canceled, they are definitely going out with a bang. Can. Not. Wait.
  • This was an awesome episode and Chuck is the best show on TV! Don't let them cancel it!

    This episode was a blast (pun intended)! This is what you call quality television. I am SOOO glad that Chuck finally told someone about it and I have to admit, Awesome's reaction was priceless! Not sure if they'll keep that going or take it back and pretend it was some big joke, but I hope he continues to know about it. Not sure what they're going to do with Morgan though. He can't leave the Buy More! It just wouldn't be right. Somehow they have to get them all back in place: Chuck needs the intersect back and they all need to be back at the Buy More. As much as I want Chuck to have a life, c'mon, that would end the show. And we can't let that happen. Be sure to let NBC know that they need to renew Chuck for another season.
  • Outstanding.

    Definitely one of the best Chuck episodes of Season Two! Zachary and Yvonne hit it out of the park. The music, especially the motel make out with Bon Iver, was perfect for that scene. I was happy that Awesome found out about his life, and I liked how the writers got to that point. This episode had supreme acting, writing, music and directing. Even the usually low grade Buy More story line was less painful than usual. All in all, this episode really summed up what makes Chuck great: music, romance, hilarious one liners, and Adam Baldwin. Yeah, I said it.
  • Chuck and Sarah go against the coronel plan and decide to try to save Chcuks father by themselves. So the coronel sends Casey Against them.

    Fantastic episode. Chuck and Sarah go against the Coronel plans to save chucks dad, and in the meantime, taking advantage that Sarah doesnt have to be a professional anymore they finally can "Get it on" so to speak. But Casey is sent to capture them. By the way this episode has a FANTASTIC Sexy Sarah Moment. Eventually Casey finds and caputre them, but by a very funny and miraculous act of faith they get to escape and renew their efforts to try to save Chucks dad, and now even Casey joins them. They do get to save him, and what is more, they get the intersect out of Chucks head. So they all go to Ellies rehearsal dinner to live happily ever after, but someone who was supposed to be death isnt TAN TAN TAN!!!
  • Sarah and Chuck go AWOL to rescue his dad, and Casey is ordered to bring them in.

    One of my favorite episodes so far! It was funny, sexy, smart, and sweet. There wasn't a part of the episode that I didn't love, from Morgan going from being Emmett's doormat to standing up to him and moving on from Buy More, to that scene with Sarah and Chuck in the motel. I have to admit that I've watched that scene over and over again a few times-swearing at Morgan each time. The chemistry between them is amazing and Sarah and Chuck are two of my favorite TV couples, and this episode is a prime example why.
    I couldn't help but laugh when Awesome thinks Casey is stalking Chuck and decides to do some investigating of his own, and when Chuck decides to tell Awesome the truth and his reaction. There was the part where Casey gets a promotion and is ordered to go after Sarah and Chuck, and when he changes his mind. I also like that they seem even more like a team than ever, and when Casey was even willing to socialize with Chuck. The only thing is, episode also felt like they were starting to wrap up the show. I hope that it's just me overanalyzing things though because I really hope that there's another season for Chuck.
    Amazing episode and I can't wait for more.
  • This weeks show was AWESOME! (pun intended)

    I may be a "Chuck-a-holic" but this weeks show was AWESOME! (pun intended) I'm afraid they're wrapping things up though...since this week left us when the dust settled with:
    1. the Intersect outta' Chucks head, and in hand of "good guys."
    2. Chuck and Sarah walking down the road to an acknowledged REAL relationship.
    3. Morgan and Anna heading to Hawaii.
    4.The Dad/ Orian thing handled and Chuck's Dad safely back in teh picture.
    5.Jill released and supposedly NOT a bad guy now.
    6.Awesome now knows about Chuck Sarah and Casey.

    The only things passably left to deal with are:
    1.Big Mike getting Emmett outa' the Buy More.
    2.Brice,(Is he really a bad guy and he's going to try to hurt Sarah or Chuck somehow before it's over?)
    3.And of course, Roarke. Chevy Chase is funny as a bad guy.
    Did I miss anything fellow "Chuck-a-holic"? Oh yeah, Ellie doesn't know about Chuck Sarah and Casey yet. Did you see the previews for next week? Are you felling any feelings of "dread" over what the whole Sarah screaming "don't you touch him and the gunshot thing are about!?!?!?! (After rereading this...I think I work to much and OMG do I need a hobby!!!!)HAHAHAHAHAHAHA
  • Just a great Episode!!

    What a fantastic episode!! perfect blend of comedy.drama and action. Chuck finding morgan's IOU note was hilarious and the fact that him and walker didn't get it on was just such a good anticlimax. casey as usual was stubborn and followed orders up until we saw his more emotional side....Awesome...well what can you say, he was just Awesome. the fight was really good. always wondered who would win. Mogan leaving the Buy more was fantastic and the fact that everyone still loves big mike is great. i just wanted more bromance with chuck and morgan.can't wait till the finale, now that he doesn't have the intersect i wonder what chuck will do???
  • So Cool!!

    How is it possipble? You would almost say it is possimpible (How I met your mother). This was like the best thing I have ever seen on TV! This is Chuck like we know it! But as some already have stated. It looked a lot like it was going to be the end. I hope that it is not true and that there will be many many many more episodes. Who in his/her right mind would get Chuck of off television. That is simply insane! It is one of the best and most interesting shows I have ever seen. It has everything for everyone! I can only hope the next episode won't be the last!!

    A brilliant episode that sort of wrapped everything up for the season and possibly series! Hope not though as Chuck and Sarah almost consumated their 'relatonship' (loved that scene). The comedy was of couse up to scratch and beyond especially the Buy More scenes.

    So many major things happened: Casey is promoted to Colonel, Chuck has the Intersec out of his head, his father is saved and is attending Ellie and Devon's wedding, Devon knows Chuck's secret, FULCRUM is derstroyed (sort of) what with the ending, Morgan quit the Buy More with Anna to pursue his dream! It felt so perfect but then the FULCRUM guy had to survive and possibly ruin Ellie's big day. I literally cannot wait til next week's season finale!!
  • Another brilliantly funny episode.

    Oh what a great episode this was! Everyone was in it and all the cast were excellent. The Buy More Scenes were not only funny but heartwarming too when Morgan decided to do the honourable thing and fall on his sword to save Big Mike, Lester and Jeff and to tell Anna he was following his dreams - fantastic! Of course Chuck, Sarah and Casey were brilliant too. Casey decided to support Chuck and his dad which just goes to show that under the tough guy exterior there is a heart of gold. Devon and Ellie were also great in this one. Just the finale to go for this season and I for one can't wait.
  • And I thought that it couldn't get any....

    better than it did monday night....I love this show and I'm gonna be sick when it ends but what ever will they put in its place....anway I really like the fact that casey is warming up...its kind of funny to hve the oh so serious character to be funny. Morgan is finally independent hes a man....finally. Wow....awesome knows... will he be able to keep the secret hmmmm interesting. So did Sara get her job back the General didn't reinstate her or did I miss it...oh well I can't wait till the last episode and what will become of Fulcrum...Chevy Chase gotta luv him.
  • Two Words: "Star Bright"

    First, I must say that I love seeing Scott Bakula as a guest star on this show. That on top of all the Quantum Leap references that they've piled into the last few episodes have made these last three or so episodes some of the best in the entire series.

    This week's episode was great. So many loose ends were tied together, and the end of the episode (with the exception of Roark) made it feel more like a series finale rather than the episode before the season finale. Except for the rapidity by which the storyline was concluded, I almost hoped this was the last episode. It gives good closure to everything, but at the same time I love this show too much and am glad that this isn't the end.

    What needs to happen next are events that lead to putting the intersect back in Chuck's head in a configuration that Steve Bartowski a.k.a. Orion does not immediately know how to remove it and is working on a way of removing it again. Either that or Chuck's latest encounter with the intersect would lead him to believe that he is meant to have it in his head forever and decides to cope with it.

    I've got a feeling that the season finale will be a bit slow but certainly be enough to bring me back for the third season.
  • The episode continues from last week with Chuck and Sarah on the run and trying to track down Chucks father still being held by Fulcrum.

    Casey or should I say Colonel Casey is on the mission to track them down and bring them both back.

    Most of the first part of the episode had Chuck and Sarah evading both Casey and the Fulcrum agents until Casey comes to his sense's and helps Chuck rescue his father, however this is not before Devon uncovers Chucks secret after snooping in Casey's apartment. Naturally with us coming to the end of the season and maybe the series Chuck rescues his dad, gets the intersect out of his head, Sarah is reinstated and can have a relationship with Chuck, Devon and Ellie are getting married and Morgan and Anna have left the Buy More and are running away to Hawaii.

    However Roark is still on the loose and is on his way to Ellie and Devon's wedding and I doubt he has a toaster as a wedding present for them.
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