Season 2 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck is on the run with Sarah as he searches for his father and Colonel Casey is in hot pursuit.

    What can I say in an episode where Awesome was less than awesome this episode really was awesome. And another thing. Even Devon showing his moment of weakness was just so perfect. And the Devon vs Casey battle, I mean my God this episode was fully loaded!

    I'm not saying this was my all time favorite episode, but if it wasn't it was definitely in the top 2. I mean what didn't this episode have? The biggest fault with this episode was it was only 40 some minutes long. And if it was 60 minutes long the problem would have still been that it was too short. This episode was that good! I was completely left wanting more.

    Once again there was the Superman the movie references with music and the crystal in the form of the intersect. You had Jor-el and of course Kal-El played by Steve and Chuck Bartowski. And just like in Superman 2 Chuck loses his powers too. And you can kind of see where there going with that one. Just watch the end of Superman 2 to find out.

    One thing I didn't pick up on right away, but I just realized, was that the reason they were having the Godfather sub-plot was because Marlon Brando was in both the Godfather and Superman movies. This show runs deep sometimes.

    And as great as this episode was between the Ellie happy moment at the end, to everything Captain Awesome did, to Sarah and Chuck's relationship, to Agent Casey, to Chuck becoming normal again and even to this slow disintegration of the walls between Chuck's spy world and his friends. That might not have been the best thing about this absolutely perfect episode. Anyone catch what they said after all was said and done. Stay tuned next week for the Chuck season finale. Let me repeat that. The season finale. God, I hope that's a sign of more good things to come next season!