Season 2 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on NBC

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  • Will go down as one of Chuck's 10 best.

    Man, when this show is good, it's really good! Everyone brought their A-game for Chuck v the Colonel, the colonel referring to the newly promoted John Casey, aka Mr. Serious, aka Captain commando, and resident grump. In an episode that saw most if not all of the series regulars shine, everything came to a head in a great payoff for the buildup of the past month. There were great little moments sprinkled throughout:
    Lester's stalker remark about Casey's locker, Devon almost losing it when faced with keeping Chuck's secret from Ellie, and the Godfather parody with Big Mike and Morgan. There's just so much to discuss, and I have no time!

    But of particular note is Chuck and Sarah's emotion explosion! Wow- did they go at it, And you know what? it felt great! All the pent up sexual tension between these two over the course of both seasons was begging to be let out, and the audience was given a great treat. The kiss was a great moment that didn't feel rushed or contrived, but earned and cathartic.

    The thing I liked most about Chuck v the colonel was that with so much at stake with the intersect and Chuck's dad and he and Sarah on the run, with orders and duty and honor, they didn't betray any of the characters. We like Casey, but he's not going to get soft on us, nor is he going to completely turn into a jerk. This was handled extremely well. The intersect is gone, Awesome knows Chuck is a spy, Morgan quit the Buy More, and it's time for a wedding! If Chuck is getting canceled, they are definitely going out with a bang. Can. Not. Wait.