Season 2 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck are Sarah are on the run

    Sarah and Chuck are on the run, searching for Papa Bartowski, and the flash in Chuck's head leads them to a derelict drive in. No evidence of spies here! Well, except maybe that hidden camera in a discarded cigarette pack. They get themselves a room at a cheap hotel to think things through, and end up snuggling. And then 18 months of sexual tension gets released! Yes Chuck and Sarah FINALLY get it on. But before things get all naked, Chuck finds out that Morgan has left an IOU in place of his wallet condom (Morgan you idiot) and Casey is there to ruin the mood. Casey and General Beckman are NOT happy that Chuck and Sarah disobeyed orders. She tells Casey to bring them back, dead or alive, and promotes him to colonel for his troubles. Casey snags the fugitives but not before Fulcrum intervenes, Casey and Sarah take them out. He's unmoved by Chuck's pleas, even when Chuck sees a message "Tron, 12 a.m." that must be from his dad. Chuck and Sarah don't stay in custody long. Lester knock out power to the castle and they make their escape, only to Find Devon at Casey's place they rush to his place before Sarah knocks Casey out cold, got he's not having a good day.
    But now Awesome KNOWS something is up, so Chuck tells him Devon, I'm a spy. Now: I need you to be Awesome and wrangle Ellie for me. Can you do it? Can you be awesome? "Awesome!" Awesome replies. So Casey goes after Chuck and Sarah again not to catch them, but to help them. They rescue Orion, but Chuck sees dozens of new agents appear at the drive-in for Intersect implantation. Roark will project the new Intersect code on the drive in screen, and he'll have an army of Chucks. Chuck can't let that happen, so he goes to the projection booth, where he's captured by Roark's goons. Sarah, Casey also get caught. Roark starts the show, and Orion tells Chuck to watch. He didn't build an Intersect he built an anti Intersect that sucks all the secrets out of Chuck's brain, Chuck is free, no more Intersect or is that so? We still have the season finale to come. The air strike soon arrives and the gang flee. Back at The Castle, Casey tells the General that Sarah went undercover and used Chuck as bait to draw Fulcrum out. She's in the clear! And Chuck now is a free

    At the Buy more Morgan decided he needed a change so instead of listening to Emmett he quit Buy Moria and now wants to become a Benihana chef in Hawaii.
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