Season 2 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on NBC

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  • Two Words: "Star Bright"

    First, I must say that I love seeing Scott Bakula as a guest star on this show. That on top of all the Quantum Leap references that they've piled into the last few episodes have made these last three or so episodes some of the best in the entire series.

    This week's episode was great. So many loose ends were tied together, and the end of the episode (with the exception of Roark) made it feel more like a series finale rather than the episode before the season finale. Except for the rapidity by which the storyline was concluded, I almost hoped this was the last episode. It gives good closure to everything, but at the same time I love this show too much and am glad that this isn't the end.

    What needs to happen next are events that lead to putting the intersect back in Chuck's head in a configuration that Steve Bartowski a.k.a. Orion does not immediately know how to remove it and is working on a way of removing it again. Either that or Chuck's latest encounter with the intersect would lead him to believe that he is meant to have it in his head forever and decides to cope with it.

    I've got a feeling that the season finale will be a bit slow but certainly be enough to bring me back for the third season.
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