Season 2 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on NBC

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  • what a great episode!

    this episode was among the best so far. it had it all: some very intelligent humour, incredibly romantic moments and a lot of great action and excitement. what worries me though is, that a lot of these moments seemed very much like the ultimate makingendsmeet and since i'm worried a lot that they might not give us a third season, that didn't really help a lot with that. chuck and sarah were finally kissing for real and sarah gave in to her feelings for chuck. omg, that was such a beautiful and romantic scene, maybe the most romantic scene i've ever seen in a show (maybe only beaten by the second scene when sarah asked chuck if he really wanted two beds in their cell). for a moment there i thought that casey might not only betray his team but also my feeling that he would finally join chuck and sarah in their quest to save chuck's father. i'm so happy i had been right about him and it was nice to see how hurt he had been after chuck and sarah had gone AWOL. when he told chuck that he had made three mistakes, one of them not asking him if he wanted to join the rescue party was amazing. i loved how he would shut the door into chuck's face like he had done so many times before in his grumpy way after having been invited to ellie's rehearsal dinner and after chuck had told him that he was asked as a friend only to open it again after fetching his jacket. i loved the scenes at the "buy more" with big mike like out of a "godfather" movie. i loved how morgan would leave the "buy more" to follow his dreams.

    which brings me to the "i'm a bit worried" part. we've had the very romantic moments between chuck and sarah we've all been waiting for. casey has shown some feelings of friendship towards chuck. he even gave away the credits for saving chuck's dad in order to save sarah and showed her some great friendship as well. chuck's got the intersect out of his head. morgan is determined to go to hawaii ... . so what is left to do a third season with? i guess without intersect and morgan and the "buy more" around it wouldn't be as much fun as the first two seasons have been ... but on the other hand ... there are some incredibly talented people responsible for this shows who haven't failed us so far and i'm positive they won't fail us if "chuck" really should come back which is what i hope for with all my heart.

    sorry for this long review but i'm afraid there were quite a few things to be said about this wonderful and amazing episode.
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