Season 2 Episode 21

Chuck Versus the Colonel

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 20, 2009 on NBC

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  • Great pre-finale episode!

    Loved that Sarah stuck by her man! Knew she would. Okay not technically her man but we all know that she and Chuck both want that very much as witness by that super hot scene in the motel. Wow! If only they'd realize that the show can remain just as interesting if not more interesting if they actually put Chuck/Sarah together. It's been drawn out enough take the great chemistry between Zach and Yvonne and do something with it, it'll work! Just look at that one scene in this episode and you can see it'll work out very well for the show.

    Really enjoyed what they did with Casey in this episode as well. In the season 2 premiere we got a small taste of the problems he faced in this episode. Divided loyalties between his code of conduct and the government vs his loytalties to Sarah and Chuck. I liked how they played it as well, he actually chose Chuck and Sarah in the end and I think it's great that they're not afraid to have Casey sort of bend the rules for them. They are after all a team and despite Casey's best efforts he's gotten close to both of them. That all came to a nice boil in this episode.

    Another good surprise ending, intersect gone! Poor, bang boom whatever you wanna say no more flahses, no more danger, no more governement encroaching on every aspect of Chuck's daily life. Free at last....right?