Season 4 Episode 5

Chuck Versus the Couch Lock

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 18, 2010 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Sarah: Is this the part where I'm supposed to ask you what you're thinking about?
      Chuck: My mom. I thought she was a prisoner that needed to be saved, and...then I come to find out she's just one of the bad guys.
      Sarah: Chuck, we don't know what side your mom is on.
      Chuck: Maybe not. But there's one thing I do know. In order to find the one person who...left me, I've endangered the lives of everyone who would never leave me. Morgan, Casey, you. I'm gonna stop looking for my mom.
      Sarah: No. Chuck...
      Chuck: No, it's okay. I thought I had to bring my family back together, but I don't. You guys, Awesome, Ellie, you're my family. I love you.
      Sarah: I love you. I'll see you inside.
      Chuck: Yeah.
      (Sarah goes inside; Chuck's phone rings and he answers it)
      Chuck: Hello.
      Mary: Hello, Chuck. It's your mother.