Season 2 Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Cougars

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 20, 2008 on NBC

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  • Curious Chuck

    I laugh a lot to Chuck while he's trying to get information more about Sarah's past. And Sarah's efforts to prevent that was hysterical. Nicole Richie was awesome for her hateable character. Maybe that's just for me because I really don't like her. And I must say, Casey as a DJ was hilarious!
  • At last we have a teaser of Sarah's younger days.

    At last we have a teaser of Sarah's ( or Jenny, Jennie ) younger days when she went to high school and how she was drafted into the C.I.A, but as with all good spy's she's still a mystery and when Chuck finds out Sarah' been invited to a High School Reunion he jumps at the chance to attend. Sarah's not happy at this but when Chuck flashes on one of Sarah's high school friends husband they must go and protect the asset.

    Another great episode, finding a little more about Sarah's background and though Chuck has said he cannot have a relationship with Sarah he's doing his hardest not to hide it.

    Also loving the little skits at the buy more, I know some people don't like them and there a waste of time but it breaks up the Chuck, Sarah, Casey missions.
  • Really funny episode...

    Chuck goes undercover at Sarah's 10-year High School reunion, where they meet the girl that tortured Sarah back in the old days. I'm going back and reviewing the episodes of Chuck I forgot to review the first time so here we go. I really like this episode it was one of the better episodes of Chuck season 2 ok first half. Casey dancing was the highlight of the episode by a mile it was really funny, there was a little too much of Chuck and Sarah as usual which slows everthing down, its good sometimes but I feel that the show does do the romantic stuff a bit too much in season 2.
  • A-W-E-S-O-M-E.

    Chuck learns more about Sarah's past when they run into her old high school nemesis Heather Chandler. Sarah's teenage insecurities come to surface and she tries to avoid Heather at all costs. Chuck, on the other hand, does everything he can to hear more about Sarah's hidden life. When Heather's nerdy husband Mark turns out to be a key player in a new mission, the agents must attend Sarah's high school reunion to prevent the sale of potentially dangerous super-bomber plans - all the action ends with the ultimate cat fight. Meanwhile, Big Mike leaves town for a day and Buy More's new assistant manager Lester decides to implement a new sales policy. I love Sarah's storyline when she was younger. I love the Sarah and Chuck scene where Chuck is just talking and talking and talking. Chuck is so awesome, he is so cool. I love the way Chuck is spying on Sarah and when he finds out her 'real' name. I love the way Chuck joins in on the converstaion when he isn't supposed to - I loved it. And the dinner with Sarah's old 'friends'. I love the Buy More scenes. I love the way Sarah doesn't want Chuck to know who she really is. I love the way the man Mark thinks Chuck is kicking everyones arse even though it's Casey. I love all the scenes with the Cougars Reunion, awesome. The ending is so cute.
  • Jennifer and Chuck.

    Not even a dodgy wig and braces can keep Yvonne from looking foxy. Okay, maybe that yearbook picture, but she was very cute in those flashback scenes. I'm seriously enjoying digging deeper into these characters' pasts, especially Sarah's, since I want to know as much about her as Chuck does

    . We get a lot of information on her here – her father was imprisoned, she was a major geek, and she was recruited by the CIA after her father was sent to prison. It also turns out Jenny isn't her real name; it looks like it'll be quite a while before we actually get to know anything concrete about our vixen.

    Miss Ricci gives a surprisingly good performance. It may not be a stretch in terms of character traits, but her catty comments and girl on girl action towards the end was more than enough to keep me satiated. It's also refreshing to have a fight where every blow causes physical damage, both femme fatales were in bits towards the end.

    One thing I love about this show, which would normally irk me on other TV shows, is how sweet and syrupy Chuck and Sarah's relationship is being handled; it's bound to result in a few cavities. They're both such likeable characters, with so many directions to take them, and their forbidden relationship is reminiscent of Syd and Vaughn's relationship on Alias, albeit fluffier and with more laughs.
  • We see and get the "real" Sarah!

    Well, we really get to know the real Sarah. And why she became who she really is. Sarah real name is Jenny. And that she hates to bring up her past. And we see an appearance by Nicole Ritchie. I think that she really can't act. And she needs to stick with clubbing with her pal, Paris. Anyway, you could see Chuck really being sympathetic and understanding. Heather, works for the Russians. And we see another of Sarah's enemies, Dick. Who sells fake everything just to make a dime. Guy is so full of it. We learn that Sarah's father is in prison and she seems estranged from him.
  • Sarah's past is revealed when an old high school alumnus visits the yogurt shop. Chuck is greatly interested to go to the reunion, until he flashes on multiple people. Meanwhile Lester's poor management skills start to catch up to him.

    Good episode, but not the best. I like that you find out a little about Sarah, but not really. I really do love how Agent Charles Charmichael keeps on appearing even though everyone thinks that it is a stupid alter ego. I am also glad that stupid Bryce Larkin wasn't in the episode. I've never been a big fan of celebrity guest appearances. Choosing Richie was a even worse, she isn't a true 20 something popular icon anyway. She is just another dysfunctional celebrity sidekick. Hooray for Lester turning in the vest to make room for Buster from Arrested Development.
  • We look into Sarah's Past

    Sarah is a sexy minx now, but she wasn't always called 'Sarah', and in 1998 she wore braces and was picked on by the hotter girls at her high school. Until one of those women walks into the Buy More and recognises her!

    It gets worse for Sarah when Chuck discovers her real name Jenny and invites Heather and her hubby Mark to a dinner date after his intersect power flashes on her spouse. Sarah (Jenny) isn't keen on people knowing her past, especially a dark secret about her father (he's in prison). Heather's Hubby is a defence contractor who's about to be killed by Russian mobsters in the gents when Chuck walks in. He hides Charles 'mad-dog Carmichael deals with the situation (O.K it was Casey). Sarah has to deal with attending her High School reunion, she bumps into school bully Dick Duffy, an idiot who sells fake watches and smuggled Vodka from his car trunk. Sarah gets to work out some childhood issues there. We see other nemesis Heather who we find out that she's working for the Russian's, she deals with her in no other way.
  • We see what Sarah was like in high school and perhaps why she became a spy, and Agent Carmichael saves the day again-thanks to Casey.

    When Sarah's old high school nemesis shows up at Buy More Chuck delights in finding out tidbits about "Jenny" Sarah's "real" identity. Sarah on the other hand seems rather reticent about reliving the past and we get a glimpse into her motivation to work for the government and her painful youth. Meanwhile, Chuck flashes on someone from Sarah's past and uses the mission to try and uncover background on Sarah, and once again his alter ego Charles Carmichael shows off his superagent skills-sort of. There is also a surprisingly decent guest appearance by none other than Nicole Ritchie.
    I had a lot of fun watching this episode. It had to involve Sarah's past-especially since it was the excuse Chuck gave for slowing things down with Sarah. I loved how intrigued he was when he met up with Heather and Mark Ratner and played up the whole boyfriend thing, and how clearly uncomfortable Sarah was about it. It felt a little cliche in the beginning to have Sarah be a high school outcast, but then when they start to talk about her father and her training it's clear that there was more to Sarah even back then. It was also sad finding out the central impetus behind her decision to become a spy and her first meeting with Graham. Her interaction with Heather aka Nicole Ritchie was pretty funny and Nicole did a decent job as a catty former queen bee that ended up being more than she seemed to be.
    Chuck was lovably funny as usual but when he was at Sarah's place obviously sniffing around for more personal information on her even though she was clearly unwilling to discuss her past was a bit irritating, but he made up for it at the end when he said that he didn't need to hear anything that she wasn't ready or supposed to talk about and that he knew who she is and that was what mattered. I did laugh quite hard at the bathroom when Charles took the credit for Casey's work and ended up with another enamored asset. And that whole Mad Dog thing in the Orange Orange clubhouse still has me giggling about it now. I thought that it was really cute that Casey let him take the credit and actually exaggerated Chuck's spy skills. I know Casey was trying to do the whole good spy bad spy thing, but the little guy was already crushing on Chuck so hard that he would have done whatever Chuck told him to do. Got even worse when Casey saved Mark's butt a second time and once again Chuck got the credit. Great episode.
  • The perfect compliment to Chuck Versus the Break Up, but a few missed opportunities.

    When last they spoke, Chuck resolved to shed his feelings for Sarah because he could never truly know her past. How perfect, then, that we all now get to see a glimpse of that past, but with a clever twist at the end that still leaves her shrouded in mystery. But as far as Chuck knows, there's a window around his reservation; oh how the writers know how to tug at our heartstrings.

    The though of a high school reunions generally, and seeing Ben "Corey Matthews" Savage all grow'd up and selling secrets to the commies were hillarious, and Nicole Ritchie was even passable.

    Still, there were a couple of flat points. I find it laughable that Chuck hears about Sarah's dad being in prison, and, when she tries to open up, tells her he knows everything he needs to. In his shoes, I'd have offered my sympathy and my ear, and give Sarah the opportunity to rely on Chuck for once. I'm also growing weary of the recent string of usually hysterical Buy More subplots which now seem to have little bearing to Chuck or his friendship with Morgan at all. That environment has become less of a hysterical background and more of a silly tangent, which hopefully with Lester's resignation will be corrected.

    These are, of course, minor criticisms (after seeing the show three times in 2 days). A wonderful episode of my favorite show, and a masterful coup to the story arc.
  • Very Amusing....

    I think one of the things I loved about this episode was that Sarah/Jenny proves that you can overcome the tramaus of high school. To start we learn that Sarah has a pretty big secret and when she's outed by an old high school classmate it just get funnier. I know the hype was about Nicole Richie guest starting, but I was just as excited to see Ben Savage as Mark Ratner. The fight scene between to two chums was great. But I think the scene I loved the most was when Chuck simply told Sarah he knew everything about her that he needed to and more.
  • This is my personal favorite.

    This is my personal favorite. I love that Sarah... er... Jenny? or what ever her name is, is in fact actually very much a vulnerable person just like the rest of us. At first I questioned why they revealed her name already... but I liked the twist at the end. Chuck of course as Charles Carmichael... HILARIOUS! I just loved it! Even though Chuck knows nothing about who Sarah really was in her past... he obviously knows who Sarah is. Gosh they are so meant for each other! But, make a great couple as friends as well. Again this is my personal favorite.
  • Jennifer Burton...???

    I love that we are finally getting some insight into Sarah's past, into who she was and what her life used to be even if we still don't technically know. We know her, just like Chuck knows her but as I sort of suspected she has a complicated past. Now we really only got a small glimpse of it in this episode. Aside from all that I loved seeing Sarah's somewhat vulnerable side, though she is always strong and capable we got to see that she has to deal with ghosts and insecurities just like the rest of us. Sidebar, how cute was that opening scene? Sarah rocking out in her little yellow car. How sweet was she as a normal teenager, though perhaps not as she originally appeared. Can't say I was impressed by Nicole Richie, though it didn't crush the episode for me in any way. In fact I barely noticed her so that's good I suppose, it didn't feel like stunt casting. Zach as always was charming, sweet, adorable and just amazing. I like that they feature the Buy More crew a little more now, it's a good way to keep comedy in the show while the Chuck/Sarah stuff gets real. Even though they broke up they're connection is still very real, they still love each other very much. You can see it in both of them. And great ending scene/flash back, I cheated and read the episode summary last week but I still loved it.
  • I have been dying to get some back story on Sarah.

    I have been dying to get some back story on Sarah. For a while there I actually though they had revealed her real name, but no. I thought the flashbacks scenes were great, especially the very end one. The costume and make-up dept. did a great job making Sarah look 10 years younger and completely opposite of how she looks now. Even though I've been wanting some Sarah back story, it leaves me only wanting more.

    I absolutely loved Ben Savage in his guest staring role as Mark Chandler, some one Sarah went to high school with, who ends up in need of the team's protection. I thought Nicole Richie did alright playing his wife, but I think they could have cast someone much better for the role. Maybe I'm just bias, because I really don't like Nicole Richie and I don't think she has any business being in show business. But hey, that's just me.

    I do want to mention something. I thought the scene at the end with Chuck and Sarah was very touching helped along by the awesome score. While it was a very touching scene, didn't Chuck just decide, last episode, that he and Sarah have no future together? When that happens you typically spend less time with someone. Perhaps the show is doing it on purpose to illustrate that Chuck can't stay away from Sarah.

    I know last week I talked about how I am not enjoying the Buy More subplots. For the most part that is still true this week, but I loved Vik Sahay(Lester Partel) performance in this episode. His scene at the end when he thanks the employees for their help and then his conversation with Morgan in Big Mike's office was extremely heartfelt.
  • Here, we go back to 1998 the year that Sarah, that is former nerd, Jenny Burton, graduated from high school. Chuck is undercover as Special Agent Charles Carmichael, aka Mad Dog, and you don't want to mess with him! And all is not right at the Buy More.

    This is one of the best episodes of Chuck this season. Absolutely hilarious and it was nice to see Sarah out of sorts and Chuck with his A-game for once!

    The music was perfect and a nice trip back in time with Smack My "B" Up, Mmmmm Bop!, Backstreet's Back, and Chumbawamba! It is almost like I rediscovered "Don't Look Back in Anger" all over again.

    The writing was great and the scenes at the Buy More were ingenious - a kegger as a way of making up $3700 accurately paralleled the idea of going back in time.

    I'm sorry there was no Ellie or Captain Awesome this episode, but maybe Chuck is finally starting to grow up!
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