Season 4 Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Coup D'Etat

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

This episode begins with Chuck watching the security video of his accidental "proposal" to Sarah. He watches with Morgan who is unhappy with Chuck and Sarah's lack of communication. After some time to think about things, he is ready to talk to Sarah about what happened.

Devon is busy preparing for fatherhood. He is already looking into buying a mini-van and researching college tuitions. Generalissimo's men show up at Devon's front door. They have invited Devon and Ellie to Generalissimo's place in Costa Gravas, to thank Ellie for saving his life. Chuck and Sarah tag along to protect Ellie and Devon, and also to work on their communication skills. Devon was presented with a statue of himself that was made in his honor. Then Hortencia, Generalissimo's wife, seeks revenge and goes on a shooting rampage. Generalissimos, along with the other four escape in his private jet. They take Generalissimo to Casey's.

Casey finds out that Morgan and Alex have been talking. Morgan takes advice from Big Mike to not take advice from the wedding book. Alex goes to the Buy More and kisses Morgan. Morgan is still indecisive about what she wants. At Castle, Sarah finds out Chuck has also been reading the wedding book. Sarah is not happy about this, and before she gets a chance to engage him in a heated argument, they learn that Generalissimo and Costa Gravas have nuclear arms. Generalissimo has been screwed over by his wife and his people.

Generalissimo returns home and is forced by wife to threaten America with their nuclear weapons. Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are hiding in the sewers under the house. Chuck barges in and offers his relationship advice. With Sarah's help, they win over Generalissimo and Horencia, while fixing their own communication problem as well. Chuck reveals that the nuclear weapons were bought from Volkoff industries.

Chuck reveals to Ellie that he is looking for his mother. She is unhappy at first, and then gives Chuck some advice. Sarah talks to Chuck while he is asleep and says that if he asked her to marry him, she would say yes.