Season 4 Episode 4

Chuck Versus the Coup D'Etat

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 11, 2010 on NBC

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  • I am sooooo tired of EVERY mission ending up as some pathetic parallel to some Charah drama

    I used to really like this show, now? I have to force myself to tune in on the off chance that I could see something other than this glorified soap opera.

    Chuck used to make me squee with all the awesome (The captain himself manages to stay true to his name sake thank GOD!) but now it just makes me cringe. The episodes ever since Chuck and Sarah got together have been a step by step guide to all the MOST generic, cliche and dull problems regular couples experience and they think this is watchable because they mix it with spy drama/humor? Maybe it would be if it where a background theme, I had no problem tolerating it at first when it was subtle but this week took the biscuit. World War 3 was averted by helping a long term married couple communicate, which - oh wouldn't you just know it - is exactly the cliche, boring problem Chara are dealing with this week. It was so damn stupid. Also, I thought Casey's daughter was supposed to be a teenager, I could be wrong but if not then I would definitely side with Casey regarding any reservations he may have about Morgan dating her because that would be really creepy.

    I really hope that Chuck get's back on track eventually but I think I'm done watching for a while. Until I can be sure the soppy relationship crap is over and the Awesome is back :D
  • 404

    Do any of you guys remember season 1? Do you? As I was watching this, I felt as though I was watching a romantic comedy rather than a snarky spy comedy that this show started out being. I'm really getting tired of Chuck & Sarah's relationship problems as they take up just about half the episode, leaving the spy mission lacking.

    In the last episode, the relationship issues wasn't much of a problem, and the spy mission really shined, but in this episode, I just kept wondering to myself why Chuck & Sarah are talking about their relationship when they're in the middle of trying to get a country to stop being nuclear. Even the spy mission ended up in romance, the end felt like a cop out since all they did to save the day was help the couple on their relationship. What?

    Then of course we have Morgan & Alex, another plot about relationships. Either Chuck & Sarah need to break up or just the writers need to remember what the show was like in the first place, not solely focused on relationships, focus on the mission. This just didn't feel like Chuck, and everything was off. Even the cliffhanger left me uninterested.
  • Generalisimo hizo una estatua de Awesome haha pero le dispararon! que lastima!

    Fanstastic episode! Generalisimo makes an unexpected return with quite a different plan in mind this time. While Chuck and Sarah struggle to discuss the events from last week..

    I like where the show is headed this season! They've added new elements with just the right blend of old ones. Morgan is making moves and Big Mike is appearing more consecutively! Casey is back to his usual self thankfully haha. There was a pretty corny scene toward the end but it was overcome by the ones that follow...super intense!

    And to pay my respects to the Generalisimo: estuvo bastante intenso! Me encanto!
  • Yes, finally! We're back on track!

    I'm so happy right now. This was an awesome episode. It was funny throughout and a really cool episode. When I watched this, I didn't get that feeling which I got in the "Cubic Z" that something was missing and off. In this episode I felt that this is the Chuck I know and love and this show is back!
    Also the ending of this particular ep. was yes again awesome. I chuckled like a little kid in a candy store when Sarah confessed that she would say yes and I was praying that Chuck would be awake to hear her confession and when he smiled that little smile of his, I almost jumped out of my seat for being so happy. And the Morgan/Alex thing was so uber cute that I couldn't stop smiling.
    So to sum up, I loved this episode and I can't wait for next Monday!