Season 1 Episode 11

Chuck Versus the Crown Vic

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2007 on NBC

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  • Chuck Must Deal With The Relationship stiuation with Sarah and must stop a politically connected counterfeiter.

    And The Chuck Story continues. with a great continuation of the new Bryce Arc we see a new jealous side of chuck. and with no help from Morgan, who has to meet Anna's Parents now. (That was Interesting!) we also get to see the awesomness that is chuck's inability to gamble. (go for the red Man!) This was a very funny episode that i just couldn't stop Laughing even my dad rolled his eyes a couple times at the usual chuckisms. and what was with the Eggnog? who was the genius who thought of that? and Big Mike Santa Claus. that was awesome! we see in the end that the threat to chuck has grown and who will know? Casey Might actually go through with it! (NSA Bastards)

    the reason i give a 9.9 is that it had just a little it could work on. im sure next episode will be spectacular.
  • Relationship issues! Chuck and Sarah can't seem to figure things out. Holidays!

    It's holiday season! Chuck worries about the absence of Sarah while Casey is found polishing his car. When Sarah turns up she is all work. Chuck goes undercover as Sarah's husband and shows that he shouldn't be allowed to set foot in a casino again. Chuck must painfully watch while Sarah gets close to a counterfeit smuggler and charity donator. And Anna's parents are in town and Morgan gets to meet them. While having dinner with them Morgan spots Sarah with the smuggler and tells Chuck. When Chuck finds out his "fake" flash puts Casey and Sarah's jobs in danger. At the Buy-More it is time for the Christmas-Holiday party! Jeff has spiked eggnog. Lester is Jewish. Big Mike is Santa. Casey hates Chuck for saving his life but blowing up his car. We also find out Chuck's fate when the new intersect comes online. Over all a very funny episode that has a great plot! I will watch it again and can't wait for the next episode.
  • Review

    Another great episode as the time where we have to sit back and wait to see if we will get anymore Chuck in the future arrives. I liked the end of the episode as something for us to think about while we wait for the return of the show. Casey is being set up to be the real bad guy in this scenerio and I kind of like that way that is shaping up. I think we all knew since the pilot that there was something about Casey / Sarah that wasnt quite right and I think we have our answer here in Caseys final moments of the episode. Chuck and Sarah seemed to have formed a friendship, which will eliminate the possibility of them getting together for me. The writers could change it up when the show comes back but the handshake at the end seemed to be the writers telling us that thats all to the story for those two right now. Overall, solid episode. About an average, expected episode of Chuck which is never a bad thing.
  • No wonder I love this show!

    It is no wonder that I love this show a lot. And that the acting, writing, and producing is really good. For it's freshman show. Chuck fears that he may lose Sarah as he does care for her as she does him. But she is dating Bryce. And that it may end for this unlikely couple. As Buy More ia having their holiday party. And that everybody must be on their toes. Chuck has to stop Morgan and his new girlfriend Anna as they are on a boat. While Morgan is trying his best to impress her. With lots of lies and other things. We find out that she has been lying to him in the end. Casey seems to really love his car as he takes that personal after Chuck was forced to blow it up by a bomb.
  • Shocking

    This episode was really good. I really liked how they had a whole Christmas thing. I wonder if Sarah X Chuck will happen soon. Of course there are hints but thats just small fluff. Anyways i really liked this episode. I thought the sub plot with Morgan would be a little "Meet the parents" for me but they made it really good. I liked how Chuck blew up Casey's car the look on his face was priceless. I was shocked to hear that Casey has been asked to take Chuck out. I mean they wouldn't ask Sarah and that only leaves Casey to call to kill Chuck but I'm surprised that the U.S. government would do that.
  • That sinking feeling!

    Chuck and Sarah went undercover as a couple to get aboard a boat that is owned by counterfeilters. There is one very good scene when the missile is launced and blew up some agent's car. that was a fun epiusode of the series and I hope I will watch it in the future. If the Wrtiers Strike is settled. there is also the Christmas Party scene in the end where everybody is having a good time. Except the agent whose car was blown up. this could be the final episode of the series unless the Writers strike is settled. Otherwise, it's going to be a long 2008.
  • Good Episode but not the best!

    The last scene was excellent! So Chuck once again is having trouble with Sarah. He worries about her when she is "doing her job" with the owner of a yacht where they make counterfeit money in. Morgen is on another yacht with his girlfriend and her parents. He sees Sarah with the other man and warns Chuck and Chuck goes to check it out. He flashes but for the first time it is incorrect or they are really good at hiding the money. Sarah gets mad because Casey and herself ae told to abandon the case and she thinks Chuck did it so they wouldn't kiss. Chuck uses his computer genes and resends a bomb to the sender and realizes the yacht he is on is the sender so he sends it to Casey's car which Casey loves very much. Casey seems to really show his love for following the job and begins to dislike Chuck alot. In the last scene Casey is told by the NSA's leader Chuck should be killed now that they have the intersect in their computers. I can't wait until the show comes back. Casey will become bad I think and who knows what Sarah will do. Casey might not even become bad this show is so unpredictable.
  • great episode

    After Bryce leaves Chuck, maybe forever, Chuck can't help thinking that Sarah might be leaving as well. But just as the top secret meeting takes place in Casey's apartment, Sarah shows up and they are assigned a mission. Everything seemed normal during a routine buy more on site electronics installation. Chuck flashes on a counterfeit dollar note. This gets Chuck, Sarah and Casey working on something. It's a really funny episode, everything that happens in chuck's life looks so hilarious. Stuff happens with Morgan as well. He becomes entangled in the CIA operation as well without him noticing it. I love this episode. I can't wait for the next one.
  • Another good show!

    With Bryce gone it looks like Sarah has made her decision. But then she shows up, realizing her feelings for Chuck are growing. So does that mean Bryce is out of the picture where Sarah is involved? Nope. Which tears at Chuck's heart. Morgan takes out Anna on a yaght for some learing about each other time but Sarah and Chuck are on another boat in the thick of things with some bad counterfieters. When Chuck releases the bomb to take them out he suddenly has to redirect it - right into Casey's prized car. This makes Casey rather steamed at Chuck. Funny, witty, great, as usual.
  • The Holiday Christmas Party at the Buy More is happening, but not without catching some bad guys first!

    I love this show. It is clever,funny and also has really truthful moments in it. I am pleased on many levels! In this episode chuck and sarah solidify their standing as friends and they share a great moment at the end in front of the Christmas tree. I so want them to be together. Yet, for dramatic tension it makes more sense to keep them apart secretly longing for one another. The supporting cast does an excellent job of keeping us interested, entertained and tuning in to see what will happen this week at the Buy More. This was an all around good episode.
  • Another great episode.

    This show is one of the best in creativity and It is a really funny show with great characters. This episode ended with a question. What will happen when intersect is completed? Casey looks like he will follow the orders but he spent many days with Chuck and I think Casey sees them as friends although he does not show. Chuck and Sarah had hard times in their friendship after we learnt that Bryce was still alive and now Chuck is in danger. Very funny moments happened in this episode like the bomb scenes and I enjoyed this episode like the other ones. Chuck is going pretty cool.
  • Another Great Installment

    While installing electronics on a rich billionaire's yacht Chuck flashes on the money realizing that it's counterfeit. Chuck and Sarah go undercover for the charity event, Sarah gets close to the Billionaire and gets a Invite to his boat.

    There was a hilarious scene when Casey was washing his 1985 Crown Vic in Slow Mo as well, Morgan meets Ana's parents. After Morgan seeing Sarah with the Billionaire he tells Chuck and immediatly makes his way down to the yacht, he flashes on the crates and Casey checks it out only to find out that they are medical supplies.

    Chuck later asks Sarah about the kiss but she doesnt want to talk about it, Poor Guy. Morgan and Ana are on the boat when Chuck recieves a picture he notices something about the crates. Chuck flashes again; GPS missile tracking device on the yacht, and Kirk's going to blow it up.

    Chuck gets a hold of the Missile promising that all software can be reset it's heading towards Ana's Family. Chuck needs another target, and asks Casey for the coordinates to his beloved Crown Vic, the Crown Vic then explodes. (The look on Casey face was priceless)

    The Buy is having it's Annual Holiday Party; Chuck and Sarah decided to be friends. Casey gets a call telling him that the Intersect will be up and running soon and needs to get rid of Chuck.
  • Let down.

    Was a let down in my opinion, I was expecting a much much better episode.

    They had alot of potential for this episode, I thought it would have overshot quality of previous episodes and would be hands down, the best one I have seen, just because Bryce was going to be on it finally. But it didnt live up to it, I might be a bit harsh because of high expectations, because compared to other episodes, it wasnt actually bad, but its just the fact they didnt pull up to the potential for this episode. The mission wasnt very good to be honest and I would have liked to see more of the story unfold.
  • Chuck has to deal with Sarah's undercover assignment

    In this episode, Sarah goes undercover by posing as a girlfriend of a mob boss who is printing off fake money. This episode also has Morgan deal with his belief that Anna is cheating on him, when it turns out she was just meeting her parents. Morgan tries to act more sophisticated for Anna's parents, but it fails. Chuck and Casey go to the boat where Sarah is undercover and beat up the villian to take the missle, which has been sent off. Chuck resets it, sending the missile back at them and Chuck then sets the co-ordinates to Casey's beloved vintage car, saving them. The final is so cool, the Intersect 2.0 will be up and runnign soon, and Caseyu will have to kill Chuck
  • Really great episode

    this episode was really funny one of the best so far. haha when i saw casey washing his car i thought it was hilarous lol nd then it blew up. great episode what happened to Anna after this episode she just dissapeared. Morgan was great here i love his storylines becuase there separate from chuck's most of the time he brings a break from the spy stuff. but i do like the spy stuff. i hope the show is like this next season i dont want it to change. i have never laughed so hard at a show in my life.
  • An episode that goes from alright to great, mainly because of Adam Baldwin.

    This was a decent episode, until about 30 minutes in. After that, it becomes way more awesome. Morgan meeting Anna's parents was just very awkward, and almost painful to watch for me. The best part of that scene was Morgan discovering Sarah. That and the uniform and boat jokes it lead to. I'm thinking mr. Casey has some skeletons hidden in his closet. He was so adamant about making the choice to protect things bigger than themselves. Something had to have happened there, and I want to know about it. And Casey really is too focussed on following orders. There has to be a story somewhere. I like that Chuck's opinion is more important for them than the agency. And that leads to awesomeness. The scene where Carmichael confronts Sarah about her cheating makes me laugh. Chuck is such a bad actor. And poor Casey, his car! He really has been suffering over the course of this episode. I'm wondering what Chuck will do to make him feel better. And whoah, he's going to have to take out Chuck? That kind of scares me but interests me at the same time. We'll see what happens, even though I think I know the answer already.
  • Awesome.

    Chuck assumes the cover of Sarah's boyfriend on a mission to foil Lon Kirk (Michael Wiseman), a politically connected counterfeiter and yachtsman. When Sarah's mission on Kirk's yacht goes awry due to Chuck's insistence that Kirk is hiding money-counterfeiting printing-plates on his yacht, both Casey and Sarah suspects that Chuck is acting out of jealousy, which Chuck denies. Chuck later realizes that Kirk had hid the the plates on the Taiwanese attache's boat and that he plans to blow up the boat to destroy the evidence and everyone on it, including Morgan and Anna. With Sarah and Casey's help, Chuck stops the boat from being blown up by redirecting the missile to target Casey's prized Crown Victoria instead. Chuck and Sarah reconcile at the annual Buy More holiday party. Despite his sprained but not broken heart, Chuck must pose as Sarah's boyfrien to catch a counterfeiter. Got to love Buy More character and also the agents of course! It's Christmas time in the Buy More. Morgan meets Anna's parents. I love the scene at the Casino party/thing.
  • Counter fitting, yachts, "Holiday" parties, and relationship woes abound in another amazing outing of Chuck.

    Still emotionally degraded from last weeks choice of Chuck over Bryce, Sarah acts stony, like all she is doing is just a job. On the other hand, Casey has by far one of his most stand-out episodes to date. The beginning was one of the best so far, with Casey's grunts filling in for words and the fact that Chuck actually understood. Lester and Harry also have some stand out performances, "Don't spike the eggnog." This week intersect problem is a counter fitting scam hiding behind a charity for Taiwanese refugees. Sarah's involvement is to get as close as possible to the man running the charity/ counter fitting by any means possible. This makes Chuck go understandable crazy with jealousy, and provides some funny awkward moments between the two. Casey's Crown Vic is the same from the title of this episode and him washing it was the most laugh out loud funny parts. It's his baby. It's nice to see Casey have feelings for more than killing and Sarah asking about if he ever thought about having a normal life was revealing of why she likes Chuck. The Morgan plot wasn't as funny as it could have been, but it was still good enough. Anna's parents just so happened to be Taiwanese and knew the Taiwanese man helping to run the counter fitting. Obviously this leads to Morgan and Anna's near involvement and almost possible death. Only by adverting the rocket to Casey's car does Chuck save the day. The at the end was funny and a nice wrap up to Sarah and Chuck, Anna and Morgan. But it was Casey's call from that NSA lady about the new intersect on it's way and Casey only hesitating a little about knowing Chuck has to die..that makes this wait until Chuck comes back from a winter/writers strike induced break difficult.