Season 1 Episode 11

Chuck Versus the Crown Vic

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2007 on NBC

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  • Counter fitting, yachts, "Holiday" parties, and relationship woes abound in another amazing outing of Chuck.

    Still emotionally degraded from last weeks choice of Chuck over Bryce, Sarah acts stony, like all she is doing is just a job. On the other hand, Casey has by far one of his most stand-out episodes to date. The beginning was one of the best so far, with Casey's grunts filling in for words and the fact that Chuck actually understood. Lester and Harry also have some stand out performances, "Don't spike the eggnog." This week intersect problem is a counter fitting scam hiding behind a charity for Taiwanese refugees. Sarah's involvement is to get as close as possible to the man running the charity/ counter fitting by any means possible. This makes Chuck go understandable crazy with jealousy, and provides some funny awkward moments between the two. Casey's Crown Vic is the same from the title of this episode and him washing it was the most laugh out loud funny parts. It's his baby. It's nice to see Casey have feelings for more than killing and Sarah asking about if he ever thought about having a normal life was revealing of why she likes Chuck. The Morgan plot wasn't as funny as it could have been, but it was still good enough. Anna's parents just so happened to be Taiwanese and knew the Taiwanese man helping to run the counter fitting. Obviously this leads to Morgan and Anna's near involvement and almost possible death. Only by adverting the rocket to Casey's car does Chuck save the day. The at the end was funny and a nice wrap up to Sarah and Chuck, Anna and Morgan. But it was Casey's call from that NSA lady about the new intersect on it's way and Casey only hesitating a little about knowing Chuck has to die..that makes this wait until Chuck comes back from a winter/writers strike induced break difficult.
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