Season 1 Episode 11

Chuck Versus the Crown Vic

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2007 on NBC

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  • Relationship issues! Chuck and Sarah can't seem to figure things out. Holidays!

    It's holiday season! Chuck worries about the absence of Sarah while Casey is found polishing his car. When Sarah turns up she is all work. Chuck goes undercover as Sarah's husband and shows that he shouldn't be allowed to set foot in a casino again. Chuck must painfully watch while Sarah gets close to a counterfeit smuggler and charity donator. And Anna's parents are in town and Morgan gets to meet them. While having dinner with them Morgan spots Sarah with the smuggler and tells Chuck. When Chuck finds out his "fake" flash puts Casey and Sarah's jobs in danger. At the Buy-More it is time for the Christmas-Holiday party! Jeff has spiked eggnog. Lester is Jewish. Big Mike is Santa. Casey hates Chuck for saving his life but blowing up his car. We also find out Chuck's fate when the new intersect comes online. Over all a very funny episode that has a great plot! I will watch it again and can't wait for the next episode.