Season 1 Episode 11

Chuck Versus the Crown Vic

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 03, 2007 on NBC

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    Another great episode as the time where we have to sit back and wait to see if we will get anymore Chuck in the future arrives. I liked the end of the episode as something for us to think about while we wait for the return of the show. Casey is being set up to be the real bad guy in this scenerio and I kind of like that way that is shaping up. I think we all knew since the pilot that there was something about Casey / Sarah that wasnt quite right and I think we have our answer here in Caseys final moments of the episode. Chuck and Sarah seemed to have formed a friendship, which will eliminate the possibility of them getting together for me. The writers could change it up when the show comes back but the handshake at the end seemed to be the writers telling us that thats all to the story for those two right now. Overall, solid episode. About an average, expected episode of Chuck which is never a bad thing.
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