Season 4 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Cubic Z

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on NBC

Episode Recap

A truck transporting two criminals breaks down on the side of a road. The two convicts are brought to the Buy More. Chuck and Sarah meet with two of their old friends, Hugo Panzer and Heather Chandler (played by Nicole Richie), who is Sarah's childhood friend turned enemy. Chuck notices Sarah acting kind of odd.

Morgan is met by Big Mike at the Buy More. Big Mike returns as a security guard to make a little extra money, and to give the ring to Morgan for safe keeping before he is given the ok to marry Mrs. Grimes. Morgan and Sarah are thrilled.

Chuck and Sarah are about to have their serious talk but they are interrupted by Heather with possible information about his mother. While interrogating Heather, Hugo knocks out Greta 3.0 then heading over for Heather. Casey helps them escape through Castle ducts. Hugo follows closely behind. Heather continues to make jabs at Chuck and Sarah's future. Then, there is a rematch between Heather and Sarah, and Hugo and chuck.

Back at the Buy More, Morgan, Jeff, Big Mike, and crew try to hold down the store while a crowd of people form at the store eager for the release of "Spy Attack." After Jeff's mini presentation, the crowd erupts and Morgan looses Big Mike's ring.

With Casey's help, Heather and Hugo are ready to transport. It turns out; the helicopter is filled with Volkoff's men ready to detain Heather. In all the commotion, Hugo manages to slip out, with Chuck following closely behind. Casey gets injured during the brawl. Sarah realizes what is going on and hands a gun over to Heather and they take down all of Volkoff's men.

Hugo and Chuck fall into the cage in the Buy More. Hugo wins this match and runs into the store to calm the crowd. Big Mike runs after Hugo and tackles him to the ground and knocks him out. After their completed mission, Heather reveals the truth about where she claimed to have met Frost. She says that Frost and Volkoff have spent a lot of time together.

While the Buy More is getting put back into order, Morgan admits to Big Mike that he cannot find the ring. Big Mike doesn't get mad and tells Morgan that the ring does not symbolize their love. Morgan promotes Big to Manager, handing over the vest. Meanwhile, Chuck and Sarah finally get a chance to have their talk. The two of them decide to take things slow. As they decide this, Big Mike's ring falls from the vent and into Chuck's hands, presenting it to Sarah while on one knee.