Season 4 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Cubic Z

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on NBC

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  • now that's the chuck we all know!

    Nice work bringing back some guest stars from previous seasons.. I've always disliked when shows refuse to do that (like House). This episode was a delight. Although I'm not sure what I think of what jenny burton's friend had to say, it made for good dialogue. Besides, this was a cleverly funny episode...there were some hilarious parts in Buy More of course. With Big Mike returning I was relieved to know this series hasn't gone rogue, so to speak. haha.

    Check out this episode if you haven't yet.. And if you've been a naysayer so far this season I think you'll be pleased with this one!
  • Do you want a ring with that?

    Good episode!

    Chuck, Sarah, Heather Chandler and that bald dude in air vents. Nice.

    Casey! Wants more Casey! He seems to have been sidelined and this is not good. Perhaps a Casey-centric episode is commin up? Hope so.

    The spy aspect was somewhat overshadowed by the relationship plot this week, and while it is intersting it is also getting a little repetative. Missed Ellie and Awesome this week, and wasnt he AWOL last week also? Ah well more to look foward to!

    The Buy More was entertaining this week, and Big Mike zapping the bald dude was pretty funny.

    All-round good episode.

    WIth luves from New Zealand!

  • Unexpected surprises.. (A bit of a spoiler)

    Alot of nice surprises to find in this episode ... 1st off not a big fan of Nicole Richie, and now with that said, I have to say she was actually an interesting character to watch and wouldn't mind seeing her again in another episode... Her interaction with Chuck and Sarah was actually one of the highlights of this episode..
    2nd surprise- Nice to know that Chuck isn't invulnerable once he access the intersect .. I always hated the idea that once Chuck was intersect mode he was practically invulnerable.. Well in this episode not only did he have a hard time to keep up even in intersect mode he actually lost.
    3rd Surprise: They brought back Big Mike, I really thought he was no longer going to be in the series ..

    Overall a nice surprising episode
  • 403

    Halfway in to this episode, I was just getting so annoyed with all the relationship drama between Chuck and Sarah, I mean seriously, they're on a serious mission with a convict on the loose and yet they can't steer away from Chuck & Sarah's relationship in discussion.

    I didn't think Nicole Richie's character was going to help this episode much, but she kind of did. I enjoyed the interaction between her and Sarah and I also liked that she knew something about Chuck's mother. As this episode was ending, I started really enjoying the episode.

    From Chuck and Sarah crawling in air vents to a BuyMore rampage, you know you're watching Chuck when you see an episode like this. A good ending, felt a bit forced, but I liked how it came together even though is was quite predictable what was going to happen when the engagement ring started falling down the air vent.

    Some flaws, this episode, but enjoyable overall. Entertaining at best.