Season 4 Episode 3

Chuck Versus the Cubic Z

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Oct 04, 2010 on NBC

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    Halfway in to this episode, I was just getting so annoyed with all the relationship drama between Chuck and Sarah, I mean seriously, they're on a serious mission with a convict on the loose and yet they can't steer away from Chuck & Sarah's relationship in discussion.

    I didn't think Nicole Richie's character was going to help this episode much, but she kind of did. I enjoyed the interaction between her and Sarah and I also liked that she knew something about Chuck's mother. As this episode was ending, I started really enjoying the episode.

    From Chuck and Sarah crawling in air vents to a BuyMore rampage, you know you're watching Chuck when you see an episode like this. A good ending, felt a bit forced, but I liked how it came together even though is was quite predictable what was going to happen when the engagement ring started falling down the air vent.

    Some flaws, this episode, but enjoyable overall. Entertaining at best.
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