Season 5 Episode 6

Chuck Versus the Curse

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 16, 2011 on NBC

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  • Slightly less awful.

    Slightly better than previous episodes this season but that's not saying much.

    First of all, there was still the completely lacking sense of intensity and emotion. Whereas in the past if Elle and Devon were in danger you really felt the tension, this time the whole thing was just too goofy to care. Never mind them jumping out the limo after the doors had been locked, one of many plot holes or things that didn't make sense.

    Indeed, for one CIA agent to just murder another was ridiculous unless they were in on the criminal plot but by the end we knew she wasn't really.

    Morgan was his usual self and it is getting boring. You can't spend so much time with a character that takes danger to the lives of people he cares about so flippantly, it degrades the sense of threat of the rest. The content of his box was predictable.

    Chuck trying to save Elle and Devon without Sarah was actually logical. Sarah insisted on trying to convince the general and Casey, even though from experience she should know the general would never budge on matters of national security, so Chuck was right to go alone. Of course, this episode was written so badly that suddenly the general was easily convinced by Sarah to save a couple of civilians at the expense of national security, which is totally against how her character had been written the previous four seasons. It was just lazy writing.

    Even the little conflict between Chuck and Sarah was meaningless, with little emotion and heartfelt anger. Their bond really has been reduced to vanilla married couple blandness.

    At some point when the villainess kept talking about torturing Chuck and asking him if he wants the pain of the "toy", i wanted Chuck to ask her if it could be any worse than listening to her talk more. She really was an annoying and badly played character.

    Seriously, although the episode had some nice action and tension, but this season feels like the producers of the show had a rough draft of the characters and their histories, handed it over to a room full of trained monkeys and had the monkeys write the scripts for this season's episodes.
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