Season 2 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Delorean

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

Episode Recap

The episode begins with a memory which appears to take place in 1990. Sarah appears as an innocent, blonde girl riding her bike down the street when an armored car that has just loaded in cash, hits the girl. A doctor runs to help her, taking her to the hospital. In the car, the innocent girl is not as innocent as she seems. In this episode, we are introduced to her dad, Jack Burton. He was chased by the DEA, CIA, and the FEDs and hid money in case of emergency. As a teen, Sarah was approached by CIA Director Graham to join.

Next, Sarah is talking to Chuck about taking a personal day. She is being secretive about the whole thing which makes Chuck suspicious. Chuck decides to spy on Sarah. His GPS makes him get caught and at the same time, he also flashes on a scar on the wrist of Cole (the fake name of Jack Burton) which gives him information on who he is. He calls Cole a loser and the scum of the earth, but all before Sarah introduces him as her dad. She also introduces Chuck to her father as her boyfriend.

Back at Buy More, Anna Wu and Morgan are going out and Morgan tries to romanticize her in the video room. She says that they should move in together at this ritzy apartment and Morgan gets scared; he is clueless about relationships.

Sarah's dad, Jack has a bushel of cash from Sheik Rajiv Amad, a Saudi Arabia man who has been on the CIA terror watch list for many years. Sarah arrests him despite being family. General Beckman wants Chuck and Sarah to investigate this more to receive more information on the Sheik and her father.

Jack, Sarah, and Chuck go out to dinner and Jack is revealing about what he did. He pulled a Lichtenstein and sold an opportunity to buy the famous L.A. Nagamichi office tower. But he has no right to sell the building because the Lichtenstein is actually fake. Chuck flashes on some Arab men that walk by in the lobby. They happen to be Sheik. They find Jack and tell him that they want their money back. He says that Sarah is Lichtenstein's personal secretary. They point a gun at her and she is trumped by Liechtenstein in a chair. Chuck is actually playing him. The Sheik want a meeting. He wants his money and the building.

Morgan still does not know what to do about Anna's proposition to move in. Awesome brings him back to reality and tells him that he has no car, no credit and no ambition. Awesome tells him that he will loan him money. As Morgan goes to tell Anna the good news, suddenly he finds out that someone is selling a DeLorean circa 1981. Morgan is excited and wants to buy it.

The CIA has tried to find the Sheik's hidden bank accounts and General Beckman wants the team to sell the building to receive at least $10 million so that they can see foreign bank account information.

Awesome is looking for Morgan because he finds out that he used the money instead to buy the car. Also, Anna is mad about this as well. Morgan has 24 hours to return the money or all his hair will be plucked from head to toe.

Sarah convinces Jack to split the money four ways, with her, Casey and chuck. Casey plays security, while Chuck continues as Lichtenstein who only knows German (so he has to remain silent). The plan is to evacuate the 51st floor, redecorate it and do the deal. Everything goes as planned until a translator is brought in. In a Hogan's Heroes German Accent cancels the deal. The Sheik insist that he pay the $10 million. Jack, Sarah and Chuck make it out and Jack has the laptop that contains the sheik's bank account information. Chuck assures Sarah that she is not to blame for her father's sinful ways.

Casey must go and get Jack at a downtown hotel. It looks that jack has been found by the Sheik. The Sheik call Sarah and tell her to get the money or they will kill her dad. She does not know where the money is.

Morgan asks Chuck if he can borrow $2,500 and Chuck goes to the ATM to discover that he has $10 million in his account.

Sarah meets up with the Sheik to exchange the bags supposedly filled with cash to get her father back and they hold her at gunpoint At Chuck drives up in the DeLorean with a wireless laptop so he can wire the money back to the Sheik. He enters his account number only to order them all killed. Casey drives up impersonating a Treasury Department agent and arrests Sarah and Chuck as Lichtenstein. Casey coyly gives Sarah a gun and there is some gunfire action. The Sheik drive off in the DeLorean, but its top speed is only 22 MPH.

General Beckman says they were able to freeze the Sheik's account for $1 billion. Beckman also wants to arrest Jack for embezzlement. Casey tells her that he played a crucial role in capturing the Sheik and getting the bank account information. Beckman say that she will tell the prosecution this.

Sarah says goodbye to her dad before he is arrested. He confesses that out of all the people, he trusts Chuck with the money and he knows he won't hurt her. Before he gets picked up, she sends him on an errand so he won't be there when the cops come. She can't bear the thought of seeing him in jail. Chuck runs into Jack and Jack tells him to take care of her.