Season 2 Episode 10

Chuck Versus the Delorean

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Dec 08, 2008 on NBC

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  • Sarah's father comes in

    In Chuck vs. the Cougars, it was revealed before she became a spy, Sarah was the daughter of a con man, moving from place to place while her father stole money. When her father was finally arrested, Sarah was offered a role in the FBI and she put her past behind her. Now, her old wounds resurface when her father comes back into town. Chuck is more than interested with her father since he always looks to uncover anything about Sarah's past. For Sarah, she's just looking to catch up. She's no longer as angry as she used to be about her father, she just wants to see him again. However, her dad is up to his usual tricks and conned a powerful Middle Eastern man named the Sheik and it's up to Chuck, Casey, and Sarah to clean up the mess. Meanwhile, Anna wants her and Morgan to move into an apartment together. Awesome gets on the deal and loans Morgan money to start. However, since Morgan is Morgan, always a self-proclaimed slacker, instead buys a DeLorean. Funny. Sarah's father doesn't know she's a spy so he's not informed about her relationship with Casey and Chuck. He's knows something's going on between her and Chuck and he would know: he stole Chuck's credit card and wallet. An elaborate scheme is set in place to reel in Sheik, involving Chuck speaking in a very bad but hysterical German accent. Sarah's father double-crosses the team and the Sheik and winds up in trouble. Chuck winds up saving the day in many ways. He borrows the DeLorean, saves Sarah's father and gets the Sheik's money frozen. The Sheik, in a hilarious move, steals the DeLorean to get away and Chuck calls it in. The thief saves Morgan and gives his enough money to but the apartment, if this time, he can resist a General Lee. Sarah lets her father escape the authorities, and Chuck has the father's seal of approval for Chuck and he does know how much Chuck loves his daughter. Chuck thinks he'll be back. Sarah doesn't believe it. She's made peace with her dad but that doesn't mean all is forgiven. There is so much to like about this episode: Chuck revealing to Sarah about his father, hopefully his father will come in at some point, Morgan buying a DeLorean, and Chuck stumbling with the German accent, among others.
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