Season 2 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Orion's secret not so secret.

    Orion is Chuck's father? Who knew that? Duh, everyone did. The episode was not executed that well and for me, it was a hit and miss. Chuck 'wins' a spot as Ted's new employee who happens to be Chuck's father's rival. It turns out that work site is where they hide the intersect! All the clues led up to the point and who was the one to try to stop them? Chuck. Mr. Charles Carmichael! I thought the highlight of the episode was when Chuck was getting into his spy gear and of course, Casey knew what he was up to and Chuck being Chuck, he tranquilized Casey who uttered, "When I wake up, I'm going to kill you." I love the guy. :) I have to admit, the scene where Chuck and his dad have to part was pretty sad so yeah, the episode was just okay. SAVE CHUCK!!
  • It all ties together - Jump the Shark?

    SPOILERS BELOW - Read at own risk

    When I was a kid, one of the things I most disliked was that the villain was always the same. Every time something bad happened, it was the fault of the same villain. In the old shows, the villain would escape at the end, to return next week with another scheme.

    As I watched Chuck this week, I wondered if the show had jumped the shark. In one episode, the show changed. Originally, it was about Chuck, a shlub who mistakenly had a computer dumped into his brain and the resultant consequences.

    Suddenly, the backstory takes on the air of conspiracy. Chuck's father invented the Intersect. Chuck's father is Orion. So it was not just Chuck the shlub who had the bad luck to get the Intersect, but Chuck the son of the inventor who had been underground for a decade.

    Of course, we will learn next that the reason Chuck could withstand the Intersect while everyone else turned into a gibbering idiot (or died) is because the computer was structured in some way to work only with the Bartowski genetic code. The premise of the show required a certain suspension of disbelief. This show stretched the suspension to breaking.
  • Better....

    See, I told you if they would just simply let the whole Sarah/Chuck thing alone and stick to what works things would be much better. I found the reappearance of Chuck's dad an interesting aspect but I LOVED the twist and revealation that Chuck's following in dad's footsteps. One of the other positives is the level of maturity that Chuck shows throughout the episode from dealing with Elle's reaction to dad's return to his forceful confrontation with Casey then topping it off informing the General that he, Sarah & Casey are the best team to find his father. Chuck obviously knows the risks as well as the ramifications but is still willing to do what's necessary.
  • Poor direction and pacing smears the good story underneath.

    Last week's gripping episode will go down as one of Chuck's all-time best. This week however, is a sharp contrast to that one, and mostly suffers from shoddy direction.

    The first thing that bothered me in this episode were the constant music montages. I didn't really like any of the annoying songs they kept playing over the important scenes. In hopes of finding some emotional resonance with the plot, the director may have gone to this well one too many times. The most powerful scene, where Chuck's dad was finally taken away played out so cheesy and unearned. And what was with the voice-over studying in the room? They were spelling things out too bluntly and obvious.

    It was obvious Orion would be Chuck's father, but the potential for some nice moments was still here. I worry that some connectivity was lost because so many scenes, important ones where Ellie and Chuck need to air out their issues with their dad, felt rushed or brushed over in just a few lines. Ditto for the "dream job" aspect of the show. There wasn't enough emphasis on how Chuck feels about where he is in his life right now, and how working with Rourke could have really changed that. There needed to be more inner conflict there, before deciding to ruin it all.

    Chuck ruining the expo, and the business with breaking in the with tranquilizers wasn't really funny. Just kinda awkward or dumb. Ellie and Devon shine with some nice scenes, but just about every other supporting character, from Lester, Jeff, and Morgan, to even Casey and Sarah, seemed underused this week. Even guest star Chevy Chase was nothing to write home about. Sure this is all set up for what's to come, but as a stand alone episode, Chuck vs the Dream Job is a little weak.
  • Chuck's father returns, only to be revealed as.....

    This is a setup episode. It is a setup episode, but an incredibly well done set up episode. These last three episodes have to be amazing, since the show is falling to cancellation, I bet. This episode proves that this show should not die. There was very little humor, although Jeff and Lester produce some much-needed laughs, but they needed this drama, action, revelations. It's all awesome. The actress who plays Ellie did an amazing job here, as did Zachary Levi. Morgan was basically absent, which made me very, very sad. The family reunion was a bit awkward, like it was supposed to be, but honestly, the family reunion wasn't my favorite. Chuck dealing with his dad, figuring out the intersect, going to Rourke, etc. The last half of this episode blew my MIND! The first half was extremely good, but I think if they threw Morgan, Lester, Jeff, and Buy More into the first half a bit more, this episode would've been an A. However, it's still an awesome episode; one of the best of the series. It's nearing its close, it's sad; 8.5/10 B+, because it was fantastic. Can't wait for next week...and....Jill...
  • Chuck's father is. . .What?!?

    I really wanted to like this episode, for the sake of Chuck the show, but somehow, it wasn't really satisfying. There were a couple of things missing from this episode. Comedy-Chuck was noticeably missing and I like my Chuck hilarious. There were no Sarah-Chuck tension. Casey moments were rare. There was hardly any Morgan. There wasn't even a lot of Buy More moments. Uggh. Then there's the issue of Chuck's father, which I'm not sure how I feel about. And finally, throughout the episode, I got the sad feeling that the crew is trying to wrap up Chuck since this season could be the last, which makes the episode more of a drag than it needs to be. Chuck finally locates his father, hiding out in a trailer. Awkward reunion ensues. Chuck's father is happy to see him but Chuck is unsure how to feel about seeing his father. He asks his father to come to Ellie's wedding. His father agrees. Her father's entrance shocks Ellie and she lets loose her feelings, especially the fact that the night her father left, he promised her pancakes for dinner. Yeah, nice lasting memory. Chuck lets her vent and they decide to give their father a second chance, only to realize that their father is a little crazy. Chuck figured that out when Chuck's father wanted to leave the trailer at night, because "they" would find them. Ah, Chuck should have known better. Chuck's father tells about his conspiracy "theory" that his college roommate, Ted Roarke (Chevy Chase) stole his technological inventions. Chuck's latest mission happens to be landing a job in Roarke's business since Roarke's associates have developed a virus that could wipe out the government's computer systems. Chuck salviates, Roarke has been his idol for a long time. Luckily for Chuck, he gets to go in as himself, applying for a new job. His interviewer happens to be a recent Stanford graduate and the two share fond nostaglia for their old alma mater. Chuck easily lands the gig and meets Roarke, who seems to be a generally nice guy. At home, Chuck's father is upset over the gig due to the rivalry but Ellie sees it as the perfect chance for Chuck to finally get out of Buy More. At Buy More, Lester and Jeff worm their way into a Roarke convention and see Chuck accept the job. They tattle to Morgan about it and of course, Morgan is upset. That will have to wait and is dropped for the rest of the episode. Chuck's first day on the job is blown when Casey and Sarah try to hack into the computer network to stop the virus from spreading, a button Roarke holds at a presentation will iniate the virus, not to mention a Fulcrum agent is with Roarke, and Chuck has to find a way to stop it. He tries to reason with Roarke, steals the button, and a funny chase scene ensues where Lester and Jeff help out their work-buddy (aww!) but Chuck is done in by the Stanford grad. Harsh. Nothing good comes out of Stanford for Chuck. Roarke presses the button and whatever happened on that storyline after that is lost to me. Ellie and Chuck's father witness Chuck's escapade online, Chuck's father pleased his son did in his rival. Ellie is furious since she believes Chuck's father was the reason Chuck threw the job. Awesome tries to soothe things but Ellie is still furious over him over what she believed happened with Alex. Awesome explains what he thought happened and Chuck's father gives him advice: Ellie doesn't want to lose Awesome. She doesn't want him to leave like Dad did. Sad. Chuck's father's not too bad of a guy. He offers some advice to Chuck and if Chuck really wants the Roarke job, he should take it. Awww. Chuck inspects Orion's Intersect blueprints and discovers that one of the plans has the building design of Roarke's business. He deduces that Roarke has an Intersect. He admits his findings to Casey and Sarah without revealing where he got the information from. With no solid evidence, Sarah and Casey refuse to get involved. Even Sarah, oddly, does nothing. Chuck decides to take matters into his own hands by equipping himself with a bullet-shield-vest and storming off. Casey finds him and Chuck reveals about Orion's plans. Casey still refuses to get involved. Chuck holds a gun to Casey's face but Casey is disgusted to see it's only a tranquilizer gun. Chuck still won't physically kill anyone. If a gun should be pointed at Casey, let it be a real one. Chuck tranks Casey and after a couple of bullets (ha!), Casey goes down. Chuck sneaks into Roarke's building, only to find his father storming at the guards, demanding they give his son's job back. The guards turn violent and Chuck springs into action, tranking the guards in a wild fury. Almost as good as a real bullets scene. The guards go down. Chuck admits his father doesn't know everything about him and Chuck's father does him one better. After some neat tech-hacking, and running into Arnold Vosslo-Fulcrum Agent (man, he's as hard to kill as the Mummy. :}.) the shocker of the episode is revealed. Chuck's father is Orion. What? The problem I have with this revelation is, really? Is anyone in Chuck's life not affilated with the goverment in some way? And Chuck's father built the Intersect? Really? The son intercepted a government file from his ex-best friend and it turns out that that file was created by the son's own father? I don't know what to think about that. Chuck's father explains that he only left Ellie and Chuck because his job put them in danger. He didn't ever want to, he just wanted to make sure they would be safe. He didn't die on the plane, that was just a decoy. Okay. Now, father and son work to uncover Roarke's Intersect. He shows Chuck how to delve into the Intersect brain-data and promises Chuck he will have the Intersect removed. Too bad it doesn't happen. The Bartowskis are locked out. Roarke barges in with Fulcrum agents, explaining his Intersect doesn't work yet. They grab Chuck's father. Chuck's father pleads with them to let his son go and he'll do what they want. Roarke is kind enough to let that happen. Casey and Sarah catch up and barge in to retrieve Chuck, Chuck's father understanding they can be trusted and gives them his blessing, and Chuck helplessly watches his father be taken away. At home, Ellie sees pancakes on the table. She asks if it's her dad's doing but it's Awesome, doing a kind gesture. He reveals that it looks like Chuck's father fled again. Poor Ellie. She doesn't know better. Awesome promises that he won't ever leave her. Awww. Chuck comes home and assures Ellie their father will be back. Chuck will make sure of that. He convinces Commander that he is the best way to retrieve 'Orion', despite Sarah's and Commander's misgivings that Chuck is too comprimised. Chuck's father is holded up in a Fulcrum facility, hard at work on Roarke's broken Intersect. There WERE a couple of funny moments in this episode: Casey and Sarah dressing up like nerds (especially with Casey), Casey being tranked, and Lester and Jeff helping out Chuck through the crowd. I've grown to really like them over this season. However, these moments were few and far between. There was an awkwardness to this episode. Guest stars did their part but the main cast was left hanging. Where's Anna? Let her be on more often. And Sarah was oddly way too cold about Chuck's father's predicament. Chuck's future as a show is uncertain and this episode suffers from it since the writers are trying to wrap up the story if they can. And again, I don't know if I want to accept Chuck's father as Orion. Way, way too easy. Chuck is way too good to have an episode such as this, whatever the circumstance. Whatever Chuck's future is, I hope the season finale is worth it.
  • Fun episode with some great moments, especially Chuck gearing up for combat...

    This was a fun episode and I've been enjoying re-watching bits of the last few days. It had seemed pretty obvious as the season progressed that Chuck's dad would end up being Orion, since the writer's kept dropping mentions of the scientist/computer-genius dad who mysteriously abandoned them years before, while simultaneously introducing the idea of the intersect's reclusive creator. Hmm... But I have to admit, they threw me off a bit lately (though Orion's "death" was obviously fake). This episode was definitely Buy More-lite, which is too bad, but they were clearly trying to get through lots of revelations on the home front. It was great to see Chuck finally get his "dream job," even if it was short lived. Sarah and Casey going undercover as "nerds" in plaid shirts and glasses was pretty funny, particularly Casey's nerdy clapping in that scene. I really enjoyed the scene where Chuck geared-up and the way that was edited, with the great Crooked Fingers song over it. The confrontation with Casey was great, seeing Chuck pull a gun on him (and competently too) was kind of step for Chuck. And then Casey was pissed it was a trank gun. Casey getting tranked (reminiscent of Firefly's Train Job ep, anyone?) was hilarious, mostly because of the noise he made right before he passed out.

    Chuck's a great show, but it can be a little uneven sometimes. I was annoyed when Casey and Sarah were so dismissive of Chuck's second intersect theory, as he's supposed to have gained some cred with them by now. Sarah was particularly arctic to him there, after all the closeness and bonding over the father issue, and week-after-week of bucking him up about how he really is a spy. And it seemed silly since it was obvious what Chuck would do when they wouldn't help, but I suppose it was necessary to the plot. The revelation about Chuck's dad was kind of anticlimactic, since we'd seen it coming for so long, but what I really missed out on was Chuck's father finding out Chuck was the intersect. Obviously he'd known about Chuck for a while as Orion. Apart from the Jill story-arc we've yet to have anyone from Chuck's circle of family or friends find out the truth, so that would could have been interesting if he hadn't already known (particularly as he's intersect's creator). And it seems unlikely the Fulcrum agents at the end would've just let Chuck go without interrogation, or better yet keeping him prisoner as leverage so Chuck's dad would do anything they wanted. Until Casey and Sarah showed, it seemed strange that they would let him go. As of the end of the episode, we've got some security issues, since a bunch of Fulcrum agents know Chuck under his real name as a CIA agent and Orion's son. I can only hope we address that further in the last few episodes. So not a perfect episode, but damn good. Lots of great music cues and editing. I'm glad to see the story moving forward and Chuck manning up since he has a different agenda from the team. I can only hope the next episode follows through on its title, since that could be some major character evolution for Chuck.
  • Orion is revealed

    Chuck finally found his father Steve (Guess Star Scott Bakula) and came back home with him to the surprise of Ellie. Chuck's dad later claimed that Ted Roark (Chevy Chase) who stole his ideas from him was going to announce new software that was going to destroy the world's computer networks. So Chuck had his dream job to finally work at Roark Industries, although it was part of the mission, nice way of being interviewed sitting on the balance ball. Morgan spilled about Chuck's new job at the dinner table; the old man was less than pleased. Gotta love Casey and Sarah coming in at the convention as nerds, Casey clapping like 12 year old another centric Casey moment. Just as the software was going to be released at NextExpo, Chuck had to jump on stage, explain the software virus to Roark, and when Roark didn't buy it, Chuck run through the audience with the magic software releasing button. He was not successful, the software was released, and Chuck crawled back into his life and tried to hide by learning more about Orion's Intersect cards. Chuck discovered that Roark Industries had a campus for the Intersect he took that information to Casey and Sarah who found it hard to believe that Roark would have such a thing. So Chuck went all Rambo gearing himself up to break into Roark Industries but Casey was in the way he grabbed the Intersect plans from Chuck and forced him to indulge in how he got them, Chuck did the unthinkable he not only tranqed him once, no not twice but 3 times just to get the big man down. Chuck went solo and discovered that his dad was also there, Chuck saved his dad by tranking Roark's men when they didn't go down I was thinking that at some point they would pull their guns out. His dad saved him right back. Well, his dad had the handy-dandy Orion wrist computer on him as Chuck's dad is Orion. Chuck was there with his dad and all ready to get the Intersect out of his head. Essentially it involved overwriting Chuck's brain, perhaps a scary prospect, but it all failed because Roark's Intersect wasn't working right. Roark and his men then barged in and Steve had to trade his life for his boy's. Sarah was different in this episode she didn't want Chuck getting into any more danger maybe that's just her begin very protective; Casey was all into getting Orion back. The Scene's with the Bartowski clan were great.
  • The most satisfying episode in a while...until five minutes from the end. Scott Bakula is wonderful; Chevy Chase, a dud.

    As a series, Chuck makes my heart pitter patter like no other, but over the past month I (and a few other reviewers) have noticed some flaws in the execution of this wonderful story: oddly constructed scenes, interactions that seem forced, false, or as not what the character would actually say, etc. CV the Dream Job flips that on it's head.

    From the early moments it was clear that the story was perfectly crafted, partly due to soulful writing, and partly to the wonderful acting of Scott Bakula. We saw huge moments of Bartowski family life, and they all fit so wonderfully. It seemed that the story was going to be a little boring...until Roarke turned out to be a FULCRUM base and Bartowski the Elder turned out to be Orion. In terms of moments of shear awesomeness, this episode ranks right at the top. I expect to watch it several more times in the coming days for that reason alone. Devon would approve.

    But then we get to the resolution, which leaves a great lead-in for next time but in itself is utterly ridiculous. The crap acting job by Chevy Chase didn't help matters, but it's the idea that Casey and Walker just walk in, Chuck gets to just walk out with them, and nobody seems concerned that several high-level FULCRUM operatives at large know that Charles Bartowski of Burbank and Buy More is a CIA operative that really seems senseless.

    At least to me, it seems clear that CV the Dream Job needed to be a two-parter to do justice to the story, and they just didn't have the episodes left to pull the whole story arc off. They stripped as much of the side stuff away as humanly possible, and it still didn't fit. Add and extra hour and they can let Stephen explain how he escaped from a helicopter, have FULCRUM take him away and hold Chuck for interrogation, and let Casey and Walker bust him out the old fashioned way. There was plenty of missing bits to fill any remaining time: another father-son moment, Ellie and Awesome having the fight you'd expect about the bachelor party gone awry, Casey giving Chuck some payback (with grunting), and the usual complement of Buy More antics. For my money, I'd have loved to see Big Mike freaking out at the prospect of losing Chuck, and stunning him with a forcible raise the next time he walked in the door, while Jeff and Lester secretly plot against each other to become the new "head Herder." Hand's down, two amazing hours of television.
  • I think for some of the fans of the show, Chuck's dad turned out to be who we expected. Still, it was an exciting moment and reinforces why the show is worth watching.

    It was good to see Chuck branching out. After spending almost two seasons with a couple of superspy handlers, it is gratifying to learn that Chuck has picked up some spy abilities himself. We already knew that he is intelligent and we have seen hints of his courage whenever his family has been threatened. To have Chuck arm himself with tranq guns was genius, and the conflict between Chuck and Casey was classic. The expression on Chuck's face when he sneaks past the employee and into the building at RI was hilarious, it showed that he was still Chuck the computer nerd, even though he was breaking into a high security facility.

    I also enjoy every time someone from Chuck's past turns out to be linked to the government or Fulcrum, it gives the show a exciting and creepy quality, similar to Lost. Even though there was not much development with Chuck and Sarah, the moments with Chuck and his father made up for it. I did miss Morgan in this episode, but there was not enough room in the story for him to have a big part. If the writers are trying to wrap up Chuck's story in case the show is done, this was a good episode for it. I do hope that NBC order's another season, however. This episode showed that Chuck's character is developing and branching out and I am sure there is plenty more that can be done with this show.
  • Chuck must infiltrate Roark Industries a Microsoft type software company that is releasing a new web browser with a built in virus. At the same time Chuck must deal with his father who seems to be a little eccentric. Nothing is as it seems!

    Pretty big things happening this week. Chuck's father (Scott Bakula) turns out to be Orion who has revealed himself to Chuck to help him get the intersect out of his brain. What a revelation, to find out your father has been compromised pretty much the same way Chuck has and to have a complete understanding and empathy for why he left when he did.

    Chuck is developing his field skills stepping out on his own to really deal with deep national security issues and problems close to his heart. The sequence with Casey was great where Chuck drugs him to be able to continue with his plan.

    Chevy Chase plays Ted Roark the head of the huge software company that has obviously gotten ahead thru more than legal dealings. It turns out that the corporation is currently tied to Fulcrum of all people.

    Bakula and Chase are very good in their parts and it was enjoyable to see them in this episode. I look forward to their continued involvement.

    The big part of this episode is that it really does not conclude but sets up following episodes with obvious ties to this plot line. This represents a huge shift in the plot of the show and will be interesting to see how Chuck, Sarah, and Casey will move forward with this now that they have been tasked with stopping Fulcrum and saving Orion.

    As we all know, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are the best our government has so they we must rely on them to come through once again.

    Thanks for reading...
  • Quantum Chuck.

    This episode was brilliant on so many levels and two of them were Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase.

    The episode opens where we left off with Chuck and Sarah having tracked Chucks dad down and await for him to answer the door to his trailer house, the suspense is killing us with the director not allowing us to see Mr Barlowski Snr face until the big moment comes and what a surprise it was to Mr Bakula back on our screens, most will recognise SB from Star Trek: Enterprise but my fondest memories are of his Sam Beckett in Quantum Leap…. Anyway moving on.

    Chucks dad reluctantly agrees to come back with Chuck and attend Ellie's wedding to Devon but unlike Chuck Ellie is less than impressed at her estranged fathers return and less than impressed by his strange mannerisms and his claims of inventing flat screen TV's, Palm's, mobile phones etc, we learn Chucks dad went to college with Ted Roark ( Chevy Chase ) who owns Roark Enterprises and when Chuck flash's on a flyer for a convention he learns Fulcrum is involved and a deadly virus will be unleashed on the worlds computers making them obsolete. The team must get Chuck inside and he applies for a job but after getting the position gets the sack.

    Chuck soon learns that Roark has built an Intersect and after donning Casey's SWAT gear breaks into Roark's and tries to gain access to the room that has the Intersect, however Chucks dad is there and after a bit of a rescue we find Bartowski Snr is really Orion but is also Chucks dad…. Good Times!!! Bartowski Snr/Orion can get the Intersect out of Chuck with Roark's Intersect but when it wont work we find Roark has not finished it and needs Bartowski Snr/Orion to help…. Bad Times !!!.

    Long story short, Sarah and Casey rescue Chuck, Mr Bartowski Snr/Orion is taken away by Roark/Fulcrum and Ellie feels let down again by her dad.

    As I said at the top This episode was brilliant on so many levels, I loved Scott Bakula being Chucks dad and I hope we get to see him again, loved the 'Oh Boy!' comment ( Quantum Leap era ) when he first met Ellie and Devon and how he later became Orion, part of me now is hoping Chuck will get the Intersect out of his head and can form a proper relationship with Sarah and his family and friends even though I know that when that day comes it's the end of Chuck the TV show.
  • Maybe I'm blond - but I didn't see this coming!

    At least not at the start of the episode.
    Yes, Bartowski Sr. is back. Yes, Chuck gets the dream job.
    But no, things are not what they seem.
    I did see several possible explanations for "Dad's" identity, but I was actually taken by surprise anyway.
    And watching Commando!Chuck don Casey's black ops outfit - dual wielding guns - had me jumping up and down on the couch going "squeeeee!" with glee. :D
    Unlike Casey, I thought it made perfect sense for Chuck to don trankguns rather than real guns - he would hesitat to fire a real gun, perhaps even find himself unable to. But to trank someone - not such a big deal. The poignant parting at the end really got to me too - this is why I watch Chuck, for the incredible contrasts between geeky humour, lighthearted slapstick and believable, touching emotions displayed with surprising depth by the characters.
  • Well it doesn't shoot deadly bullets, but it's a start...

    This episode we finally get to meet the crazy, yet seemingly harmless father of Chuck and Ellie. However while the story takes a direction that was, for the most part, predictable I still enjoyed every minute of it(as always I won't ruin any major plot points here). Chuck still continues to technically act rogue, but it's worth it to see him try new things and not just be the comic relief of the show. Having the guns he uses be tranqs was genius too. Still gives him the illusion of being a caring spy, but more of a spy nonetheless. If this episode doesn't prove to NBC that this show can grow and should never be canceled, then I don't know what they're looking for.
  • A very exciting, interesting episode - so much to love about it!

    I loved this episode. Scott Bakula did a great job as Chuck's dad. I had been wondering all along if his dad would be a spy - why else would he be hiding away, impossible to find? But then when we meet the dad, and he plays this almost frail befuddled absent minded slightly crazy paranoid dotty old has been scientist guy, i totally bought into it so that when everything was revealed i was as surprised as chuck. I loved every minute of this one- and they did a really good job of finding a way to tie in the Buymore crowd by having them attend the tech expo at RI. Morgan's hurt reaction when he found out about Chuck getting the job at RI was pretty funny. Chuck taking on Casey was a highlight. Chuck trying to sit on the ball chair. Ellie riding the roller coaster of emotions as she is reunited with her long lost dad. yup. love this show. love it more every episode. Hoping that it gets another season!!!!
  • Chuck goes on mission by himself!

    Though some people told me they thought it was obvious, I had NO IDEA that Chuck's dad was Orion. I was really surprised, and pleased, by that. I'm glad that he had a reason to run out on his kids, and I'm glad that everything he did in the episode made sense. It was so well written, when Stephen said, "Aces Charles" I just thought, "That's the 'dad quote' that Ellie used in the first season!" and I was really excited to see the writers hadn't forgotten either. Caption Awesome was, well, awesome. He really seemed to have depth in this episode, which is nice to see before the wedding. Overall, it was wonderful. Chuck attacking Casey with darts was one of the best action scenes I have ever seen!
  • Chuck enters a world of pain and is great.

    From the off this episode was fantastic we finally meet Chucks dad. Chevy Chase appears to be a villian in the show and Chuck's dad turns out to be Orion, so much stuff happened in this episode that developed the story of the show, things are starting to build up to a final conclusion for this season and I cant wait to see how it turns out this episode is proabably one of my favourites so far mainly because the story developed with lots of twist and turns, I totally was shocked to see Chuck's dad was Orion didn't see it coming. There was also some very good scenes where Chuck is getting chased for robbing the trigger and Chuck Tranquilizers Casey.
  • Another oh so excellent episode!

    So - Mr Bartowski senior is Orion! He just had to be, didn't he. This was a funny and at the same time touching episode of Chuck. I felt so sorry for Ellie and her disappointment when she thought she'd only just met her dad again after 10 years and then he was gone again almost straight away. The convention scenes were brilliant - just as I imagine such things to be. Scott Bakula and Chevy Chase did a great job as Stephen and Ted respectively. Not much in the way of Buy More scenes but Lester and Jeff at the Expo were great.
  • I think we all knew the "secret" but it was still fantastic!!! best episode I've seen yet! SPOILERS

    yes although everyone sort of knew that Chuck's dad was Orion the writers still put enough doubt in my mind to think that he was just a crazy old man, and when we saw the blueprints for the intersect compared to some of his scribblings (of plasma tv's and remote controls) it made you confirm and doubt that this man could be orion. Chuck suiting up was cool and made him look like a really spy and has to be a high light of the series. Finally the dynamics of Orion, Ellie, and Chuck was fantastic through out and i especially loved the scene where sarah and casey came to collect Chuck whilst Fulcrum closed the door seperating the fathe rand son! i havent seen the remaining episodes of the season yet but this so far has been the best episode for me (and there are a lot of good episodes too)
  • It was great

    This episode was really good one, it shows a lot of whats going on and who is chuck's father, it was cool when they where together, although i did nt get what chucks father said when he said, trust your handlers, i think he meant Sarah, honestly i never saw an episode that was bad or average, i like the show and cant wait the rest of the final episodes. keep on the good work keep on the good work keep on the good work keep on the good work keep on the good work keep on the good work keep on the good work :)
  • Possibly my favourite chuck episode to date. The only thing that i don't love about it is the recent news about chuck possibly getting cancelled. Could chuck be resolved in the remainder of this season if it isn't going to be renewed for the next? No.

    Possibly my favourite chuck episode to date. The only thing that i don't love about it is the recent news about chuck possibly getting cancelled. Could chuck be resolved in the remainder of this season if it isn't going to be renewed for the next? I don't think so. It's always awful when shows are cut off without getting a proper resolution, as many of them are. That said, some of the best moments include chuck showing his newfound courage in standing up to casey, and fighting to reach his father in the last minutes. The reveal of orion was not a hugely unexpected twist but takes the show in a nice direction for the future. As much as i'd like to see chuck go on indefinitely, i would be hugely impressed with the writers if they could give the show a nice, clean finish and leave it at that.
  • One of the most well-written episodes of the season!

    Amazingly, this show keeps topping itself every week. McG keeps the episode going with great directing style and heart-pounding suspense. I love the way that this episode was funny and also revealing. Orion as Chuck's Father! Amazing! I see that Chuck and Sarah's relationship may be more than just work as we see how Sarah will do anything just to help her out. We also see Casey begin to see things through Chuck's eyes and agree with him more. The music was very fitting throughout the episode as well! I can't wait to see next week's episode and find out what happens! NBC is finally doing something right with this series!
  • Chuck´s lands the dream job, his dad is back. Everything is goin great till he figures Orion sent him the info with a purpose.

    This was a great episode, Chuck is just the perfect mixture of comedy, action-adventure and mistery. I have great laughs watching this show, I hope it gets a third season its really great.

    On another note what the H*ll is goin on, who are the a**es voting ahead on the episodes and giving them 5´s and 4´s and such you havent even seen the episodes for crying out loud how can you vote that low, what a buncha losers, if you dont like the show dont come here and ruin the score of the episodes go away. (btw excuse me for the languaje, tried to keep it as civil as I could).
  • Chuck meets his dad and realizes not everything is as it seems as he goes undercover for his dream job.

    This episode didn't exactly start slow, but it started kind of in a very subtle fashion. Scott Bakula played his character very low key in the beginning and than you saw how good he could be. After all he was on a show where he had to play a different character every week, so playing two versions of himself is childs play.

    It was just a great moment Ellie seeing her dad again, and for the first time on screen. Even Devon played his Awesome character in a very interesting more low key way.

    Of course we later find out how significant Chuck's dad really is. That was a great moment too.

    Chevy Chase sucked as usual, but you know what. In this case it works, because it adds to you wanting to hate him He is the bad guy after all.

    The tranquilizer dart scene was the best scene of the episode.

    One more point I want to point out. Even though a lot of this show is the suspension of disbelief and fantasy, you kind of really get to see in an episode like this how a real spy in real life never gets to share a certain part of their life with their family no matter what.

    Which kind of brings me to a complaint. Even though it was kind of resolved with Chuck's firing. It is starting to look weird how Chuck does these extracurricular activities. He gets busted by his mates at the Buy More and it's business as usual. This is not a 3 strikes and your out kind of policy. We're talking 27 strikes and your out and it's time to call the game already. But I guess we have to suspend the disbelief that Chuck has enough annual hours of leave to leave The Buy More whenever he feels like it. And this show is worth suspending the belief. This show is so good. I can't wait for next week. Just like always.
  • Dear, dear, god... this is exactly why I don't read Chuck spoilers...

    Wow, what can I say? I'm just glad I don't read spoilers because I didn't see THAT coming a mile off.

    In terms of emotion and surprises this episode was right on a par with the fall finale Chuck Vs the Santa Claus.
    The emotion and anxiety of Chuck meeting his father for the first time after ten years was very heart felt as was Ellie's reaction to meeting him.
    I like how supportive Awesome was this episode and I think it shows that he is more than a one dimensional character, though I have though that of him since Chuck Vs the Truth.

    I like that the slapstick was downplayed in this episode, the Buy More scenes were kept to a minimum and there was no real b story, but when the comedy was there it was bloody fantastic.
    I actually fell over I was laughing so much when Chuck turned up at Roark Industries for his first day at work and did a double take because Sarah and Casey were in disguise as nerds complete with plaid shirts and glasses queuing for the Next Expo!
    And Chuck trying sit on what looked like an exercise ball instead of a chair? OMFG So so funny!

    I was shocked when Chuck "manned it up" and went into the Castle and put on all of Casey's gear! He even took two guns! And thought Chuck was scared of guns! OMG and then Casey caught him and said "you're about to enter a world of pain!" so Chuck had to tranc him!

    It was so great to have an episode like this that pushed forward the Fulcrum war and put aside some other things for the time being, when they mix things up like that cos it keeps the audience hooked.
    It also feels like everything is coming together story wise.

    I won't say what happened at the end but I really didn't expect that so kudos to the writers.

    I don't understand why more people aren't watching this show. Give us a third season goddamit!!!
  • This is the reason why we watch television today.

    First off you have to talk about the amazing guest stars and their equally amazing performances. Scott Bakula as well as Chevy Chase were both exceptional, and it is great they are both sticking around for longer. The only fault that I can see in this episode is that they didn't promote the guest appearance's better. Now on to the actual episode, it was great to see Chuck finally pull himself away from the Buy More and start to really branch out. The interview scene was great and there was some great irony in the interviewer basically being what Chuck thought he should be having both come from Stanford. The overall aspect that made this episode one of the best in the entire series was that the interaction between Chuck and his dad seemed so genuine. Finally a good story arc in Chuck that is going to the end of the season.