Season 2 Episode 19

Chuck Versus the Dream Job

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Apr 06, 2009 on NBC

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  • Chuck must infiltrate Roark Industries a Microsoft type software company that is releasing a new web browser with a built in virus. At the same time Chuck must deal with his father who seems to be a little eccentric. Nothing is as it seems!

    Pretty big things happening this week. Chuck's father (Scott Bakula) turns out to be Orion who has revealed himself to Chuck to help him get the intersect out of his brain. What a revelation, to find out your father has been compromised pretty much the same way Chuck has and to have a complete understanding and empathy for why he left when he did.

    Chuck is developing his field skills stepping out on his own to really deal with deep national security issues and problems close to his heart. The sequence with Casey was great where Chuck drugs him to be able to continue with his plan.

    Chevy Chase plays Ted Roark the head of the huge software company that has obviously gotten ahead thru more than legal dealings. It turns out that the corporation is currently tied to Fulcrum of all people.

    Bakula and Chase are very good in their parts and it was enjoyable to see them in this episode. I look forward to their continued involvement.

    The big part of this episode is that it really does not conclude but sets up following episodes with obvious ties to this plot line. This represents a huge shift in the plot of the show and will be interesting to see how Chuck, Sarah, and Casey will move forward with this now that they have been tasked with stopping Fulcrum and saving Orion.

    As we all know, Chuck, Sarah, and Casey are the best our government has so they we must rely on them to come through once again.

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